Take 25% Off Saks’ Friends & Family Sale: Our Top Picks


You’ve probably noticed us gushing over Saks’ current 25% off sale, but for good reason — the Friends & Family event is one of their best sales, every year. And the timing is perfect for transitioning our wardrobes over to spring! Start with these silk camis — S loves them so much, she owns a few (they get year-round wear). Wear it as a top, layer it over a tee, or under a sweater…it’s a very versatile piece.

Our Editors’ Top Picks, On Sale At Saks

You know what else spring brings? White tee + jeans season, baby! Frame does elevated tees really well — this one (under $75) is one of Linzi’s faves. These cotton rag & bone tees are also a wardrobe staple for a few of us on the team (under $70 in ‘Heather Gray’).

And ooo, the denim section is very tempting. If we had to narrow down our top pairs of jeans right now, these unbelievably soft featherweight jeans (you know, the ones we can’t stop talking about) would easily make the list. Still well-stocked and the perfect light wash for spring. These cuffed jeans are on-trend for the new season and caught a few of our editors’ eyes (under $150), too.

Shana | Linzi | Jess | Laura | Scotti | Amy | Julieta

Shana’s Top Sale Picks

Own & Love: The Basics

I’ve got to do a quick shout-out to the two tops I wear the most often. And by “most often” I mean…80% of the time? Year round? Suffice to say, I own multiple of each of these tops, and use sales like this to stock up.

Cami (xs) | Tee (s)

LEFT: Cami NYC Silk Tank (xs) – I own 3 of these already, and will be picking up a 4th. I wear these 100% silk camis under sweaters in the winter and as tops in the summer. They’re durable & pretty, and not nearly as precious as they look. I usually machine wash mine (hang to dry), but have also washed them in the hotel sink. Thanks to the natural fibers, they’re cool in summer and warm in winter. Once washed, they lose their shine and end up with a matte finish – which I prefer. They run big – I size down one. 

RIGHT: rag & bone Cotton Tee (s) – This is the best white cotton tee I’ve found. I keep trying other tees, and I always come back to this one. It’s slim enough to layer nicely under anything (even slip dresses), yet is juuuust slouchy enough to hold its own as a top. It’s not too thin or sheer, yet isn’t thick – it tucks beautifully, washes well, and never develops those annoying little holes. Really high quality, with a perfect fit. I own several

Own & Love: For Spring & Summer

Two pieces that are well-tested & perfect for warmer temps:

Dress (6) | Jeans (27)

LEFT: Staud Cotton Dress (size 6) – This cotton dress has become such a summer workhorse. It looks elegant and effortless (even when paired with sneakers), and is cool enough on even the hottest summer days. I swear by dresses like these – that don’t easily show dirt – for summer travel. Highly recommend this stunner – it’s well tested.

RIGHT: rag & bone Logan Featherweight Jeans (size 27) – These jeans are made from an almost impossibly soft cotton & tencel blend, which is why they’re both featherweight AND durable. I’ve found them to be worth every freaking penny, even at full price. The wash is exactly right – a perfectly faded-with-time blue – and the fit is loose-ish, but in a luxe way. I’m snagging another pair so I have one for flats, and one for heels – they’re that good.

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Linzi’s Top Sale Picks

Tee (xs) | Bag, Jeans (30)

ONE: It’s all about the white tees and denim in this sale for me! One of my fav white tees of all time from Frame is included (low but not “too” low v, and perfect shoulders and sleeves), but lots of other good tees below as well.

TWO: My Naghedi bag and several others are included in the sale!!! I missed this somehow this weekend…were they just added? Anyway…I ADORE these bags. Amazing to travel with (pack down flat) and SO chic! My MOTHER jeans on sale too, but limited sizing left (note: I hacked mine shorter and sized up).   

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Jess’ Top Saks Sale Picks

Jumpsuit (M, TTS) | Denim Coveralls (M, Runs Large) 

ONE: Free People Movement Righteous Cut-Out Jumpsuit – I can’t say enough good things about this Free People Movement jumpsuit. I’ve never bought a jumpsuit to workout in before (and never thought I would) until I found this one. It is SO comfortable and flattering – the two most important outfit adjectives. It’s on sale in a gorgeous ‘purple mountain’ color.

TWO: Free People Wide-Leg Edison Coveralls – I love a good denim jumpsuit, it’s a weakness of mine and this Free People jumpsuit is currently on sale. The fit is wide-leg and baggier in the waist. I love the tie-waist, it helps add some interest to the silhouette. It’s supremely comfortable and very on trend!

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Laura’s Top Saks Sale Picks

Bag | Jacket (S/M)

ONE: One of the best bags I’ve owned, the Hana from See By Chloe, is on sale in black and taupe (the taupe is stunning.) The construction and details are gorgeous and it’s definitely an outfit-maker. It holds just enough and is one of those closet pieces I will forever keep. It’s special and I love it. And woah, there’s a woven version for summer, too. Gah!

TWO: This Good American jacket is such a cool upgrade from your typical jean jacket cut. It’s like a trench meets a denim jacket and I love it. The structure is cool and it’s also an easy outfit upgrade. I love how they have the belt tied on the model, too, with the darker wash showing. So cool. 

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Scotti’s Top Saks Sale Picks

Jeans (27) | Shorts (28), Shirt (m)

ONE: rag & bone’s Featherweight Logan jeans are on sale in three different washes–and I’m loving the lighter wash for spring and summer. I can’t say enough about this fabric…it’s SUPER soft, sustainable, and easy to cut because of the raw hem (I cut the ones I’m wearing in this pic…see how they look before cutting them here.) 

TWO: Agolde’s Parker shorts are hands-down my favorite, wear-all-summer, dress them up, dress them down, go-to denim shorts. Trust me, I’ve been trying to find a replacement (they’re a bit more $$ than I’d like), but so far they’re far and above the rest for me. (The Rails Hunter shirt I’m wearing them with is also part of the sale–in a few different colors–and it’s SUPER soft too!)

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Amy’s Top Saks Sale Picks

Jacket (M) | Jeans (28, also in white)

ONE: Honestly this jacket is the best pick of the entire sale, because it’s easily one of the most worn items in my wardrobe from the past few months, and it’s now currently under $100. Product photos do it dirty – this denim jacket is way better IRL: oversized yet lightweight, swingy, and has a happier utility green hue in real life vs the dusty color shown in photos. Size down! 

TWO: This pair of ankle jeans are some of the only ankle cut I keep around in my wardrobe year after year, no matter what the fashion trends are. They fit like an absolute dream, making it look as though I have a fantastic derrière (of which I actually have none), and every wash comes with the perfect amount of distressing. My wash is old, but a similar blue wash AND a gorgeous white are included in this sale (warning: this style always sells fast). 

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Julieta’s Top Saks Sale Picks


ONE: Cami NYC silk camisole – These camisoles are important basics in my closet. Love to wear them by themselves in the summertime, and layer them under or over other layers the rest of the year. Right now there’s a gorgeous rosewood color and of course the classic black and white on sale.  

TWO: Farm Rio Maxi Dress – I’m anxiously waiting for warmer days to feel like a goddess in this dress. The sale makes it a STEAL. I’m wearing a size S and it fits TTS. 

More Saks Sale Picks I’m Eyeing Up

Bonus: Shana’s 2 Winter Standouts

While I’m not really in the mood to shop winter atm, there are two standouts that I got a ton of use out of this winter, and am looking forward to wearing again next year.

Sweater (s) | Moonboots

LEFT: Rag & Bone Pearl-Adorned Sweater (s) – If you live in a cold climate and are looking for something very warm to wear for NYE, fancy apres ski or just a night out…this sweater is a total stunner. It’s oversized, with an inherently casual air about it (just a wool blend, so more chunky than drapey), yet is adorned with different sized pearls. It’s been such a fun piece to wear. I’m surprised by how much I love it – and have been waiting all winter for it to go on sale (the original price was bananas).

RIGHT: Moonboots! Are these slightly dumb? Yes. Did one of Pax’s friends tell me they look like “cartoon boots”? Also yes. Are they the warmest boots I’ve ever, ever worn? Absofreakinglutely. While these boots are not great for hiking, if I’m ever in a situation that requires standing around in freezing cold, there’s literally nothing warmer. I also walk the dog in these boots (as long as I don’t need those ice spikes on my shoes – they won’t fit). Moonboots are also ridiculously cute, make me tall (hey, platform) and garner a ton of compliments. They have their own charm, that’s for sure. FWIW, they rarely go on sale. Also check out Saks’ collab (rainbow or star).

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