Best Modern Highchair For Apartment Living



I like to think that I'm living my life, for the most part, without regret.  But I would like to go back and knock my 7-year-ago-self upside the head for buying a white cotton couch.  Seriously.  A. White. Cotton. Couch.  What an idiot.  And I couldn't even count on my husband ("Whatever you want, Babe") to talk some sense into me.  Whatever.  I'm over it.  And yes – for those of you that have visited our pad, I realize you are now dying of shock to learn that our couch is, technically, white.   Let it be a lesson for us all.

I do have one more regret.  I regret not buying the Bloom Nano Folding Highchair.  Not only is it all cool and modern looking, but it FOLDS up.  EASILY.  I could use it, then fold it, and put it somewhere out of sight.  The "out of sight" ability is always the key when living in a small space.  

The Nano retails for $179.99 (including free shipping) at and comes in a wide range of colors.

So to recap:  White couch?  Bad.  Nano?  Good.



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