6 Affordable Anni Sale Buys I Have & Love (Under $50!)


Hi, friends! Greetings from The Land of Folks Still Without Access To The NSale. Yes, believe it or not, I’m still hanging out, waiting for my tier to open (you guys know I’m both discerning and budget-minded, which does me zero favors when it comes to my Nordstrom status, lol) so I can finally turn my official Nordstrom Anniversary Sale wishlist into a reality like Laura and Linzi and Shanasigh — but in the meantime, my endless audit of the 2020 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale offerings has turned up a few truly affordable few pieces that I already own, love and would recommend without hesitation.

6 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Buys I Have & Love (All Under $50)

And best of all? These six pieces combine to make a mini-capsule wardrobe that covers all your bases, from casual to cozy to chic. If you’re already shopping (or, like me, continuing to edit your wishlist), these six items are worth snagging this time around. In my typically verbose style, I’ve detailed more than you ever wanted to know about any of them, below.

(Hint: Click through the collage below to quickly shop all the pieces shown. And don’t forget to follow all of our 2020 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale coverage here.)

6 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale deals we own & love. Make a mini-capsule wardrobe w/ pieces ranging from casual to cozy to chic (all under $50).

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1. Caslon Rounded V-Neck T-Shirt ($12.90)

6 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale deals we own & love. Make a mini-capsule wardrobe w/ pieces ranging from casual to cozy to chic (all under $50).

tee (TTS) | skirt (TTS)

I’ve preached at length about this white Caslon Rounded V-Neck T-Shirt, and now that it’s in the sale again and relatively well-stocked (well, at least as I write this), I can’t not include it here. It’s the ideal weight: not too thick, but not so sheer that you can’t wear it with a nude bra. The sleeves are on the shorter side, so they hit at a flattering spot on the arm. The “rounded V-neck” is perfectly scoopy. It shows plenty of skin without having to worry about the top of your bra sticking out. And it’s long enough to tuck or knot (I usually do some version of a half-tuck if I’m wearing it with jeans) or leave out (if I’m wearing it with leggings).

And perhaps the testament of all testaments? I’ve worn it multiple times a week for more than a year and there are no holes. ZERO. I think this might have more to do with the fact that tucking the front prevents it from rubbing on the fly of my jeans (especially while driving! which I’ve been doing wayyyy less of…) but I’m still seriously pleased with this outcome. Fit is TTS. Stocking up on a couple more of the white since I wear them so often, but I also have and love the black, and I’m eyeing the animal print pattern that’s new this season.

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2. Gibson Notch Collar Cotton Blend Blazer ($49.90)

6 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale deals we own & love. Make a mini-capsule wardrobe w/ pieces ranging from casual to cozy to chic (all under $50).

blazer (TTS)
left: jeans (Topshop Jamie, mentioned below in this post; size up one) | sneakers (TTS)
right: jeans (same style w/ similar distressing, TTS) | tee (TTS) | boots – on sale! (TTS)

Laura introduced us all to this Gibson Notch Collar Cotton Blend Blazer — remember when we all styled it up? — and it’s an interesting addition to my closet. It’s not something the current me would normally gravitate to — at first blush, I questioned if it was a little high maintenance — but then you put it on and you realize the knit makes it feel like a glorified sweatshirt, and suddenly it’s the piece you reach for every time you want to look like you have your shit together (when, in many cases, you most definitely do not). The flat, notched, not-quite-Mandarin collar makes it feel cool and fashiony, but at the same time, it’s not trying too hard. In 2020, I’d call it the Ideal Zoom Blazer because it’s soft, stretchy, non-constricting and a seriously chic way to bring some “effort” to a t-shirt (a la my pics, above), a ribbed tank or, heck, even a pajama camisole. (Yes, this is me advocating for passing off loungewear as office attire.) Fit is TTS.

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3. Topshop Ribbed Open Front Cardigan ($44.90)

6 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale deals we own & love. Make a mini-capsule wardrobe w/ pieces ranging from casual to cozy to chic (all under $50).

dress (size up one) | boots (TTS) | cardigan (TTS)

I can’t speak highly enough of this Topshop Ribbed Open Front Cardigan. Last year, I hemmed and hawed about whether to splurge on a Vince cardigan in the sale with similar proportions and more loft (it was overall just a better made piece, but substantially more expensive), but in the end, I shifted my dollars into a fantastic ALLSAINTS trench (still available in blush and on SUPER sale here) and went with the more budget-friendly cardigan.

This year’s version has slightly different ribbing, but I can tell that it’s the same essential piece — with one exception: it looks like the current one has fitted cuffs, which I can tell you is a BIG bonus in this era of frequent handwashing. (The oversized sleeve openings on mine mean I can’t push the sleeves up — like, at all.) It’s still available in the Oat color that I have, which walks this surprisingly wearable line between blush and taupe — and new this year: olive! sah-woon. After more than a year of constant wear, it does have some pilling. And it does stretch out a bit (especially if you load up the pockets with phone, keys, etc. like, uhhh, me), but with its already slouchy, oversized fit, it’s honestly negligible. It’s super soft, and whether it’s over leggings or jeans or even a dress, it has a high-end, cocoon-y fit that’s both chic and forgiving. Sizing is intentionally oversized; I wear my usual XS.

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4. Topshop Jamie High Waist Jeans ($49.90)

6 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale deals we own & love. Make a mini-capsule wardrobe w/ pieces ranging from casual to cozy to chic (all under $50).

(throwback to last year’s #dressingroomselfies, where the RBF was REAL, lol.)
tee (last season; same fit and fabric in a shell here) | jeans (size up one)

These Topshop Jamie High Waist Jeans surprised me. I can count on my thumbs the number of stretch jeans I had prior to last year’s sale, so I wasn’t expecting to love (and actually wear) these as much as I do. The pair in last year’s sale was a washed black; the pair in this year’s sale is a rinsed blue. Both isolate the tattered distressing to the hem, which makes them especially versatile if you need to dress them up for work — just add boots. Not feeling the distressing at all? There’s a medium-gray pair in this year’s sale, too, that looks pretty dang cool. On all the Jamies, the rise is high but not too high. And the stretch keeps everything where it should be. I sized up one from a 25 to a 26, and even though, yes, they DO stretch out some, the bum stays perky after hours of wear.

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5. Karl Lagerfield Cieone Sandals ($49.90)

6 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale deals we own & love. Make a mini-capsule wardrobe w/ pieces ranging from casual to cozy to chic (all under $50).

jeans (same style w/ similar distressing, TTS) | tee (TTS) | heels (TTS)

I know — heels. Like, when are these ever going to be a thing again? But in the vein of wishful thinking, I’m adding these Karl Lagerfield Cieone Sandals (in black) to my wishlist. I will always gravitate toward jeans and heels as “dressy” attire when given the chance, and these are the exact heels I want to be wearing. I have them in the gold from last year (still available here, just not in the sale), and they’re just SO freaking good. Strappy and sexy with just enough hardware. And for a 4″ heel, exceptionally comfortable. As in: dancing until 2am comfortable. Twice. (I was really living my best wedding guest life last summer, lemme tell ya.) I mean, yes, my feet were real excited to be free of them by the end of the night, but as someone who routinely wore 4″ heels daily pre-kiddo, I know the difference between tolerable and comfortable, and these fall into the latter category. TTS.

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6. Adidas Stan Smiths ($54.90)

6 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale deals we own & love. Make a mini-capsule wardrobe w/ pieces ranging from casual to cozy to chic (all under $50).

dress (restocked and on sale!! runs slightly large; size down if between sizes) | Stan Smiths (size down half)

So…technically these Stan Smiths are $55, but they’re worth every penny. They’re a TME favorite, and the first pair of shoes I grab when considering how to style up everything from jeans to dresses. (And shorts. And joggers. And leggings.) I’ve walked miles upon miles in them — and after a bit of a break-in (I found them to be stiff and a little squeaky at first), they’re one of my most comfortable, most-worn and most…fashionably foolproof? pair of shoes. Even better, as they’ve broken in, they’ve accumulated just enough scuffing to give them that perfectly worn appearance that Golden Goose wants you to shell out the big bucks for. (Don’t get me wrong — at half their price point I would happily scoop up a pair of GG.) I have the Stan Smiths in green; this year’s sale has a cool pair with a black accent, or if you can navigate the men’s sizing, there’s an all-white version, too. Size down by a half. (I typically wear an 8 and go down to a women’s 7.5.)

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Just a few more days until I’ll (hopefully, crossing my fingers for stock!) have access to everything on my full wishlist

Happy shopping, folks.

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  1. I’m impressed. You create your own look AND look sooo good.

    On another note, kinda frustrated by the “levels” of shopping access with NAnniversary Sale. The Mom Edit has definitely ramped up my shopping the past few years and yet a lot of my wish list was SOLD OUT. 😢 Hoping for some restocks.

    • Well thanks! And we’re all crossing our fingers — it feels like a few things are already being restocked, so it’s worth checking in now and again. Good luck!

  2. I have to agree with frustration over leveled shopping for the anniversary sale this year. I LOVE this sale and look forward to it every year but many of the things that I want are starting to sell out and I don’t get access until Thursday?! In a year where I don’t have as much of a reason to buy some of these fall items, maybe Nordstrom could have made the tiers closer together instead of stretching it out for 2 weeks? It’s just making me angry. If my wishlist is sold out, they’re losing my money. It feels like they are punishing the “have less or have nots” in this situation. It just feels elitist.

    • Ugh, I know. This is tricky. I was being cheeky up there, but it really is a bit frustrating. I’m wondering if maybe Nordstrom anticipated the huge flux of online shopping might crash the site (as it typically does) and thought this would be a “rewarding” way to manage big spikes in traffic? Or maybe they anticipated that more drawn out tiers would give them better opportunities to restock (which is the case for some pieces, but not all), but I agree that it’s not been…ideal.

  3. I have the State cami in black and it is great. Pretty, easy to wash, two layers so it hangs instead of clings, just enough interest at the top to make it elegant. Highly recommend.

    • Oh awesome, I just picked it up in the ivory and it’s perfect. I wish it was a little slinkier but for the price point, it’s ideal. So versatile.

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