The Most Versatile Jacket Yet: Packable Down


Living in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (the UP), I know down jackets.  You cannot live in a climate like ours and NOT own one.  However, the down jackets I know tend to be shapeless masses of feathers and puff designed to do one thing: keep you warm.  Fortunately for us Yoopers (and anyone else that needs a seriously warm jacket in the winter), down jackets have come a loooong way.  They now are actually flattering (whaaa?) and come with seriously cool (and functional!) details that make them much more stylish than the down comforter jackets of yesterday.  My favorite new twist on down is the packable down jacket.  These jackets are lightweight yet warm . . . they feel like a cardigan but keep you warm like a down jacket.  They’re highly compressible and thin enough to layer under another jacket (Shana wears hers under her ski jacket) or tie around your waist.  I can vouch for how packable they are . . . I packed mine in my suitcase and it barely took up any room once I squeezed the air out of it.patagonia-moto-jacket
Speaking of suitcases, I just got back from visiting Shana in Philly! (SUPER crazy fun)! Although the first few days were warm (high 70’s . . . yessssss) it did get cold enough for us to try out our down coats outside.  Since they’re performance coats (and maybe because I’m insanely a little bit competitive), I suggested we have a work out competition to test them out . . . and to be completely thorough for our research, we also went to get brunch and Bloody Marys afterwards to make sure that they held up . . . through any possible scenario.  Like sitting outside drinking.  I mean, it’s all in the name of research, right??



On Shana

Bench Foolhardy Jacket

Onzie Low-Rise Leggings (on sale!)

Zella Long Sleeve T (on sale – and check out the cool back!)

Nike Free 5.0

Ray-Bans (also on sale!)

On Scotti

Patagonia Prow Water-Repellant Jacket

Zella Live-In Leggings

Merrell Shoes (old, but these Nikes or these Nikes come in similar colors)

Nike Cool-Breeze Dri-FIT Strappy Running Tank (on sale!)

Shop Packable Down Jackets

Nordstrom has an insane selection of down jackets right now (and if you haven’t tried the brand Lole yet, they’re one of our favs – amazingly warm with cool details.  For example, check out this down puffer in tweed or this gold one with the high neck and leather edging)….but for the purposes of this article, I wanted to highlight a few more packable down jackets because they work in such a wide variety of climates and lifestyles.

One word of caution:  packable down jackets aren’t as warm as the typical down jackets.  They’re great for running errands or working out, but if you will be standing around in 0 degrees (watching your kids go sledding, for example), you’ll want something warmer.  Think of packable down jackets as the warmest possible base layer for extreme situations, or a lightweight (and therefore flattering) winter coat or cardigan for most days.


Silly Shana thought she could tackle me . . . I caught her mid-air.  Like a ragdoll.  🙂

So whether you’re working out, drinking Bloody Marys or tackling family members, these jackets should keep you warm and dry.



A huge thank-you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post.  We’re always hunting for flattering down jackets (puffers 4eva!) and this one also helped bridge Shana’s strange aversion to cardigans.  As always, all thoughts, opinions, and product choices are completely our own.  Thank you for supporting the retailers who support The Mom Edit.  It doesn’t go un-noticed, and is so appreciated.