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I didn’t grow up golfing. I came to it in my late 20s, when I didn’t want to be left out of the family fun. It was insanely frustrating at first, but with some great lessons and coaching, and because my family is super-supportive, always willing to break all the rules, and are ‘fun first’ kinda folks, I eventually found my swing. That swing paid more dividends than I can count later in my career because, heck yes, business is way more fun on the course than in the office, and everyone loves a woman who plays better than her handicap in a scramble. (Those are life advice words in golf speak; if you need a translation, message me.)

Here’s par for this course: many golfers go to a shop and swing into a virtual course to be ‘fitted’ with clubs, by a professional. That experience is an amazing gift. But one that comes at a heavy price tag. Others know themselves and their game so well, they can buy clubs online. Other than the clubs, it’s pretty much the outfit (we all golf better when we’re well-dressed — true story) the balls (they matter), the marker (for those who don’t hit a hole in one every time,) and the partners. If you really want to give your guy golfer a great gift, assuming he’s a good guy, learn to golf and go play with him, just for fun. Or just get him the putter, it’s the ‘it’ putter right now.

Rounding up gfits for golfers is as complex as a round of golf itself — the balls, the clubs, the outfits – all matter. Check out our top 10 present picks.1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7/ 8/ 9/ 10

1/  Under Armour Men’s Performance Golf Polo: While it doesn’t look like they are doing much when you watch the pros on TV…golf is a warm-weather sport, and most of us take enough swings to work-up a sweat. Wick with this great shirt.

2/  Titleist TS2 Driver: If you like to actually hand a gift, get a driver with a receipt and let them return it if it isn’t the one they want. If it’s this, one, they likely won’t do the latter. Right or Left Hand you should know, Loft, 9.5 or 10.5 (9.5 if they are a more experienced golfer) are typical, and while you’ll find this shocking and have to promise me not to read too far into it: most guys like a stiff shaft. So there’s that customization and life advice for you.

3/  Cutler & Buck Topspin DryTec Half Zip Pullover: While it’s a warm-weather sport, having a layer is great early in the morning, late in the day, and for the guys who don’t quit when it gets cooler.

4/  Under Armour Men’s Showdown Vented Golf Shorts: Because sometimes it gets hot down there? Giggle.

5/  Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls: Most guys’ favorite ball. This is the ‘performance’ ball. Again, don’t read into it.

6/  TaylorMade M3 Driver: This one has a giant sweet spot, and theoretically self-corrects for when you miss even that. Follow the same customizations…and get a receipt, that hopefully, they won’t need.

7/  Personalized golf ball stamp: My brothers and I used to love to get each other personalized golf balls like these with ‘inside’ jokes on them. But you don’t necessarily get to pick your ball type, and that’s more important to most ‘serious’ golfers, like the ones who never lose their balls, and never need to go hunting in the tall grass, woods, and water. Help make it easier for them to find their own balls (and not cheat) with a stamp. You can customize your inside joke there for fun, or just do initials.

8/  Personalized Golf Ball Marker: Another fun way to personalize a gift. The clips are great: you can attache them to your shorts, or your hat. This is what we use to mark our ball on the green while we clean it and wait for everyone else to putt.

9/  Under Armour Men’s Showdown Straight Golf Pants: Warm-weather sports mean sun, which lots of people do a better job of hiding from for safety reasons these days. These pants are lightweight and comfy.

10/  TaylorMade Spider Tour #3 Red Putter with Sightline: There’s always a putter that everyone envies if they don’t already have it. This is the it putter this year. And it happens to be my favorite color, too. I must need one.

My Mom-Life Golf Life

Want to hear a silly little side story? When I was heavily careered, and pregnant with my first child…young and naive…people who know I don’t sit still well, and obviously also had no children, asked me, “what on earth will you do with all that time while you are on maternity leave?” I told them I was going to get down to a single digit handicap (that’s very good for those who don’t golf.) I had this vision of popping out a baby, immediately returning to health and a size 4, being well-rested, full of energy, and toting a quiet infant in a carrier everywhere I would otherwise normally spend my spare time the day after I came home with a newborn. Obviously I would spend weeks and weeks at a driving range working on my swing while on leave. I golfed until I was 39 weeks pregnant. Approximately 3 times per week, if not more. Once AJ was born…I played twice, in two member guest outings, in the 6 years I spent being pregnant, giving birth, breastfeeding, and having my world turned on its head by my three loves. I golfed twice in 6 years. That’s it. Golf + babies wasn’t what I planned. Is anything? It took me until my kids were age 1, 3, and 5, and I was divorced, and they were going to be with their dad for a few days…then finally my own father woke me up at 5am one day and told me, “daughter, it’s time, let’s go.” And now, I’m back (ish.)

It’s a family sport, that comes and goes at various stages in life. An amazing one. Here’s to two or three rounds a day, more often than not. Of all life’s blessings, even the ones you didn’t plan and wouldn’t have anticipated.

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  1. So helpful! I think I will get the putter for my husband.
    I have thought about getting into golf (my husband and son do it) so I would love it if you would do a post about starting golf in your 40s (very specific, but I’m probably not the only one interested)

    • I very specifically LOVE this comment and request! Absolutely lady…golf in your 40s and for life on its way. And good job on the gift!!! That putter is amazing!!! xoxo A

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