Holiday Hostess Gifts You’d Actually Want Yourself


Happy Holidays! Now that it’s officially *that* time of year again, I’m thinking of all the get togethers I have coming up…and planning my hostess gifts accordingly. Because S is QUEEN of parties-on-the-fly, she has a great eye for beautiful yet useful gifts to just keep on hand (in case a party was to happen at any random moment). Her favorites? Matches and hand-dipped birthday candles — both in the prettiest little glass jars. SO simple yet incredibly thoughtful because they’re stuff everyone needs! The rest of this guide follows suit. Happy partying!

Best Hostess Gifts 2018

It's party season! We rounded up the 20 best hostess gifts of 2018. Keep a few of these easy, cute little gifts on hand for the next time you're the guest.

1. Black Truffle Popcorn Salt – Truffle anything…always. But this stuff is apparently great not only on popcorn, but also with chips or fries too. Woah.

2. YETI Mug – Have we done a good enough job of expressing our YETI obsession yet? Your host will never have a cup of coffee go cold again. Who doesn’t need this gift?

3. Matches In Glass Jar – What’s better than a cute and useful gift? I’d much rather have these sitting out than a boring old book of matches.

3 (again). Hand-Dipped Birthday Candles  – Give your hostess the gift of never being caught without birthday candles AGAIN.

4. Bequet Celtic Sea Salt Caramels – For those of you who have never tried these…order one for your hostess gift and another for yourself. They’re heavenly. Also available in Assorted flavors if sea salt isn’t your thing.

5. Waffle Shots – How FUN and delicious are waffle shots? Bring along some dessert liquor, and it’ll be perfect to have after dinner.

6. Pomegranate Butter Dish – Though this is *technically* a butter dish, this could easily moonlight as a little trinket dish or just something decorative. Love.

7. Reusable Drinking Straws – The reusable straw craze is here for a reason, people! Get your friends pretty straws and feel good about doing it. 

8. Table Topics – Shana’s latest obsession is table topics — cards that inspire realllly good conversation. They have a “Destination Anywhere” version that S plays with her little guys, too.

9. Peppermint Bark – This stuff is basically crack and so much better during the holidays.

10. Famous Scientist Tumblers – For your host or hostess with a nerdy side (or just an appreciation for the amazing scientists who have come before us).

11. Ceramic Nesting Bowls  – Don’t these cheery-colored bowls just make you so happy? Anyone could use a set of these.

12. Capri Blue Candle – These candles make the best gifts. They smell so amazing and burn forever. Anthro runs sales on their home selection quite a bit, so keep an eye out to stock up on these candles for less.

13. Bees Knees Salted Honey – Do you have a foodie kinda host? Gift them this unique honey they probably don’t already have. I’d just add a pretty little bow.

14. Wine-O’s – Drink markers can be life-changing. These pretty little O’s would make an adorable gift.

15. Faux Fur Wine Bag – A bottle of wine = great gift. A bottle of wine in a really fun, furry bag to keep = awesome gift.

16. Nespresso Festive Coffee Assortment – Where are our Nespresso people? If you know your friend has a machine, stock them up on more coffee! If you’re looking for extra brownie points (I am) the machines make an amazing gift. Shana and I both have this one (on sale!).

17. Williams Sonoma Soap Set – This soap set not only looks great on a countertop, but it also smells so good. I know a lot of people would be reluctant to splurge on their own hand soaps, so this makes a really great gift.

18. Rosemary Tree – This will make your hostess’ house smell amazing and double a little extra holiday decor. Win-win. Oops! Sold out. Try this adorable Sage Tree instead.

19. Gilded Fish Bottle Opener – This was Laura’s pick! How gorgeous is this? I’d love to get this to whip out when guests are over and we’re having some drinks.

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  1. You guys rock! I already bought the matches after Shana featured a bottle a bit ago. They are fantastic! I am now going to order the matches and candles to have on hand all the time for gifts on the go.

    I had a similar set of the Table Topics/Destination boxes when my kids were young and it was a godsend at dinners. Then they turned into tweens/teens. One night the card asked “If you could have one wish, what would it be?” My son’s answer? “To make this box of cards disappear.” Sigh. *BUT* they recently pulled them out at a larger family gathering…so in my book? They are a must have…

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