Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: 5 Cute EILEEN FISHER Outfits


It’s Eileen Fisher paper doll time! Do you guys think I’m the only person who would ever purchase an Eileen Fisher paper doll set? Probably, but I’m okay with that. Many of my forever closet pieces are oldies but goodies from Eileen Fisher. AND… most of us Eileen Fisher fans know that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is a really good time to pick up some major Eileen Fisher deals. Yay (always!) for Eileen Fisher on sale. 

This year, I’m most impressed with the Eileen Fisher shoes. I’m loving these boots (made using recycled plastic bottles in gray and black), and after wearing these Eileen Fisher slip-on sneaks all spring, I’m fairly certain that her new slip-ons (in a nice variety of colors with a recycled fiber mesh lining) will be just as walkable and super-cute in person. There’s a wide range of TME beloved Eileen Fisher sandals in the sale this year as well. If you, however, don’t need any more shoes in your closet, these wool joggers, this versatile black dress (under $100), and this GORGEOUS (but pricey) coat are definitely intriguing as well.

Best Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks: 5 Cute Eileen Fisher Outfits

I’m hoping to try on some of these pieces in person, but until then…let’s do some paper doll play with a few greatEileen Fisher’s pieces (that are on sale), mixed in with some other favs from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and a few cute not-on-sale masks, too.

Outfit Idea #1 | No-Stress Summer To Fall
EILEEN FISHER Dress & Sandals

The Eileen Fisher dresses I have are extremely versatile. High enough quality to dress up, but soft and comfy enough for lounging too. I would wear this one all year long — right now with sandals, and later with a sweater, tights and boots. If you haven’t tried her sandals, they’re beautiful AND comfortable, and this year’s sale has several different styles.

For this EILEEN FISHER dress (high-quality, soft & comfy) we're styling sandals for now (+ a face mask), then, a sweater, tights & boots for later.

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Outfit Idea #2 | Let’s Run Some Errands

I will admit this is an expensive “running errands” outfit, but these are the types of pieces I wear on repeat, so as Shana says, they have “good price-per-wear” for me. I wore Eileen Fisher slip-on sneaks similar to these all spring, and her new style is made with recycled fiber mesh lining and has tons of great colors. Three color options in her eco-conscious v-neck tee made with sustainably produced fibers. 

EILEEN FISHER slip-on sneaks made w/ recycled fiber mesh lining & tons of great colors. Add an eco-conscious v-neck tee made with sustainably produced fibers.

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Outfit Idea #3 | The Coat Makes The Outfit
EILEEN FISHER Joggers & Sneaks

This is my total instant couch-to-chic outfit. Add any fabulous coat over all black…done. And, HELLO…Eileen Fisher wool joggers?? Seems like those were made for the sole purpose of transitioning from couch to real outfit without much effort. Eco-conscious v-neck tee and comfy cute sneaks (made with recycled fiber mesh lining) make this whole look even better.   

Hello...EILEEN FISHER wool joggers in the #NSale?? An instant couch-to-chic outfit. Add a fab coat, an eco-conscious v-neck tee & comfy cute sneaks.

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Outfit Idea #4 | Hello, Fall
EILEEN FISHER Cardigan & Booties

Cardigans and booties…my favorite fall staples. Knowing I’ll be working and managing my kids’ schooling from a drafty spot at our kitchen table this fall, I’m a bit more motivated to invest in a higher quality cardigan. This one is 85% silk /15% cashmere, and plus-sizing available here). Add cute Eileen Fisher booties (made using recycled plastic bottles) and an eco-conscious v-neck tee …that’s not a hard sell at all for me.

A higher quality cardigan (silk + cashmere) w/ plus-size available. Add cute EILEEN FISHER booties & an eco-conscious v-neck tee...these are major deals.

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Outfit Idea #5 | Berry Cute
EILEEN FISHER Silk Blouse & Coat

This coat is pricey, but MAN! It looks gorgeous! And the silk blouse is one of those that I think will look a lot better in person tucked into high-rise jeans or with comfy joggers if you’re Zooming only from the waist up. 96% silk with just a touch of stretch.

A gorgeous EILEEN FISHER coat + a silk blouse that will look fab tucked into high-rise jeans or with comfy joggers. The #NSale is bringing the deals.

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Any other Eileen Fisher fans out there who want to play paper dolls with me? What pieces did I miss that you’re coveting? 

If you’re shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, make sure to check out our All Things Anni Sale Page. All the contributors at TME have done a pretty tremendous job rounding up their favorite picks, and everyone’s getting ready to do some major selfie sessions as well. Feel free to bookmark any of our posts that vibe with your personal style, so you’ll have them ready for your shopping day! Using our links to shop is a way you can directly support the content we provide at TME all year long–and it is SO very much appreciated!  



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