30 Unique Gift Ideas From Black-Owned Businesses


Let’s get one thing straight. Finding a unique, helpful and truly special gift is a challenge. Sifting through allll of the endless options to find The Perfect Gift often leaves me feeling lost in a sea of boring, ordinary choices (yet another candle? Pass, thankyouverymuch.) I will, however, take the thrill of the hunt as an opportunity to pat myself on the back when I’ve discovered pure gifting gold.

So, challenge accepted.

The strategy starts here: only gift ideas that A) we know and love, B) would be a truly useful gift, and C): all sourced from Black-owned businesses. Turns out, there’s a ton of good stuff to be found. Case in point? Let this mug apply to anyone in your life (Mantra Mugs always nails it — the humor leans more inside-joke than kitchy-quote).

30 Unique Gift Ideas (That Are Also Really Cool) From Black-Owned Businesses

Not that you need any convincing (wink), but shopping from Black-owned businesses specifically is just one small way to support diverse creatives. Pulling together this gift guide was a breath of fresh air; you can’t deny the thoughtfulness and craftsmanship that goes into these pieces. Whether you’re shopping for your fave guy, your best friend, or heck — even yourself (I’m snapping up these cloud socks), you’ll find something below that checks all the boxes.

Need more gift-worthy inspo? Don’t forget to swing by our Holiday Gift Ideas page, there’s a lot more where this came from. Happy gifting!

30 gift ideas from Black-owned businesses.

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1. Jungalow: Decorate Wild

Jungalow: Decorate Wild coffee table book.


For the self-designated interior designer in your life, this book will not disappoint. Author Justina Blakeney is a master of texture, color and patterns, and this book is an easy-to-follow journey of design ideas to elevate the home. She says it best, “Experiment, have fun, and decorate wild!”

2. Gwen Beloti Jewelry

Gwen Beloti gold bracelet.


S is a big fan of Gwen Beloti’s jewelry, and we were elated to see her line being carried at Saks. Her pieces are timeless, luxe and seriously good quality at an under $200 price point.

3. Brandon Blackwood Designer Bags

Brandon Blackwood designer bag.


These bags by NY-based designer, Brandon Blackwood, are nothing short of works of art. We’re smitten with this chocolate shoulder bag (the texture is simply outfit-elevating). Nordstrom carries a couple other pieces, or you can find more options at Saks too. Gift one of these to the luckiest duck in your life.

4. GOODEE Market Tote

GOODEE market tote bag.


Market totes are one of those things I always appreciate being gifted. For groceries, running errands, returning library books…you get the picture. This tote from GOODEE is big enough to carry a laptop (or a good ol’ fashioned farmer’s market haul) and made from a durable recycled PET material. Long-lasting and perfect for everyday use.

5. Bolé Road Textiles’ Tea Towels

Bolé Road Textiles' set of 3 tea towels.

Tea Towels

What’s so special about these tea towels, you ask? They’re hand-woven. I repeat, these stripes are not a dyed fabric. Not only is the craftsmanship bananas good, but they’re also machine washable.

6. Eu’Genia Shea Butter

Eu'Genia shea butter gift bundle.

Shea Butter

For the person who’s always complaining about dry skin during cold months (raises hand), or the friend who’s skin you can’t help but compliment because they always look hydrated. Vegan, synthetic-free and rich with antioxidants and vitamins. Shea butter, for the win.

7. GOLDE Pure Matcha

GOLDE pure matcha powder.

Matcha Powder

If you’re a matcha-enthusiast, you’ll know that not all powders are created equal. But this stuff? It’s the real deal. I’ll say it again and again, GOLDE is the best choice for matcha lattes. It’s ceremonial-grade (a must), smooth and doesn’t have that bitter taste (iykyk). Gift this to the person in your life that can’t start their day without a cozy drink in hand. Kat’s a big fan of their turmeric blend, too.

8. Zach & Zoe Raw Honey

Zach & Zoe raw honey.


Have you ever tried a honey so good, you can’t help but scoop it straight up? Aliya has (and yes, she really does eat it by the spoonful). She’ll add it to her tea, spread it on toast and has even made a whipped honey butter with it.

9. Shop YOWIE Carafe Set

Shop YOWIE carafe and glass set.

Carafe Set

For the person who’s nightstand is, quite frankly, a shrine to their bedtime routine: this carafe/glass set is a game-changer. Say ciao to late-night trudges to the kitchen because dehydration hit just as you got to that intense chapter in a book while cozied up in bed.

10. Shop YOWIE Terracotta Candlesticks

Shop YOWIE terracotta candlestick holder.

Candlestick Holders

Pretty candlestick holders can seriously up the home decor game. We’re big fans of this Philly-local business for their unique hand-crafted pieces, and these terracotta candle holders are no exception. An easy win for any candle-lover.

11. GOODEE Bicycle Basket

GOODEE bicycle basket.

Bicycle Basket (Medium)

As a former bike-to-college kid (and an occasional bike-around-the-city gal), I’m a firm believer that all bikers need a basket. To pack a little picnic, to carry books, or even just to hold my purse when I’m running errands… it really makes a difference not having to carry all the weight in a backpack. These hand-woven beauties are just as stunning as they are functional. They come in a small and large size, too.

12. McBride Sisters’ Wine

McBride Sisters Wine.


Whether you’re a red, a white or a rosé, McBride Sisters has you covered for your next picnic, party or housewarming. Spread the love, one delicious glass at a time.

13. Estelle Hand-Blown Stemware

Estelle hand-blown wine glasses and stemware.

Wine Glasses

Speaking of wine…how pretty are these hand-blown wine glasses? Hued glassware is such a mood-booster and an easy way to set drink-ware apart as more special. I’ll raise a glass to that.

14. Mantra Mugs Sugar Cubes

Mantra Mugs sugar cubes gift.

Sugar Cubes

Dear coffee/tea enthusiasts who also boast a sweet tooth, this ones for you (and me). On-the-go sugar cubes > sugar packets stuffed into the depths of my bag.

15. Mantra Mugs Personalized Mug

Mantra Mugs funny mug.


Hot take, gifting a mug doesn’t have to be over-done and boring. Mantra Mugs knows how to do humor without being cliche or overly punny; this one actually made Shana LOL, so take that as your sign of approval.

16. Kid Dangerous T-Shirt

Kid Dangerous t-shirt.


LA-based brand Kid Dangerous knows how to make a unique tee that stands out in the crowd. The graphics have a retro-nuance which adds a unique element to the designs. Super elevated for little kids’ clothing, if you ask me.

17. Ashmi & Co. Baby/Toddler Sets

Ashmi & Co. baby/toddler sweatshirt & jogger set.

Baby Sweatshirt & Jogger Set

How. Freaking. Cute. Is there anything more adorable than a baby in a cozy, matching set? 100% soft cotton and machine-washable, too.

18. LuvScrub Mesh Exfoliator

LuvScrub mesh bath exfoliator.

Mesh Exfoliator

This nifty bath scrub won Allure’s ‘Best of Beauty’ award in 2020 and gets rave reviews. Think of it as a textured bath cloth — the size and shape make it super flexible to use all over, it lathers up nice and easy, and just hang it to dry. Worth snapping one up for everyone in the fam. Bye-bye, poufs and back brushes.

19. Pink Picasso Paint-By-Number

Pink Picasso paint-by-number kit.

Paint Kit

Little artists will get a kick out of this one. A paint-by-number kit that comes with everything (including a canvas!) that creates a display-worthy masterpiece? Say less. The set is offered in a multitude of designs — this doughnut kit is has Laura’s name written all over it, and I’m feeling very charmed by this Shorty Shark kit.

20. Alaffia Bubble Bath

Alaffia bubble bath soap.

Bubble Bath

I remember being gifted bubble bath as a kid, and lemme tell you — that sh*t was downright exciting. What was once a mandatory “chore”, is instantly transformed into a sudsy playtime. Magical, I tell you.

21. Briogeo Hair Repair Mask

Briogeo hair repair conditioning mask.

Hair Conditioning Mask

Gift this legendary award-winner to your favorite self-care enthusiast, they’ll thank you for it. If you haven’t tried a hair mask before, it’s one of the most satisfying spa-day-at-home treatments ever. This conditioning mask boasts results after just a few uses, and not just for damaged hair — it’s a luxe treat for stronger and healthier hair overall.

22. 54 Thrones Beauty Butter

54 Thrones body butter.

Body Butter

Think: luxuriously creamy, silky-smooth and ultra hydrating. All packaged in a giftable, throw-it-in-your-bag and carry-it-everywhere tube. It’s lightly scented (the lavender + mint combo is a fave) and feels like a a buttery-soft dream.

23. Ace Beauté Eyeshadow Palette

Ace Beauté eyeshadow palette.

Eyeshadow Palette

For the up-and-coming beauty guru (or the teen that’s dipping their toes into makeup), these palettes are great for easy everyday glam. Love that the neutrals in this palette are paired with a few accent hues; a swipe of shimmer in the inner eye is the easiest way to level up a look.

24. MODISH Decor Pillow Covers

MODISH linen pillow cover.

Pillow Cover

I promise, pillow covers are not a boring gift. Especially ones that are 100% linen. Even adding a pop of texture, whether that’s velvet or bouclé, can up the accent pillow game (just ask Abby — she recently gave our Philly team office a refresh, and pillow cases were a serious upgrade). Plus, having new covers to swap out is like gifting a little home refresh for every season.

25. Scotch Porter Fragrance Library

Scotch Porter fragrance library.

Fragrance Library

Treat your favorite guy (and by extension, yourself) to this scent exploration kit. Think: clean, woody and sophisticated. Hitting ‘send’ on a new full-size without trying it out first can be intimidating, these are the best way to try a few new options first. Pro-tip, they’re great for travel too.

26. Caputo & Co. Men’s Leather Wrap Bracelet

Caputo & Co. men's leather wrap bracelet.

Leather Bracelet

Guy-friendly accessories are few and far between — but a no-fuss leather bracelet like this one? Simple and easy.

27. Pink MahogHany Fragrance

Pink MahogHany home and vehicle fragrance.

Home/Vehicle Fragrance

We stumbled onto Etsy seller Pink MahogHany after seeing an intriguing car fragrance diffuser (see below!). Start with this fresh cotton scent

28. Pink MahogHany Car Fragrance Diffuser

Pink MahogHany car fragrance diffuser.

Car Fragrance Diffuser

…And use it with this unique scent diffuser! We’re kind of in love with it — it’s subtle, easy to clip onto the vent, and let’s be real. The fan design is one of the most chic we’ve ever seen for a diffuser. Grab this for the friend/family member who’s always on the road.

29. Brother Vellies Cloud Socks

Brother Vellies cloud socks.

Cloud Socks

If the name didn’t convince you (I can’t resist anything “Cloud”), the photos will. These are the cutest, coziest cotton socks of our dreams. Grab a pair for yourself, and maybeee even a bundle of 3 to gift out. They come in all the best colors.

30. Jungalow Bedding Set

Jungalow bedding set.

Comforter + Sham Set

Once again, Jungalow does it best: the prettiest, most gorgeous textiles in the form of a cozy (reversible!) bedding set. The set comes in a few different patterns and sizes; gift this to your fave college-kid for an instant dorm-room upgrade or to the family member who’s been begging for cozy update.

Happy gift-shopping season!


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