Gift Ideas For Your Mom Or Mother-In-Law


Finding the perfect gift for our moms (or mother-in-laws) can be tricky, right? At this point, they’re often pretty discerning when it comes to fashion (they know what they like), have specific requirements for their kitchen gadgets (Nespresso lovers or haters, I hear you both!), and, thanks to Kindles, go-to book gifts are a thing of the past (although, I’ve found that a truly beautiful cookbook is rarely unwelcome).

At this point, most of our moms & MILs have *just about* reached peak capacity when it comes to candles, frames, mugs, and personalized jewelry. So if we’re going to go that route, it’s gotta be good.

15 Gift Ideas For Your Mom Or Mother-In-Law

And while most Moms/MILs will cherish homemade art from the grandkids (and display it proudly on the fridge), sometimes you want to gift them something truly special. Something exciting and unique – something that maybe they didn’t know they needed? And yet – as always – the best gifts are gifts they’ll genuinely use.

After much discussion, we rounded up our top 15 holiday gifts ideas for our moms (and MILs), based on both hunches and successful past gifts. These gifts range in price from $30 to $250, and include everything from small items perfect for stuffing into a stocking to the absolute best (and lightest) luggage.

ps. Be sure to check out our Holiday Gift Ideas page, too. We’re cooking up lots of new ideas for 2023. xo!

Best gifts for mom or mother-in-law.

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1. Slip Silk Pillow Case

Best gifts for mom or mother-in-law. Slip silk pillowcase.


100% silk pillowcases from Slip are a no-brainer. Not only do they reduce wrinkles and frizzy hair, but even if your mom or MIL already has one, after a year of use, a new one will be welcome. I’ve tried other brands, but none are as good as Slip, and these come packaged so nicely and ready to gift.

2. Adopt-a-Hive Honey Gift Set

Best gifts for mom or mother-in-law. Adopt a hive gift.

Uncommon Goods

For anyone worried about the state of our planet for future generations, this Adopt-a-Hive gift includes a 1/50th ownership in a beehive for one year, plus 12 ounces of raw honey from the hives, and geographically appropriate wildflower seeds to pollinate your own backyard.

3. July Carry-On Luggage

Best gifts for mom or mother-in-law. July luggage.


My mom is forever looking for the lightest luggage possible and July suitcases are it. Weighing in at less than 4 lbs, July’s Light Carry-On Luggage is easily the lightest I’ve found, with only a small-ish reduction in volume (32L as compared to the typical 39L).

4. Digital Picture Frame


I LOVE the idea of gifting this digital picture frame, and then making sure it’s refreshed weekly (daily??) with new photos. Instant joy, and a fun way to keep Mom up on what’s happening in our busy lives.

5. Ogee Contour Set

Saks Fifth Avenue

Ogee skincare is a natural, organic skincare & makeup brand based in Vermont. I discovered it two years ago, and this set has quickly become a favorite. Not only is it dead easy to use, but it’s the most beautiful and natural I’ve tried. In fact, I’ve used it on all of my girlfriends (it’s almost a party trick at this point), and everyone LOVES it. This is my favorite way to get that glowing, no-makeup look in 60 seconds or less. My mom would love it, and this set comes in a really pretty package, too.

6. Lindsay Albanese Hat Holder

Saks Fifth Avenue

This cute little item can be used to clip a sunhat to a bag (but in a really chic way). Just a unique little gift that’s useful, too.

7. Therapeutic Heat Pillow

Uncommon Goods

I love microwavable pillows for various aches and pains, but I’ve been forever looking for a really cute one. This is it! There’s also a larger option – full back and shoulders – that would be absolute bliss, too.

8. Diptyque Candle


I keep looking for candles I like better than Diptyque…but nothing beats this iconic French brand. It’s pricey ($44 for a mini, $74 for the regular size), but completely worth it.

9. Birkenstock Shearling Lined Slides

Best gifts for mom or mother-in-law. Birkenstocks.


The older I get, the more I need to wear supportive house shoes (especially on my hardwood floors) – and my mom agrees! There’s literally NOTHING better than coming home and slipping my feet into these absolutely delicious, faux-fur lined Birkenstocks. (And they’re not so hot that they prompt hot flashes, either.) Gifting that sort of “ahhh” moment is always a good idea. And for an even fancier take, try Birkenstock’s shearling-lined Big Buckle style, too. In some color options, the buckle is gold-toned, which is a nice twist on Birks.

10. Bala Weight Set

Saks Fifth Avenue

If there’s ONE thing we’ve gotta do as we age…it’s lift weights. This set is chic, and at 1lb each, a safe place to start. There’s also a set of 2lbs weights, or a 10 lb ring, too.

11. Petite Plume Astaire Pajama Set

Best gifts for mom or mother-in-law. Petite Plume pajamas.

Saks Fifth Avenue

I gifted my mom this pajama set last year and she loved it (actually, Scotti and I own it as well). It’s special because it’s actually made from a t-shirt-like fabric, so it’s really comfortable and forgiving to wear. The contrast piping details lends it almost a menswear, smoking-jacket vibe – the whole thing is really good, I highly recommend. Also available in emerald green or black.

12. Pickleball Paddles


Recess makes the cutest freaking pickleball paddles. I swear, half of the reason I love pickleball is for the clothes & accessories. But it’s a seriously fun game, too. So if you have a mum or MIL who’s into this game, there’s a whole line of really cute patterned paddles to choose from.

13. K18 Hair Mask Treatment


This hair treatment is pricey, but a complete game-changer in terms of leaving hair soft, silky, and frizz-free. The key is to emulsify it in your hands before applying it (takes a few minutes), AND to apply it to wet hair that’s been washed, squeezed dry(ish), but NOT conditioned. Use this product instead of conditioner for your next 6 shampoos, than after that, only when needed. The regular size is a whopping $75 (which makes it feel like a gift!!), but the smaller size – enough for a couple of shampoos – is only $35, and would make a great stocking stuffer.

14. Ursa Major Hydration Bundle


This duo packs a major punch, and nothing feels better in the dead of winter. I’d bathe in this stuff if I could. It’s glowy and quench-y and just so incredibly lovely.

15. Nod Pod Sleep Mask


It’s a weighted blanket, but for your eyes. The Nod Pod is made from 100% cotton, and reviewers love it. Some even keep theirs in the freezer! It’s available in a ton of colors, and just seems like such a nice way to sneak in a nap, or get help falling asleep.



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