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I was so inspired by Laura’s post of her top 5 fashion finds from 2022 (and 2021!) that I thought it was about time I did the same. The last few years have been a bit crazy during the holidays: end of 2020 I found out about my brain tumor, end of 2021 we all had COVID, end of 2022 I was navigating my first Christmas as a single mom–but this year, I finally have enough time and the mental stamina to look back at the year with a little more clarity.

It’s the first time in a while I don’t feel like I’m in survival mode (and as I type this out, tears literally come to my eyes because I realize just how true that statement is). 2023 was really a healing year for me, and looking back at these pictures helped to remind me of that. I’m truly thankful.

But…back to the fashion finds. I had to share my top 10 because I just couldn’t narrow it down. These are the pieces that I’ve either worn over and over again (hello, Vince sweater), or were wardrobe problem-solvers (looking at you, Hanro cami), or just brought me so much joy every time I put them on (ahhhh, this red satin blazer). In no particular order, here are my top 10 fashion finds of 2023.

The Best of 2023 Fashion: My Top 10

I try on a LOT of clothes. That’s obviously our job here at TME so we can report only the best finds, the best fits, quality, style, all so you guys don’t have to wade through all the stuff. We try to edit (ha–see what I did there) it down to the pieces that are worth it – and sometimes those pieces are over $100, and sometimes they’re under $25 (the “thermal pants” below). But in any case, if I’m wearing something over and over again, it’s good. Here are my favorites from 2023.

1. Vince Boiled Cashmere Funnel Neck Sweater

best of 2023 fashion. top finds. Vincie cashmere.

sweater (xs, more sizes/colors at Saks) | jeans (28, also at Nordstrom, both on sale) | bag (also here)

I borrowed Shana’s navy version of this sweater and immediately fell in love. The insane softness, warmth, drape, all of the things. I’ve since purchased it in two different colors because it’s just that good. It’s one of those pieces that is 100% worth the investment.

2. Rag & Bone Featherweight Avery Maxi Skirt

best of 2023 fashion. top finds.

skirt | (27, runs slightly big) | boots | turtleneck (xs) | bag

The feel of this skirt is absolutely amazing. It’s made with Tencel® lyocell (an eco-friendly fiber produced from wood pulp sourced from sustainably managed and certified forests – meaning not ancient or endangered!), so it’s lightweight and soft and ridiculously comfortable. There’s just something effortlessly cool about this skirt. Like a favorite pair of jeans, but a bit more elevated – relaxed, but also super feminine.

3. J. Crew Denim Trousers

best of 2023 fashion. top finds. J.crew denim trousers.

jeans (28) | sweater set (s)

Like the skirt above, these jeans from J.Crew are also made with TENCEL™ lyocell, and I’m realizing that pretty much anything made with that fabric is going to be a favorite of mine. The fit is perfection – high rise, fitted through the hips with a wide leg and trouser-hem that makes them a bit elevated from a typical pair of jeans. I absolutely love them. (I wore them in my J.Crew coat try-on video, too!)

4. Hanro Allure Camisole

best of 2023 fashion. top finds. hanro camisole.

cami (more sizes here) | jeans (different wash–another lighter wash here) | sweater (more colors/sizes here) | boots

I dedicated an entire post to this Hanro cami because it’s hands-down my most-worn item in my closet. I wear it with everything from dresses to jeans and everything in between. It basically replaces my bra during the winter when it’s colder and solves problems like what to wear with cropped sweaters without showing skin and how to wear off-the-shoulder tops without a strapless bra. And while the black version was not purchased in 2023, I now have it in multiple colors…I literally can’t recommend it enough.

5. Marc Jacobs Tote Bag

boots | bag | CashSoft dress | leggings

I had no idea how much I would use this Marc Jacobs bag when I first got it–it’s now my go-to everyday bag. It holds all the things, is well-made, can transform to a crossbody with the detachable strap, and comes in a bunch of fun colors. (Although I love a monochromatic look with the ivory color!) See it in action here!

6. Alice + Olivia Satin Blazer

blazer (2) | cami | necklace set | bag | pants (s)

Alice + Olivia’s pieces are so freaking beautiful. I’d been eyeing up this particular Alice + Olivia blazer for a while – I love the shape and fit of it. I had seen it in a number of different colors before, but once I saw it in this gorgeous bordeaux color I absolutely couldn’t resist trying it. I fell in love from the moment I tried it on…the fabric is luxurious; thick with a hint of stretch, has a silk-like luster that’s not too shiny, and the color is to die for. I didn’t get the matching pants (more sizes here) at the same time, but loved the blazer so much I saved up to splurge on them as well. They are just as fantastic as the blazer. I mean…the set together is everything. 😍 (Oh, and there’s that Hanro cami again!)

7. Sorel Boots

jeans (28) | boots | sweater (s)

I’ve sworn by Sorel boots for years, now – they’re always the most comfortable, warm, weather-proof, and stylish boots (and I’ve tried a lot, living in the UP of Michigan). This particular pair is also waterproof with a lug sole that doesn’t slip around on slick surfaces. The higher shaft makes them perfect to pair with cropped jeans, and they come in a number of different colors. (I’m wearing the beige but love that ceramic color!)

8. Fleece-Lined Tights/Thermal Pants

tights | similar skirt | similar boots (ooh or these! LOVE and also on sale) | turtleneck

Ok, I had lowwwww expectations for these “thermal pants,” but was pleasantly surprised when I got them and loved them. They’re as thick as leggings, but look like sheer tights. They’re super soft and plush on the inside and warm. The foot isn’t lined in fleece, so shoes don’t feel too tight and feet don’t get sweaty! I was able to wear so many dress/skirt options during the cold months last year because of them. These were definitely a hidden gem.

9. Anne Klein Apple Watch Bracelet Band

watch band | dress

Ok, so I have to give credit to Laura for this watch band – I saw her wearing it and immediately ordered one for myself. I now have it in both the rose gold and gold (on sale!) and am now eyeing up this one (but can’t decide between the pink and black). I love the elevated look and the ease of removing the links so it fits perfectly. I went from wearing my watch every so often to almost all the time. It feels so much more me than the plastic bands the watches come with, and goes better with LBDs and other dressier ‘fits.

10. Gap’s Organic Cotton Denim Perfect Shirt

shirt (s) | similar skirt

I had been searching for a chambray shirt for quite awhile. I love the look of them, but almost always hated the feel – I don’t want a thick or rigid fabric that’s uncomfortable to wear. This one is perfect (it’s even in the name 😆). It’s soft and comfortable and perfect for tucking, tying, layering, etc. (Reviewers love it, too!)

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Cheers to the holidays, spending time with loved ones, and a happy, healthy New Year!




  1. I can co-sign on the Vince funnel neck sweater. I now own 4 of them (well, 3, sice one has since been adopted by my tween daughter) in different colors, all purchased in excellent/gently used condition on Poshmark for a fraction of the regular price. (No lie, my latest arrived today and it only cost me $100.) They are so soft and cozy and warm and since they don’t hug my neck they don’t give me a weird neck wattle (50s, you are so fun).

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