Best-Of after-Holiday Sales: Anthropologie


I’m a
mom of two tiny boys and as such, I spend much of my week in jeans and t-shirts.  There’s little else that’s appropriate for
playground outings, trips to the zoo and building block towers on the floor,
but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to try to look good doing it.  I mean, in addition to being somewhat vain, my husband works from home, for goodness sake, so I try to keep greasy hair and pajamas-till-noon days to a minimum in the interest of keeping the luv alive.  Enter fancy tees.  Well-fitting denim is a must and this category of detailed, unusual tops will keep you comfortable and get you out of that t-shirt and jeans slump.  Check out these great finds from Anthropologie’s
sale section

Anthropologie Wind-Rippled Tee in Black Wind-Rippled
Tee in Black ($29.95, was $58.00)

I love
this tee for almost every body type. 
With its empire waist, it would probably even be cute on an early-stage
baby bump, though not a post-baby bump (why IS that!?  It’s sooo unfair that your post-baby belly,
while similar in proportion is not much cooed over).  Also, a note to bustier chicks, one reviewer
noted that she feared the embellishment would accentuate her ample bosom but instead
the neckline de-emphasized it and framed her face.  

Twist Tee in Blue
($39.95, was $68.00)Anthropologie Full Twist Tee in Blue

A deep
scoop like this is flattering to almost anyone. 
The broad expanse of skin below the face is elongating and slimming
while the twist detail will camouflage a postpartum pouch.

Anthropologie Whisper Tank in Pink Whisper
Tank in Pink
($29.95, was $48.00)

The embellished
v-neckline on this adorable little number gives a similar effect as a scoop or
deep v-neck without showing off as much flesh—it elongates and slims, while
subtle layers will fall mercifully on mom-handles and back fat.

Tee in Ivory
($39.95, was $68.00)Anthropologie For-Keeps Tee

at the lower third of this embellished v-neck will help the fabric of this
adorable tee fall away from your form where other tees cling.  Again, a nice deep v-neck slims and draws
attention to the face.

Anthropologie Tucked & Gathered Tee in Sky Tucked
& Gathered Tee in Sky

pleated details on this tee will hit moms with postpartum pouches in all the
right places and no one will be able to tell what’s fabric and what’s a bit of
loose skin!

– M.

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