Act Fast! MOTHER Denim 25% Off Sale


MOTHER denim fans know that when MOTHER jeans go on sale (especially at 25% off!), you have to act fast. And this 25% off is happening NOW! Saks Friends & Family sale has started, and ALL of their MOTHER denim is included. Yep…I said ALL!

BUT…the catch is sizes, certain washes, and styles will sell out fast! The best way to shop the 25% off sale if you’re interested in MOTHER denim is to go here and filter (on the left side of the page) for your size. There are a TON of great styles available, so it’s definitely worth a search. Or…take a scroll through my selfies below and keep your fingers crossed sizing is stocked.

MOTHER Denim On Sale At Saks

Let’s get straight to it. I’ve included selfies/photos of 6 great styles of MOTHER denim on sale. And a quick shout out to this absolutely gorgeous Vince halter top you’ll see in some of the photos that is also part of the sale. It’s pricey, but DANG it is one of those really special pieces!

1. MOTHER Ditcher: Full-Length Wide Legs

MOTHER Denim On Sale

MOTHER Ditcher Wide Legs (29) | Halter Top (S) | Clogs | Bag

Details: These jeans are not as stretchy as my the MOTHER Hustler Rollers, but they look GOOD! 100% cotton, and a nice drapey light weight for summer. They fit more like the Veronica Beard Taylors than the Hustler Rollers with a little more pull in the front of the hips at first, but then they ease up. Since they’re full-length on me (plus some…even with heeled clogs), I like them for a bit dressy. They look great, though, casually pooled over sneakers as well (if that’s your style and you get the length right).

Fit: I’m 5’2, 140-ish lbs, and I’m wearing a 29 here. They gap a bit at the back of the waist, so I’m considering trying the 28 since the cotton does give with wear. I need to have them hemmed even with clog heels.

Mother Ditcher Wide Leg

MOTHER Ditcher Wide Legs (29)
Embroidered Tank (S) | Bag | Tank (S) | Bag

2. MOTHER Insiders: The Jeans I Can’t Stop

MOTHER Insiders

MOTHER Insiders Blue Wash (29) | MOTHER Insiders All Washes
Shirt (S) | Clogs | Bag

Details: Long time TME readers have seen me in the MOTHER Insiders for a long, long, long time. I’ve worn the ripped distressed version of these FOREVER (which are long gone), but I’m liking the clean version now. I typically am wearing wider leg denim now, but there is something about the interesting hem and familiar style that I don’t know if I will ever give up. Typically I like wearing them for casual with longer tops and sneakers, Birks, or clogs.

Fit: I’m 5’2, 140-ish lbs, and I typically wear a 29 in the Insiders. BUT….I just tried a 31 and they’re a bit roomy, but not significantly different! So if you are between sizes or your specific size is sold out, I would consider trying a size (or even 2) above.

MOTHER Denim On Sale

MOTHER Insiders Blue Wash (29) | MOTHER Insiders All Washes
Halter Top (S) | Clogs | Rain Jacket (S) | Sneaks

3. MOTHER Ramblers: The Straight Wide Leg

MOTHER Ramblers

MOTHER Ramblers Light Wash (30)
Sweater (S) | Birks | Bag

Details: My newest pair of MOTHER denim featured in my Eileen Fisher post here. Initially, I couldn’t get the Rambler style to work for me, but then I realized that I needed to cut them shorter to have them hit just above the ankle. Now they’re perfect! They say “boot-cut” in Saks’ description, but at other retailers they are referred to as a straight wide-leg, which is how they fit me. They’re definitely straighter than my other MOTHER wide legs. I love the crop straight wide-legs for a fresh spring and summer look with sneakers or Birkenstocks.

Fit: I had to size up to a 30 (instead of my typical size 29) for these (at 5’2, 140-ish lbs). I often have to size up in MOTHER’s 100% cotton thicker more rigid jeans. I had to hack them to be ankle length.

MOTHER Denim On Sale

MOTHER Ramblers Light Wash (30)
Hoodie (S) | Sweater (S) | Sneaks

4. MOTHER Hustlers: The Stretchy Kick Flares

MOTHER Hustlers

MOTHER Hustlers Light Wash (29) | MOTHER Hustlers All Washes/Lengths
Sweater (S) | Birks | Bag

Details: The MOTHER Hustlers are a total crowd fave. They’re the stretchy kick flares that feel great on and aren’t too skinny, aren’t too wide, and aren’t too straight. I always have a hard time deciding, though, with this length what to do. You can see them above cuffed, and below worn full length, or tucked under at the ankle (if I decide to hem or cut them). I think I’m actually into the cuffed right now.

Fit: Wearing my typical MOTHER Denim size 29 here. Very stretchy, so I could likely wear a size up as well (like the Insiders).

MOTHER Hustlers Light Wash (29) | MOTHER Hustlers All Washes/Lengths
Tank (S) | Sneaks

5. MOTHER Weekenders: The BEST Flares….Ever.

MOTHER Weekender Flare

Weekenders All Washes
Shirt (S) | Tank (S) | Birks | Bag

Details: The MOTHER Weekenders are an all-time favorite of mine when it comes to easy flares. They’re my go-to’s when I want a classic (not too trendy) denim look. I wear them to volleyball games with a school hoodie, with tees and Birkenstocks in the summer, and love dressing up the black-wash for a classic monochromatic look as well. Every Weekender I’ve ever worn (and there have been quite a few with body changes throughout the years) have ample stretch, so they feel great on and fit the butt well. Even the high rise aren’t SUPER high rise, which I like in an everyday flare.

Fit: I’m 5’2, 140-ish lbs and wear my typical MOTHER size 29 in the MOTHER Weekenders.

MOTHER Weekenders

Weekenders Black Wash (29) | Weekenders All Washes
Sweater (S)

6. MOTHER Rollers: Comfy Wide Legs


MOTHER Rollers All Washes/Lengths

Details: My specific MOTHER Hustler Rollers that I have and love are sold out, but there are several other washes, varieties, and lengths available. I wear this style constantly, so they’re worth looking at (especially on sale) to see if the washes and lengths in stock wold work for you. Mine are stretchy, comfy, and my most worn-jeans right now.

Fit: At 5’2, 140-ish lbs my typical MOTHER Roller size is a 29.

MOTHER Rollers

MOTHER Rollers All Washes/Lengths
Top | Bag

Lots of other denim on sale as well from other favorite designer brands. You can check out all 25% off denim as part of Saks’ Friends & Family sale here. Or for TONS more information on MOTHER denim in general and why I love wearing MOTHER jeans, you can check out my most recent Guide To Baggy & Wide Leg MOTHER Denim.


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