If You Get Your Guy Only ONE Pair of Jeans….Make It These (Sponsored Post)


Something good is finally happening with men’s denim.  Brands are taking the ‘dad jean’ (easily identified by the enormous saggy bum and extra-long zipper) and tightening them up a bit.  Yet at the same time, man-skinny-jeans are getting a reset, and no longer look like lumpy versions of woman’s jeggings.  The result is that many of these brands are converging on a slimmer version of the ol’ straight-leg standby.  And this new slim-straight leg is comfortable, masculine, and cool.

Here are my (and Mike’s) favorite denim brands, and a good starting point for any guy looking for a denim refresh:




The Unbranded Brand

Mike and I are both really intrigued by this brand.  I love the range of slim cuts, and Mike appreciates the fact that they are all – and I quote – “plain and dark”.  (I’ve been trying to come up with a more interesting way to say ‘plain and dark’ until Mike pointed out that I was missing the point.  Ok fine.)

The Unbranded Straight Leg Raw Selvedge Jean, $82

The Unbranded Tapered Fit Raw Selvedge Jean, $82

The Unbranded Skinny Fit Raw Selvedge Jean, $82


Mavi Jeans

Mavi Jeans have always been comfortable, but the new ones take it up a notch with stretch built into the waistband.  Why can’t they do that for girls, too??  It would certainly help with muffin top spillage.

Mavi Straight Leg Jeans, $92



These jeans run pretty small – I always go up a size (or two).  Also?  They’ll initially shrink in the wash.  I killed one of Mike’s favorite pairs that way.  (Although, watching him try to struggle into the shrunken man-jeggings was almost worth it.)  So buy big, don’t dry.

Levi 511 Slim-Fit Jeans, $58


Lucky Brand Jeans

If your guy is ready to branch out into cuffing his denim, this is a good place to start.

Lucky Brand Authentic Slim Fit Jeans, $99



Currently Mike’s favorite brand.  He likes them because – YUP – plain and dark, and I like how his bum looks in them.  Also?  They manage to survive the constant washing required by my coffee-spilling husband.

JBrand Kane Slim Fit Jeans, $154

J Brand Tyler Slim Fit Jeans, $196


AG Denim

Here’s the thing about AG Denim:  they’re freaking fabulous.  The fit is amazing, the fabric is amazing, and the washes are always spot-on.  So if your guy is uber picky, I’d start with a pair of AG denim.

AG Gradutate Tailored Fit, $168

AG Matchbox Slim Fit Jean in 5 Year Buzz, $215


These are our favorites.  But be sure to check out Nordstrom’s full line of denim for guys.  The selection is staggering – across many price points.



I may be going with jeans for Father’s Day, Mamas.  Those Unbranded ones are calling to me….



A huge thank-you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!  As always, all thoughts, opinions, follies, and product choices are my own (or as Pax says, “mine own”).

ps.  Those of you wondering where to find Mike’s PBS shirt…yup: Nordstrom.




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