5 Pieces To Totally Update Your Winter Wardrobe


I realize I’ve been the casual Northwest gal around here for the past few years. It’s rainy here, I had a young kiddo, it makes sense. But, I’m ready to update a bit. Little S is bigger now and doesn’t have to be carried around with muddy shoes on. The rain is still here to stay but y’all I’m tired of always dressing for it, thinking that means forever being totally casual in jeans, sweatshirts and rain boots. Somedays? Fine. Everyday? No more.

My trip to London last fall was so inspiring, both packing for it and being there. Londoners are THE coolest dressers in my book AND they have the same weather as I do, so, duh. Don’t get me wrong, comfort is still a factor here. I’m still a mama on the go and I work from home, so these pieces still have to make sense for me, but I wanted to figure out a way to take it up a notch and add a little city chic vibe to my everyday.

The 5 Pieces

  1. Black overcoat – If ever there was a city chic item, I think an overcoat is it. I love that this one is lightweight and can easily be layered over sweaters or even other jackets.

  2. Pop of red – A bright pop of color in an overly black ensemble will always be chic, urban and fun.

  3. Printed pants – Quintessential London fashion item beside the Chelsea boot.

  4. Faux leather – Faux leather just makes any wardrobe rad. Mixing it with preppy chic pieces balances it out.

  5. Leopard shoes – Really you could go with any animal print or various patterns here but my favorite is leopard. I like a smallish print in my animal prints for easy mixing and matching. You’ll notice the more expensive animal prints are smaller -you can imitate that upscale look by following that rule.

Outfit Combos

Outfit 1

H&M Faux Leather Tee – Love this little find. It laces up the back for easy on-off and and good fit and is surprisingly comfy on over other tops.

Striped Button Down Tunic – I have one similar to this in a pin stripe. It’s become a great layering piece.

Madewell 9″ High Rise in Black Sea – If you’ve seen any of my posts you know these are my favorite jeans.

Dolce Vita Macie Boot – I got these right before our London trip and they have become my new go-to boot for almost every day, literally.

Outfit 2

ASOS Black Coat – Sadly, my exact coat is sold out, but love this one from ASOS because it’s also lightweight, perfect for layering and super reasonable. This waterfall trench gives a similar look and is also gorgeous.

Gap Striped Turtleneck – Stripes are everything and I think it’s these graphic patterns that I love that draw me to London-inspired style.

BlankNYC Straight Leg Destructed Jeans – Straight leg jeans are quickly becoming my new favorite style. I love the blue and the distressing on these. If you want a bit lighter wash and less distressing this JCrew pair has my attention.

Naturalizer Westing Bootie – Another piece that has become a favorite in my closet are block heel taupe booties. They’re going great with my straight leg or crop flare jeans in any color and they’re also a great leg-lengthening pair to have to wear with dresses and skirts.

Outfit 3

H&M Cable Knit Sweater – Loving this bright orange red for adding some fun color to my neutral closet. I think any bright color could work great…pinky, yellow, electric blue.

Madewell Ruffle Sleeve Shirt – Their tops in this chambray fabric are SO soft. Comfy for layering.

H&M Checked Pants – All the grid/checked pants keep selling out. Here’s another cute pair of checked pants though that would give a similar Londoner look.

Kendall + Kylie Finley Boot – These are a super chic boot I snagged recently. They’re comfy enough to wear for a while but dressy enough to feel fabulous in.

The Follow-Up

Over the next few weeks I’ll be testing out some of these pieces with items I have in my closet to see if they’re truly working to update my wardrobe. I’ve thought long and hard about these 5 pieces so I hope they live up to the hype in my head. Ha. Stay tuned for some outfit combos utilizing these picks!

Now for one final question: if you updated your wardrobe with a few pieces like this, what style and inspiration would you choose? I’d love to know!

Until then,


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  1. This is fabulous! I love all of these pieces. Especially the leopard print boots (and the black Kylie + Kendall booties?)! Looking forward to seeing them with other pieces, too!

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