The Affordable Edit: Scotti’s NSale Try-On


Mom and I had the best time at Nordstrom Old Orchard in Skokie, IL, (shout out to Molly for all her help!) yesterday. It was absolutely worth the six-hour drive because the entire vibe of the store during the Anniversary Sale is just…fun.

Everyone’s happy and in a great mood — there was even a live DJ when we walked in. Yassssss. We’ve been doing this sale together for a few years now (seven, to be exact), and there’s nothing better than an entire day of shopping — with a break for lunch and some bubbly — with Mom.

We’ve kind of got our groove down to exactly how we want the day to go: We start with clothes, move on to shoes, take a break to check out the Beauty Exclusives (my favorites are here), then pick out something for both kids, before ending the day with loungewear and pajamas (I’m always in the mood to change into something ridiculously comfortable by the end of the day).

Breathing New Life Into My Fall Outfits (Affordably!): A Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Try-On

The best part? Every single sweater/top/blazer below is under $50 (with the exception of two); every pair of jeans/pants/boots (and the skirt!) is under $200; and the “splurges” are well-worth it (and under $400 themselves).

So, while this isn’t necessarily a fall wardrobe on a budget, it is an affordable look at what the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has to offer. Because sometimes an investment is worth it, and sometimes a less expensive option is just fine, thankyouverymuch!

And hey, when you’re done shopping here, be sure to head over to our Ultimate Guide to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, where we have everything you could possibly want to know about the NSale.

1. Top Three Outfits (To Set The Vibe…)

This year we both found some pieces we love (in fact we both ended up buying two of the same pair of jeans and an awesome water-resistant jacket — pics below), but I’m also excited about the (affordable!) pieces I found that kind of breathe new life into an otherwise boring simple fall wardrobe.

A. Plaid + Leather

This plaid cardigan from Free People is wildly soft & looks awesome over a brown leather midiskirt.

Sweater (XS) | Skirt (6) | Boots

This Free People cardigan, for example. I love the funky plaid pattern and wildly soft material. It looks awesome over that brown leather miniskirt — and kind of gives me a bit of a “Clueless” vibe, tbh. The skirt is one of my favorites from the sale because it’s so versatile, and the fit is perfection. It doesn’t ride up like some other minis I’ve worn and isn’t too short (fits true to size!).

B. Fresh Fall Color Combo (New Way To Wear Black)

I've loved black faux-leather pants for...a while now. Pair w/ white & *marigold,* the best fall color.

Sweater (XS) | Pants (2) | Boots

Longtime readers know I’ve been wearing black faux-leather pants for…a while now. And although black-on-black-on-black is always a classic look, I’m loving the fresh combination of white, black and marigold. Marigold is a huge color for fall, and I love it as an updated version of camel.

C. Oversized Blazers + Tall Boots

This oversized Open Edit blazer runs big, but I love the longer length.

Blazer (XXS) | Cami | Skirt (6) | Boots

I’ve fallen in love with oversized blazers and white boots, and — thankfully — they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. This oversized Open Edit blazer runs big (I’m wearing an XXS here, typically an XS or small in blazers), but I love the longer length and more room across the bottom, so it doesn’t pull too much across the hips when I button it closed. I think I need this one in black as well — and it also comes in a pretty baby blue. (*I did try the matching pants, and they were fugly not my favorite, but they do look cute on the models.)

2. Classic, Quality Wool Coats

The NSale is a great time to snag a classic wool coat like this 1 from Reiss.

Left: Coat (2) | Top (part of a set, S) | Jeans (28) | Boots
Right: Coat (2) | Dress + Sweater Set (S) | Heels (not on sale)

The coat that I said would be the first thing I bought? Gorgeous. Of course, it’s currently sold out, but this year there are a ton of beautiful, belted wool coats in that camel color that goes with everything. The NSale is a great time to snag one at a great deal — these classic pieces go with everything and are worth a bit more of an investment. The ones below are mostly under $200 (with the exception of two, which are both under $350).

More Belted Wool Coats

3. One Great Playground Coat

This water-resistant rain jacket from Zella is lightweight & unlined, so it's not too hot.

Jacket (M) | Sweater (XS) | Jeans (28)| Boots

I had this shiny, waterproof Rains jacket in my hands when I came across this water-resistant rain jacket from Zella. Both are cute, but I liked the Zella one slightly more… It’s super-lightweight and unlined, so it’s not too hot for rain during the summer. It can fit over everything from T-shirts to oversized sweaters, so I’ll be wearing it well into fall as well. I’m wearing a medium here because I like the oversized fit, while my mom bought her typical XS. (See pics at the end!)

4. Everyday, But Make It Cashmere

I can't shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale w/o snapping up a cashmere sweater.

Sweater (28) | Jeans (28) | Boots

I mean…I can’t let the Anniversary Sale go by without buying at least one cashmere sweater. And while this hoodie is one of our favorites (sold out now — gah!), I know I’ll be wearing this cashmere crewneck sweater allll the time. Super-soft, lightweight, and comes in a bunch of colors — I thought it might be time to deviate from my typical black-gray-cream and try out the purple. (It’s supposedly a universal color!) THIS is one of the exceptions to the under-$50 rule, but at $80 for a 100% cashmere sweater, it’s definitely a great value!

5. Plaid, But Make It Cool

This Free People cardigan can be worn open or closed, tucked or untucked, & over a high-neck top or as a deep-v top.

Cardigan (XS) | Jeans (28) | Bag | Boots

I mentioned before that this Free People cardigan is wildly soft, and I actually almost bought it in the gray color as well…it’s that good. Both colors have that funky mixed-plaid pattern with contrasting cuffs on on the sleeves. I love that you can wear it open or closed, tucked or untucked, and over a higher-neck top or as a deep-V top (my go-to Hanro cami is key to wearing it alone). (This is the other exception to the $50 rule, but it’s super-versatile, super-soft, and a fun statement piece that will elevate all of my other basics this fall.)

I love the mixed-plaid pattern w/ contrasting cuffs on the sleeves of this Free People cardigan.

Left: Cardigan (XS) | Skirt (6)
Right: Cardigan (XS) | Jeans (28) | Boots

6. Flare Jeans In ’70s Blue

I’ve said it before, and I stand by it: Flares are hands-down the most flattering fit of jeans. That doesn’t mean they’re the only ones I’ll wear, but they do take up a good portion of my closet. They’re just leg-lengthening, waist-defining and flattering — and my go-to when I want to feel sexy. And all of these? Are on sale for under $200. Woot!

A. AG Farrah Raw-Hem Bootcut Jeans

These AG bootcut jeans have a nice dark wash & slim leg.

Top (S) | Jeans (28) | Boots

I love the darker wash and slimmer leg on these AG jeans. They have a 32-inch inseam (the raw hem makes them easier to adjust to the perfect length) and slight stretch for comfort. They’re a bootcut style, so the leg opening is slighter narrower than your typical flare jeans. Typically $235, on sale for $157.

B. PAIGE Laurel Canyon High-Waist Flare Jeans

PAIGE's high-waisted flare jeans have a broken-in feel from the moment you put them on.

Sweater (XXS) | Jeans (28) | Boots

These PAIGE flare jeans have a broken-in feel from the moment you put them on. Very soft, a bit stretchier than the AGs above, and with a front crease below the knee. I’ve always found that PAIGE jeans make butts look good, and these are no exception. Typically $239, on sale for $160. **Btw, this little cropped sweater? On sale for under $30 and comes in a bunch of fun colors!

C. MOTHER The Hustler Roller Heel Wide-Leg Jeans

These MOTHER wide-leg jeans have a waist-defining rise & leg-lengthening fit.

Sweater (XS) | Jeans (28) | Bag | Boots

I actually ordered these MOTHER jeans during that teeeny window of the preview where Nordstrom was accidentally fulfilling Anniversary Sale orders early, and I LOVE them. I have an appointment to hem them tomorrow because they’re obviously a bit too long (I’m 5’4″, and they’re 33.5 inches long — I’m wearing them over 3 1/4-inch heeled boots in this pic), but they’re SO GOOD, you guys. With a 24-inch leg opening, they’re technically wide-leg jeans, and I love the waist-defining rise and leg-lengthening fit. Typically $278, on sale for $186.

7. Take Me Out

First of all, the AllSaints dress set looks nothing like the picture of the model online. The color is much more maroon than orange in person (more like the video on the product page), and the sweater has a wider neckline and shorter hem. That said, I didn’t think I would, but I LOVE it. It’s just a classic slip dress updated with a cute li’l crop top for 2023. It’s incredibly versatile — here’s how I’m styling it.

A. AllSaints Sweater & Slip Dress Set

This AllSaints sweater & slip dress set would be perfect w/ a pair of heels for date night.

Sweater + Dress Set (S) | Boots

Add a pair of fabulous heels to the slip dress for date night, or layer the sweater on top of a bodysuit and add some flares for a night out with the girls. (I added a wool coat to the set in the above pics!) This is one of my splurge-worthy picks because it’s high quality, flattering and super-versatile.

This AllSaints slip dress set can be worn separately, just layer the sweater over some nice jeans.

Left: Dress (from the set) | Heels (Not on sale)
Right: Sweater (from the set) | Jeans | Boots

B. NYDJ Faux-Leather Pants

These NYDJ faux-leather pants run big, so I sized down.

Sweater | Pants | Boots

These faux-leather pants are SO good, you guys — they’re the faux-leather version of the white NYDJ pants I shared earlier this summer. And like those white pants, these run big, so I sized down to a 2 (my typical NYDJ size, usually a size 6). They go with everything from sweaters to graphic tees to blouses (the one I’m wearing below can be buttoned up for work or left open for a plunging neckline) and blazers. Aaaaand they’re on sale for under $60.

*FYI, I thought they’d be too small when I first put them on, but they do stretch — just get them over that booty!

These NYDJ faux-leather pants do stretch!

Left: Top | Pants | Heels (Not on sale)
Right: Coat | Top | Pants | Heels (Not on sale)

8. Good Night

I've worn this Barefoot Dreams pajama set about 90% of the time since buying them — soft, comfy & the best snuggle.

Pajama Set (M) | Socks

At $133, this Barefoot Dreams pajama set is another one of my splurge-worthy pieces, but I’ve literally have worn these about 90% of the time since buying them. They’re extremely soft and comfy and feel like the best snuggle/hug ever. I’m even wearing them now as I type this — and slept in them last night after snuggling the kids on the couch after the long day at Nordstrom. SO 100% worth it, even at full price. (And I’m wearing them with the ridiculously cozy socks I buy every year during the sale.) *Also…because I LOVE my comfy loungewear, I also splurged on this relaxation-inducing robe and these incredibly soft washable-silk pajamas. I can tell you what my most-worn pieces of the sale are going to be…😍

Bonus! NSale Pics With Mom

My mom & I both love the MOTHER wide-leg jeans (we both need to hem them, though).

Top | Jeans

These are the wide-leg jeans I was raving about earlier — I didn’t even realize Mom had gotten the exact same ones until we were back home (both need to be hemmed — hers are rolled up). We’re wearing them with the kids’ T-shirt I bought for Greenlea; Nana loved it and wanted a matching one…and since she’s tiny, it works! (I’m in a size 7/8, and mom is wearing a 14/16.) The time that I can officially share clothes with G is almost here…wahhahahahahhaa. (You can read that like an evil laugh or sad sob…both work.)

My mom & I also loved this water-resistant rain jacket from Zella & those cropped jeans from AG.

Left: (Mom) Jacket (XS), Sweater (XS), Jeans (25) | (Scotti) Jacket (M), Sweater (XXS), Jeans (28), Boots 
Right: (Mom) Sweater (XS), Jeans (25) | (Scotti) Sweater (XXS), Jeans (28), Boots

We also both loved this lightweight, water-resistant Zella jacket and those cropped AG jeans. The charcoal wash is perfection, and the fabric is soft and stretchy.

& Greenlea’s Favorite NSale Outfit…

In the NSale, you can find cool kids' clothes too. This graphic tee from Treasure & Bond is daughter-approved.

Top (7/8) | Skirt (10)

Greenlea does not want to be cute…so this outfit is cool. (But so cute though, right??) 😂

THANK YOU for playing along with us for this years’ Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! I have a few things I’m waiting for (this bodysuit and the matching pants from Good American, this green denim moto jacket from AllSaints, and these fabulous-but-comfy booties from Donald Pliner I can’t wait to try), but most of my favorites are right here in this post. Of course, I’ll keep you guys posted if I find any new LOVES!

Happy shopping!




  1. These are all so gorgeous on you. I’m curious what you’re going to end up keeping and integrating into your regular rotation and what will go back to the store. Thanks!

    • Thank you!! I’m definitely going to keep both pairs of boots, the jeans, the two coats and I’ll have to figure out which sweaters are my favorites. I love the skirt and the dress, too…gah it’s hard to pick!

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