Best Maternity Tanks (What I Lived In While Pregnant)


ASOS makes the best maternity tanks that don’t break the bank . . . comfortable, long and easily the most versatile part of my maternity wardrobe.  I wore them during all stages of pregnancy and for a long time after G was born because of the longer length and forgiving fit.  (Did I mention most of them are under $15??)

Here’s a couple of ways I wore them.

With a Bodycon Skirt

So I realize that a bodycon skirt may not be the first thing you think of wearing when you’re pregnant, but I swear pregnancy was like the only time I felt comfortable in bodycon anything.  I would buy these stretchy (non-maternity) skirts in a large or extra large and they fit so comfortably on my belly or below it.  (Add a long cardigan or jacket, a scarf and some boots to take the look into the fall.)


Maternity Tank: Wearing a size 6, also in white and gray.

Bodycon skirt (similar): I bought these cheap skirts at Charlotte Russe . . . they’re so comfortable!  I’d buy a large or x-large (I’m usually a medium) and they’d work! (They’re $6 and available in a ton of colors!)

Sandals (similar): Yes, these are ridiculous when you’re pregnant, but I did actually wear heels when I was this far along . . . I felt huge and these made me feel better.  BUT, I didn’t have a toddler to run after and now I do.  These probably won’t be shoes I’ll wear if I’m pregnant again, so I’d go for more comfy options like these strappy sandals from Sofft (on sale!).

With Leggings

One of my most-worn outfits were soft leggings (non-maternity . . . I’d just size way up) and maternity tanks.  Throw on a maternity sweatshirt and you’re good to go.  (This was also one of my favorite post partum outfits.)


Maternity Tank (wearing a size 6, also in white and gray)

Floral Leggings (similar) I also love these low-waisted leggings (available in burgundy, green, grey or black and different lengths) because they sat under my belly instead of going over it . . . I didn’t like the ones that went all the way over it.  And they’re on sale for $10 . . . YES.

Maternity Sweatshirt (old): I’m loving this cute striped sweatshirt from ASOS’ maternity line.

Flip-flops: Similar and in gold, tan, black or silver.

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So . . . looking at all of these pictures and maternity clothes is making me nostalgic . . . do I want another baby??  I’m (we are) scared . . . any advice??




  1. Pregnancy was the only time you were comfortable in bodycon anything?!? Wow, me too – only I hadn’t realized it until I read that line. It’s also the only time I’ll walk around the house in my underwear in front of my husband and child. Maybe the belly is so distracting, no one will notice the other jiggles or imperfections? Whatever it is, despite the discomfort, I guess we have way more body confidence while pregnant than not. Interesting!
    Can’t figure out if you want a second? I was there for years – now I’m about to have my second and my first is 6! You’ll just know one day if you want another one or not. But, yes, it is scary!!

  2. I heard someone say “The first kid you have for yourself. The second kid you have for your child.” True in my case. Mine are 3 yrs apart & best friends, which is so great to see. But #truth – my life would be easier if I had stopped after one!

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