Want, Need, Wear, Read – What the TME Editors REALLY Want This Year


This article is one of our all-time favorites. Every December, once the Black Friday craziness comes to a close (and sanity is regained), we think long and hard about what we really want this year.

Some of these gifts are funny, MANY are practical but ultimately, we’ve ended up with a highly-edited list of great things to give (or get). So take a peek at our cheeky collage titles (yeah, we think we’re hilarious sometimes) and maybe one of our wishlists will end up being yours, too.

Happy holidays!!

Shana’s Wishlist

Something we want, something we need, something to wear, something to read. It's the ultimate holiday gift guide — our style editors' wishlists. Enjoy!

WANT: Noir Fingers Crossed Statue – I’ve been coming across these playful brass fingers for a while now, and can’t stop thinking about them. ‘Fingers crossed’ has got to be part of my life motto. They feel spontaneous and un-serious and make me happy just looking at them. (Oh hey — there’s a much more affordable option, too. Hmmm….)

NEED: Allergy Shots – It’s a weird gift, but it’s one I’ve been talking about for a long time. I really do NEED to do these (I’m allergic to basically everything and am miserable all spring and fall), but the barrier has just been…finding a doctor and making an appointment. If someone *cough*Mike*cough* would just surprise me with an already-made appointment in January…best. gift. ever.

WEAR: Loeffler Randall Gia Boots OR Frye’s Veronica Shearling Mids (also at Nordstrom) – These two boots have been haunting my dreams. How does one choose? HOW? One is basically tall boot perfection — I’d wear them forever with skirts and dresses and possibly over jeans again…and one is shearling lined and so freaking cool. I must be feeling nostalgic but I’m so happy to be drooling over Frye’s again.

READ: The Home Edit | Prepared: What Kids Need For a Fulfilled Life – I know what I need for a fulfilled life: some g-d home organization!! Kidding, kidding. But it would be nice. Mike and I are already, umm…challenged in this area, so putting a few systems in place — as the kids get older and our lives get busier — is starting to seem necessary. And I haven’t read a good parenting book in ages. This one was recommended by Bill Gates and is the sort of big-picture thinking I love.

Scotti’s Wishlist

Something we want, something we need, something to wear, something to read. It's the ultimate holiday gift guide — our style editors' wishlists. Enjoy!

WANT: Heated Back & Neck Massager – OK, so it was GG’s (great-grandma to Greenlea & Ozzie) birthday, and we were at her place to have cake and ice cream. My sister-in-law was like, “wait until you feel this massager.” So I sat on the couch, turned on the little heated massager behind me…and basically didn’t move for the next two hours. It. Was. Fabulous. One of those things I’d never look twice at until I tried it. SO good.

NEED: HelloFresh Gift Cards – HelloFresh has changed the way we do dinner as a family. It takes all the stress out of grocery shopping and meal planning and makes it super-simple for us to eat dinner together. Greenlea loves to help “prepare” the meal, and she’ll actually eat most of what we make (she’s super-picky, but everything we’ve made really has been delicious). We do three meals a week for two people, which is usually a perfect amount for the three of us (and a few bites for Ozzie). We offset the cost by making big pots of slow-cooker meals on the off days and/or eat at Nana’s!

WEAR: Pottery Barn Faux Fur Robe – OK, I’m not kidding anyone by saying this is a super-stylish robe or anything, but O.M.G. can you imagine putting this on at the end of the day and curling up on the couch with your littles?? SO soft and plush…and there are matching faux fur slippers OR booties to go with it. Just. Add. Wine.

READ: Winternight Trilogy – I’m super excited to start this series (the latest book, The Winter of the Witch, was voted one of the best of 2019) after reading the reviews. I’m a huge geek for fantasy and sci-fi, and I just finished Tomi Adeyemi’s sequel to her bestseller, Children of Blood and Bone–HIGHLY recommend!! (I first did a post on reading recommendations in 2016 and followed it up in 2018–I’ll do another one soon!).

Laura’s Wishlist

Something we want, something we need, something to wear, something to read. It's the ultimate holiday gift guide — our style editors' wishlists. Enjoy!

WANT: West Elm Faux Fur Throw – I’ve been looking through loads of different faux fur throws for the perfect one, and I think this one is it. People have commented that it doesn’t shed like some others and it looks gorg!

NEED: Waterproof Kindle Paperwhite – I bought a Kindle Fire a few years ago and I just never use it. We have like the very first Kindle ever, so it’s time for me to upgrade. I much prefer reading on the Paperwhite, non-glare screen. Now it’s waterproof! OR Apple Airpods – Time to cut the cord, man. And be free!

WEAR: AllSaints Rigby Lux Jacket (on sale here with code HOLIDAY20 woo!) – I’ve wanted a leather jacket with more moto details forever now (read: I need to feel more badass as if maybe I’d ride a motorcycle…possibly. Who am I kidding, I’m too safety-first), and this is it. It’s insanely buttery soft. TTS. I wear a US 6 in these and they break in perfectly. I’m also loving this Madewell star necklace. Just give me all the gold layered necklaces. So pretty & feminine. And let’s not forget about… Madewell scuffs. I go through slippers like nobody’s bizness, and these look like so much cozy.

READ: little weirds by jenny slate – I just started reading this and it’s beautiful, hilarious, heart-breaking…all the things. I can already tell it will be one of the few books I’ll read a second time.

Linzi’s Wishlist

Something we want, something we need, something to wear, something to read. It's the ultimate holiday gift guide — our style editors' wishlists. Enjoy!

WANT:  Glamorous Luggage – This is a totally indulgent want. I don’t need new suitcases. Mine get my belongings from one place to another just fine (even though they are mismatched and some of the zippers are broken.) But…..now that I’m not lugging a car seat on my back and I’m not chasing after a toddler, it WOULD be kind of fun to look like those glamorous put-together women strolling along gracefully with their stylish hard-sided luggage. These Calpak pieces have a few negative reviews in the mix, but I have faith in their and Nordstrom’s customer service if I have any problems…and this gold color is just too good to pick anything else. 

NEED:  Travel Coffee Mug – I have made a ridiculous number of “accidental donations” throughout the city of travel coffee thermoses. My husband has made even more accidental donations. I like to tell myself that at least there are people throughout the city that have hopefully washed those babies out and put them to good use. We desperately need new ones. Even our old gross ones are missing. I’m writing our phone numbers on ALL new ones.  

WEAR: Socks – Actually…I don’t want just these socks. I want someone to come into our house bi-weekly and search for, match, and put away ALL socks. Our household has a horrible sock-disappearing problem…please tell me we’re not the only ones. I don’t anticipate Santa will be able to lend us a bi-weekly Sock-Matching Elf any time soon, so until this wish is granted…I want new socks because I can’t find ANY of my nice matching ones. These are my favorite brand. 

READ:  A New Shutterfly Book – I want someone (mom?, dad?, husband??, kiddos??) to hack into my computer and make a nice Shutterfly book for me. I’m the Shutterfly person in the family, and I’m so far behind and kind of tired of doing them. I love looking through them, though, and the ones where I wrote something memorable are even better. I would LOVE to get one as a gift that I DIDN’T have to put together myself.  

Lex’s Wishlist

Something we want, something we need, something to wear, something to read. It's the ultimate holiday gift guide — our style editors' wishlists. Enjoy!

Apparently in life, I swing wildly from creating order out of chaos, to doing ALL the Things AND (p.s. They’d Better Be Fun). This December finds us at the latter. The fact that there’s even red in this collage says something. I suppose that moving countries, finding and changing jobs, and adjusting to new communities and kid phases takes time, and then you can finally live? I dunno. Maybe. I’ve got Women Who Run With The Wolves on one nightstand and The Diary of Anais Nin Volume II on the other, so THIS IS WHERE WE ARE RIGHT NOW, and these are the things on my holiday wishlist.

WANT: Parachute Linen Quilt – I have some lovely duvet covers and down/down alternative inserts, but I also have temperature-regulating issues. I like a cold room, and a heavy blanket, and I don’t want to wake up drenched in sweat. Enter A, who suggested lux bedding from Parachute. THIS, is now on my list.

NEED: Tozo Noise-Cancelling Earbuds – I know, I know…noise-canceling earbuds are not sexy or fun, but I’m pretty sure Anais Nin would wear them if she really needed to get some writing done in a co-working space. I want to use all my work hours productively, so these are a must for the easily distracted. We’re in a Music-Almost-All-The-Time phase now, but I wouldn’t wear these while biking, because that’s just stupid. These are recommended by Syd.

WEAR: Sleepwear, a workout dress for dance class (or two), and pretty under things are all I want right now. I want everything to be pretty whether I’m sweating, running errands or semi-conscious. Fair Trade Workout Dress | I’m not a big t-shirt fan (or one of sweaty hoo-hahs), and one of our dance classmates suggested an exercise dress to me (I end up going to class in my dresses for ¾ of the year, otherwise.) Cosabella Curvy Bralette | Curvy Sleep Dress | Big props to Cosabella for their Curvy line, made for women with smaller band sizes and bigger busts. I believe sleepwear should be sexy, whether you’re sleeping alone or not, so I almost put this in the Need section (?); just add leg warmers.

READ: The State Of Affairs: Rethinking Infidelity & Mating In Captivity 2 Book Set – I LOVE Esther Perel. I’ve been working on a treatise on modern love for about 12 years now (?), am a big fan of personal growth, and am at that stage in life where everyone I know has romantic baggage. If you don’t know of her, Perel is a psychotherapist whose parents were Holocaust survivors, thus she believes “there is a world of difference between “not being dead” and “being alive” —  in the mystical sense of the word, the erotic.” She’s an international expert on sex and relationships.

Emily’s Wishlist

Something we want, something we need, something to wear, something to read. It's the ultimate holiday gift guide — our style editors' wishlists. Enjoy!

WANT: “Keep Swimming” Print – we painted our powder room all black — yes, black — as soon as we moved in, and I’ve always envisioned it studded with well-chosen pops of color. We’ve been hunting for more than a year now, and this print from CB2 is still the one against which I compare all others. Made even more perfect by the fact that I constantly feel like I’m barely keeping my head above water in life. (If you’re into fine art, I’m also always stalking the works of one of my favorite local artists, Naomi Alessandra. They’re whimsical and dark and striking and sometimes just a little creepy. My fave.)

NEED: Yeti Tundra 45 Cooler – It’s storming out, and the power literally flickered as I was drafting this post, so for power outages here on the California coast (both planned and unplanned), this crazy effective, super-robust cooler continues to top my list. It’d totally up our camping game, too.

WEAR: Converse High Tops | Levi’s Cropped 501’s | STATE Backpack – I’ve had my favorite Converse since college, so it’s time for a new pair, and I’m loving the opportunity that cropped jeans (like these Levis, which are as classic at it gets) provide to show off a high-top style. And who doesn’t love a practical daypack in a flashy metallic? (Also available in silver and I’m so torn!) STATE also has a one-for-one program where, for every backpack purchased, a backpack full of supplies and essential is delivered to a U.S. American child in need.

READ: Half Baked Harvest Super Simple – I’ve been a longtime reader of Half Baked Harvest, and I can always use a little more inspiration when it comes to simple, nourishing meals. The stunning styling and photography just might convince me to actually plan out and prep meals going into the New Year.

Julieta’s Wishlist

Something we want, something we need, something to wear, something to read. It's the ultimate holiday gift guide — our style editors' wishlists. Enjoy!

WANTRevitalash Eyelash Conditioner – Last time I was doing a color analysis for Scotti, I asked her for a close-up pic of her eye. HER LASHES!!! OMG! I had to ask what her secret is — she said it’s Revitalash. Need this in my life ASAP.

NEEDGrounding Sleep Mat – Earlier this year I listened to the audiobook “Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stevenson” It gave a 180 degree turn to my sleep hygiene. One of the things he talked about was grounding (direct contact with nature). It improves sleep, pain management, stress, inflammation, and immunity. I did it barefoot outside in my backyard until it got too cold, then got a mat for under my desk. But now I want this to go over my sheet. I’m planning on getting the single mat and placing it horizontally so our bare feet are touching it all night while sleeping. I’ve read it doesn’t work as well if you put it under your sheets, and I really don’t want the whole surface of my bed covered — I like my flannel sheets. If you want to know more about it, get the book “Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever by Clinton Ober”.

WEARJ.Crew Sweater Blazer – Already own it in other colors, but it’s perfect for working in my home office. Looks polished while still feeling cozy and comfortable.

Anthropologie Mirabel Lace camisole – So…I tried the Cami NYC version but the straps are too long and not adjustable. This camisole from Anthro has adjustable straps and might work better for me.

14k gold dainty pendant necklace – After wasting money on non-gold jewelry that only lasts a few months, I decided to start getting real gold. 14K is the gold that can withstand more wear. A few months ago, I got a necklace with my kids’ initials and don’t take it off at all (sleep, shower) and it’s still intact. I’m growing my collection with this pendant necklace to layer over the one I already have. Etsy is the best place for more affordable jewelry.

READUntamed by Glennon Doyle – SO, when I’m not reading books on sleeping and grounding, I love memoirs. Glennon’s book Carry On, Warrior was the only thing that made me laugh in the midst of depression years ago. I love her storytelling and while I can’t relate to everything, I still find her very inspiring.

Annmarie’s Wishlist

Something we want, something we need, something to wear, something to read. It's the ultimate holiday gift guide — our style editors' wishlists. Enjoy!

WANT: Glitter Puma Kicks – I certainly don’t NEED another pair of kicks. But how fun are these little sparklers? Perfect for stomping the cold city streets with a little extra pep in my gold-infused step.

NEED: Massage Gun – My amazing physical therapist uses one of these on me each session. It hurts like heck while she’s doing it, but it brings so much relief after that it’s worth the pain. If going to PT every single day were an option, I’d do that. It’s not. So I NEED one of these at home, and a PT training session for my kids to use it on me so I can keep on keeping up with them!

WEAR: John Hardy Statement Ring – I’m a bit of a jewelry minimalist, but there are plenty of occasions on which I feel more together with one large accent piece. I love this ring because it’s gorgeous, but also because it reads like a metaphor: hammered the hell out of and still shining. This is absolutely my Santa Baby, pretty please wish. But hey…sometimes wishes come true.

Rain Jacket – My everyday raincoat is tired. As well it should be weathering all that rain. I love the asymmetrical fresh cut of this one.

Sorel Boots – I run hot. And I overheat when my feet are too covered. But we do get to chilly temps and boots are a necessity. And I can’t be the only one obsessed with following the two female astronauts currently living on the International Space Station; just WOW!!! These boots will likely be as close as I ever come to walking on the moon, and that’s ok. I’m just having fun cheering Christina and Jessica on through their mission!

READ: Readers – The time has come. It started with a bit of a blur, a few headaches and then graduated to needing to hold anything anyone actually wanted me to see as far away from my face as my arms can reach, and then finally I caved and got progressives. They cost a fortune. They are hard to keep track of (read: not lose.) And so now I have a new good/bad habit of collecting readers and leaving them everywhere I need them. These are my favorites of those.

Gray Malin Escape – For when the furthest trip I take is from one side of my sofa to the other, yet I need a little inspiration, this beautiful book has both his amazing imagery and some fun and insightful anecdotes on his travels. I’ll leave a pair of readers next to it so that I can.

Kat’s Wishlist

Something we want, something we need, something to wear, something to read. It's the ultimate holiday gift guide — our style editors' wishlists. Enjoy!

WANT Le Creuset Dutch Oven – You’ve all heard me say it before, but I really want to invest in a Le Creuset dutch oven. The last time I mentioned this in my gift guide, one of you fabulous readers gave me the recommendation to check out the outlet stores, and as luck would have it, my nearest outlet has a Le Creuset store, but they very rarely carry the all-white collection. So the woman who is the manager there took my number and has promised to call me if and when they have any in stock. Fingers crossed!

NEED BrioGeo Scalp Revival Exfoliating Shampoo – I almost exclusively use all BrioGeo hair products and the exfoliating shampoo is my holy grail for winter. I have an extremely dry scalp, and in the winter it gets out of control. This is the only product I have found that truly soothes my scalp. I use both the exfoliating shampoo and the conditioner, but I just ran out and need to replenish. P.S. Anthropologie sells BrioGeo and all their products are 30% off right now; this travel kit is great to try the entire scalp revival line!

WEAR BP Soft and Cozy PJ Set – I have been in PJ-and-Cozy Mode for the past few weeks now, and these are so cute! I love the tie-dye pattern, and they look ultra-soft. What more could you want to wear in the tundra?

READOver the Top by Jonathan Van Ness – I must admit, growing up I absolutely loved reading, and I couldn’t get enough. But my bachelor’s degree in English, my master’s degree, and a five-year career where I spent eight hours a day reading for a living, all sucked the life out of my love for reading. I’d like to thank the tech gods for creating Audible because I now listen to all of my leisure books through their app. I’ve had Audible for about 4 years now, and its become my favorite way to get my fix for a good book. Anyway, when I saw Jonathan from Fab 5 came out with a book, I KNEW I needed to purchase it! Jonathan even narrates the audiobook and I can’t wait to indulge!

What’s on your wishlist this year?


Team TME


  1. Shana – for your allergies… look into allergy drops. It’s the same concept as shots, but you can do it at home. My daughter has horrid allergies, and she’s taking them, and it’s definitely helping. Google: sublingual immunotherapy.

  2. L: I have 5 of E’s socks in my “need’s a partner | who’s sock is this” bin. If my math is correct, he ran out of my house once with no socks, and at least 3 times with only one sock on. I come to this math because TWO of them MATCH!!! I’ll drop those off at your house, so that you can start with 1. 1 Matching pair of socks. That may or may not have been worn as a set at one time, yet are here and rolled as such right this minute. I can either be a GOOD friend and make your kid put socks on before he leaves. OR I can be a GREAT friend and will repair (get it?) all socks that E imports to my house and then only return matching sets to you. This could take a year, but we can get it done…Here’s to goals 2020. xo A (Things we normally text, but I’ll leave right here this time for all to consider in their own friendship goals for 2020.)

  3. Annmarie-try Peepers readers!! They’re about $25 each (so less than the ones from Anthro) and they’re AWESOME!!! I own 4 pairs and want more!! They’re really well made and sooooooo cute!! I get compliments every time I wear them, and I’ve recommended them at least 100 times!!

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