Amy’s NSale Try-On: Effortlessly Chic


This is about the time of the NSale when we start to see items on our wish list sort of, well, disappear. Nobody said this sale wasn’t madness, but that doesn’t mean we’re not still sad when some of our hopeful items are no longer available.

The GOOD NEWS is, though, that I — along with our iconic TME behind-the-scenes staff in Philly — worked our booties off to curate a few actual gems that are still currently available for purchase!

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A Handful Of Comfy Yet Chic Wardrobe Staples: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Try-On

Shockingly, some of my all-time favorite sneakers are still (mostly) stocked. These literally took over Pinterest last year for their quintessential dad-shoe-vibes and were *impossible* to find in stock for months on end. And they aren’t just trending — they’re one of the most (maybe THE most?) comfortable sneakers I own, and come in a perfectly versatile gray color I swear I can throw on with nearly every outfit.

Another still-in-stock shocker? The item I made sure to scoop up THE FASTEST — a body duo I buy again and again (..and again…).

But what are the new pieces I’m extra excited about? Actually, there’s a good little handful — and somehow they seem to come together in a way that acts almost as a chic, classic capsule wardrobe. Let’s get to the good stuff!

1. The Matching Set That’s Effortlessly Luxe

OH, how do I begin to describe the beauty of this satin top & matching bottoms from Good American?

Button-Up (3/4) | Trousers (8/29) | Bag | Boots

OH, how do I begin to describe the beauty of this satin top & matching bottoms from Good American? I was immediately taken aback by that perfect mossy color, a shade that would be amazing for both the rest of summer and fall, and it feels effortlessly luxe. But when I actually had these pieces in my hands and was trying them on, I was blown away by the quality.

This Coach bag feels like a vintage throwback, it being a style we saw heavily in the early aughts.

Sweater (L) | Trousers (8/29) | Sneakers

Paired with the set is what feels like my best kept secret, simply for the fact I’ve seen no one else talking about it. This Coach bag feels like a vintage throwback, it being a style we once saw heavily in the early aughts, and it’s also the exact style I’ve been wanting all year. I almost bought a nearly identical Coach bag last month, so I was over the moon to see this one in the sale!

Based on the amount of times I’ve seen the brand come across my social feeds as of late, I predict Coach is going to be a more-than-usual It Style REAL quick. I’d highly recommend scooping this one up — or the more polished version also in the sale — before it’s too late!

The matching satin blouse & trousers from Good American are heavier than expected, but they're as comfy as pajamas.

Top (L) | Trousers (8/29) | Boots

Both the blouse and trousers of this luxe matching set are heavier than expected. It’s easy to tell that they are substantially well made, not at all sheer, and GUYS, they’re as comfortable as my pajamas. This set would be a no-brainer for a comfy-yet-chic office look, but I think I’ll be wearing it multiple ways for my everyday ‘fits.

Plus, it looks good worn as separates too!

2. The Black Outfit That’s Just So F’ing Good

This long-sleeve T-shirt is perfect for a subtly sexy date night look.

Top (L) | Jeans (28) | Boots

OH HELLO, you-little-sheer-number-you. I looked past this long-sleeve tee from AllSaints a handful of times, until it dawned on me that it’s sheer, and then I snapped it up for that very reason. It’s the perfect top for a subtly sexy date-night look (imagine it with a lace bralette underneath) — and you can’t go wrong with a freaking good all-black ensemble.

The top has just enough stretch to stay in place for tucking and has the coolest batwing drape. I actually want to grab this one in ALL the other colors before they’re gone. It’s too good of a steal.

This AllSaints long-sleeve top has just enough stretch to stay in place for tucking & has the coolest batwing drape.

Top (L) | Jeans (28) | Boots

Sam Edelman’s Wilda Pointed-Toe Western Boots are one of my happiest discoveries. These blend cowboy boots and dress shoes into one, and are the perfect option if you’ve been curious about the trending Western aesthetic but don’t want to fully dive into traditional boots! 

Bonus: They’re also comfier than my traditional boots straight-from-the-box.

3. The Best Jeans You’ve Never Heard Of

Even though they're rigid denim, these straight-leg jeans from Rails are easier to pull on than stretchier pairs I tried.

Sweater (L) | Jeans (28) | Sneakers

I believe Shana also sung the praises of Rails’ straight-leg jeans (a pair we’ve never heard of but that FULLY has our attention now). I think I ordered the most denim out of everything in the NSale (a big chunk didn’t even make the cut for this post) and this pair is the best — without question. Even though they’re mostly rigid denim (with 1% elastane!), they’re easier to pull on than the stretchier pairs I also took for a spin.

These Rails jeans fit the most comfortably compared to the rest, have very high-quality distressed detailing, and are my ideal length (I’m 5’9” for reference!).

These Rails jeans fit the most comfortably compared to the rest, have high-quality distressed detailing, & are my ideal length.

Sweater (L) | Jeans (28) | Sneakers

The AllSaints cashmere-&-wool sweater is actually a lot more oversized than I was expecting. I scooped up a size large, but would probably love a medium for a look that’s still loose but not as overwhelming (then again, I do love an overwhelming silhouette…). I’ve tried a handful of AllSaints sweaters in last year’s sale, but I must say, this year’s stock is superior. This blue color fell out of stock the quickest, but there are still three other hues that would be dreamy for fall and winter (I’m eyeing up the color Chalk).

4. The White Button-Up That’s Better Than His

I’m a big fan of oversized button-up shirts, like this 1 from Treasure & Bond, for that borrowed-from-the-boys look.

Button-Up (M) | Jeans (28) | Sneakers

I’m a big fan of oversized button-up shirts for that borrowed-from-the-boys look, so I threw this one from Treasure & Bond in my cart “just to try.” Turns out, it’s even better than his.

What I thought would be a crisp, poplin-style top actually turned out to be a heavier, softer, almost linen-like top!! I’m stunned. It’s The Perfect White Top for fall and winter. The quality is gorgeous, there is zero sheerness, and I’m *so* excited about styling this one up in my personal wardrobe.

The black wash of these Levi's Ribcage jeans is perfectly vintage.

Button-Up (M) | Jeans (28) | Boots

You can’t go wrong with our trusty friend Levi’s. I always make sure to grab a pair in each NSale because they’re often one of my favorite and most-worn jeans for the rest of the year. This black Ribcage pair is no exception — the wash is perfectly vintage.

5. The Sweater That Plays Nicely With Jeans

This Free People tunic sweater is lightweight yet heavy, & the sleeves are cozy enough to make you want to curl up & nap.

LEFT: Sweater (M) | Jeans (28) | Sneakers // RIGHT: Sweater (M) | Jeans (29) | Boots

OK, even though I’m Free People’s #1 Fan, I didn’t actually have high expectations for this tunic sweater. The reason I added it to my cart was because I was surprised (read: disappointed) by the lack of seemingly good sweaters in this year’s sale overall, and sort of just tried swinging for the fences. THAT seemed to pay off, because this sweater — in true Free People fashion — drapes so good. Exceptionally good, and it plays nicely with jeans. It’s lightweight yet heavy, and the sleeves are voluminous and cozy enough to make you want to curl up and nap. 

If you’re shorter than me, this could even be cute worn as a dress with tights in the fall (or size down if you want it as a sweater that’s a closer fit).

This Treasure & Bond sweater is the perfect grab if you're looking for a chic, unfussy sweater that'll go the distance in your winter wardrobe.

Sweater (L) | Jeans (28) | Boots

The Treasure & Bond sweater that was originally offered in multiple colors is going fast. This is the perfect grab if you’re looking for a chic, unfussy sweater that’ll go the distance in your winter wardrobe. The subtle speckle is my favorite.

6. The Denim Brand That Never Fails

Re/Done is known for its more-sustainable practices & quality jeans that only get better over time.

Shacket (L) | Jeans (28) | Sneaker

I’ve been a fan of Re/Done for years, and its jeans typically sell out real quick (so the fact that we’re still seeing some sizes left is like striking gold). If you’re unfamiliar with the brand, it’s known for its more-sustainable practices and quality jeans that only get better over time. Honestly, it’s the denim brand that never fails.

Both pairs I tried are ’70s stovepipe jeans (the brand is practically famous for this shape), but one is super-stretchy (below) and one is not (above). They did, however, both run tighter than I’ve experienced with other Re/Done jeans. I probably would size up for a more comfortable fit (but the bum on each pair is 11/10 — like, OMG)!

I would probably size up in the Re/Done stovepipe jeans for a more comfortable fit.

Sweater (M) | Jeans (28) | Boots

7. The Leggings Outfit When You’re Tired Of Yours

These Zella leggings are both buttery soft + hold me in — I mean, I feel GOOD in these.

Top (L) | Leggings (M) | Sneakers

Athletic gear isn’t actually something I seek out in the NSale, yet, surprisingly, the few pieces I decided to scoop up Blew. Me. AWAY. They all came together for a perfect momiform, but you know…in a way that doesn’t make me sad.

These Zella leggings are buttery soft and hold me in — I mean, I feel GOOD in these. The linear detailing is very elongating, and the waistband is perfection. This is a pair I’ll wear both styled up in outfits and for workouts!

Thread & Supply's fleece shacket feels more like a sweatshirt than a jacket & is thin enough to layer over just about anything.

Shacket (L) | Top (L) | Leggings (M) | Sneakers

I couldn’t go an entire NSale without trying on a shacket — and what is FALL FASHION if we don’t have plaid?! Thread & Supply’s fleece shacket is both ridiculously comfy and a good, classic staple. It feels more like a sweatshirt than a jacket and is thin enough to layer over just about anything.

I even liked it all on its own, as its very own top!

8. The Onesie That Works With Well With Layers

The sexy open back & swooping neckline of this Free People athletic romper do NOT disappoint.

Onesie (M) | Sneakers

Now that the weather is heating up here in San Diego, I’ve been living in one-piece athletic rompers — for workouts and the “it’s too hot for anything else” days. I was excited to try this onesie from Free People, and the sexy open back and swooping neckline do NOT disappoint. Stretchy, conforming, but not at all restricting.

LEFT: Onesie (M) | Shorts (S) | Sneakers // RIGHT: Button-Up (M) | Onesie (M) | Sneakers 

And can we just talk about how one-pieces work well with all the layers? From shorts to button-up tops, you can take this in so many directions.

These Nike fleece knit shorts have a high rise w/ a long drawstring.

Sweater (L) | Shorts (S) | Sneakers

The Nike Fleece Crewneck (also in the sale!) is a piece I’ve owned for…three years now? At least! And it gets better with each and every wear. So, when I saw the matching knit shorts, I HAD to scoop them up. They have a conservative high rise with a nice, long drawstring, and are as every bit as comfortable as the sweatshirt! I sized down for a more fitted/less-baggy look.

9. The Flirty PJs I Couldn’t Resist

Pajamas (M)

I can’t leave without mentioning my fave pajamas. Eberjay makes the best sets for sleeping, and these little ruffled, jersey pajamas are so pretty and flirty and unique, I couldn’t pass them up. I’m going to bed in them tonight.

All right, gang, I’m bringing up the rear in the annual NSale selfies, and all I can say is, our inside staff in the Philly headquarters are saints. If you appreciate anything we do here at TME, send them a little love via comments, social shares, or even a personal note via Instagram DMs!! <3 

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    • I sorta did, yes — I run between a 6 and 8 in bottoms, so I grabbed the 8 and they are a bit loose! I think I’m probably somewhere right between for GA sizing…but I like the comfort of them not being tight. I don’t think you would *need* to size up though!

  1. My entire wish list was sold out before access opened for Influencers at midnight. It’s one thing to host a sale that encourages people to sign up for a store card, it’s another to gatekeep the best items behind a $5,000 minimum annual spend. No other store does this kind of class system with their sales, not even high-end stores like Net-a-Porter. I’ve been noticing less blogger/IG influencer coverage of this sale in the past few years and I’m wondering if this might be the reason why. People are tired of watching their whole wishlist disappear before they even have a chance. I might as well cancel my Nordstrom card. What’s the point?

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