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Happy December, guys. We’re officially in the midst of all things holiday. Sparkly things everywhere and pine-scented candles lit. Is it kinda flying by for anyone else, though? I may or may not need some last-minute gifts still. So, yes I’m in the gift-giving mindset, of course…but I might just wanna treat myself to something after going through all our best sellers this month.

January wardrobe inspo, done. 

Our Best Sellers This Month: The Softest Sweaters, Beauty Finds + Wardrobe Staples

Here’s what I’m envisioning: these jeans in the most perfect dark-blue wash with this drapey turtleneck by Naked Cashmere (S did a whole cashmere round-up including it) and my new dream bag. And pretty much everything else in our best sellers is tempting me. I mean, look at this sparkly dress. Are you kidding? 

best sellers december 2023

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1. HOBO Leather Frame Crossbody Bag

best sellers december 2023

At Nordstrom

Shana casually finding my dream bag that I didn’t know was my dream bag?? It almost looks like something that would’ve been passed down in the family. The worn leather and clasp makes it feel vintage, but still timeless. A forever closet kinda thing. 

Shana’s Note: Um, gosh, I love this bag. Unassuming (but special) little black bags are the ones I’ve been carrying the most these days. This one is exciting enough to make a really good gift, too.

2. Tory Burch Hank Sneaker

best sellers december 2023

At Nordstrom

I’ve been loving all of these old-school collegiate styles I’ve been seeing around. Never thought that’d be my vibe but, here we are. I’m with S. Love.

Shana’s Note: These Tory Birch sneakers took my breath away. They have the coolest old-school look, and I’m a sucker for navy & black accents (although, upon further inspection it’s more like bright navy + dark navy but still). Also, the color is officially called ‘Snow White / Bright Navy’ and I LOVE IT.

3. Naked Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater

At Naked Cashmere

I’ve gotten my hands on Shana’s Naked Cashmere sweaters and I can attest to how dang soft they are. Like I-wouldn’t-take-off type of cozy. The way this one drapes, though really has me dying to try it on.

Shana’s Note: Naked Cashmere hits all the right points with this sweater: it’s soft (and gets even softer with each wash), the turtleneck is well designed (not too tight, too big, or too neck brace), the sleeves are luxe and long, and the body is short enough for the swingy shape to really look cute, but not so short that there’s any hint of crop top. I bought it in two colors last winter (black and an olive green), and they were two of my most-worn sweaters. I was thrilled to see that they brought this exact sweater back again this year. It’s a really useful piece.

4. Joe’s The Mia High Waist Wide Leg Jeans

best sellers december 2023

At Nordstrom

I wasn’t much of a super-dark-wash jeans kinda girl (probably because I had a harder time styling them). But recently…something about the dark-blue washes I’ve been seeing are so good. This Joe’s pair has been my favorite one so far. And Julieta’s tried and loved this Mia style, just in a different wash.

5. Madewell The Harlow Wide-Leg Pant

best sellers december 2023

At Madewell

Everyone’s been raving about these trousers. Definitely give all the colors a look…there’s 10. And they’re all good. This burnt, red color with that matching top, though? Ooo. Always here for a monochromatic moment.

Anne’s Note: Snapping up these viral TikTok famous trousers for everyday workwear.

6. Nordstrom Men’s Basic Crossover Belt

best sellers december 2023

At Nordstrom

Because everyone needs a new belt at some point. Maybe get it for your guy as a last-minute gift (or necessity).

Linzi’s Note: Ordered this super-on-sale staple for the hubs… accidentally let one travel through the washing machine, so need a budget-friendly replacement b/c it WILL happen again.

7. Jenni Kayne Cashmere Half Zip

best sellers december 2023

At Jenni Kayne

These half-zips, guys. They pull me in every single time. I just love the idea of a typical-sweatshirt-style as a knit. Just a little more luxe.

Shana’s Note: This sweater is so darn cool. It’s thick, soft, and impossibly cozy. I love that the body is a little shorter, without having any hint of cropped, making it perfect for a slouchy half-tuck. The zipper adds such an interesting detail that this is exactly the sort of sweater one can pair with trousers and just…be…done. The outfit feels finished and intentional, even though it’s actually dead easy.

8. MOTHER The Lasso Sneak Wide Leg Jeans

best sellers december 2023

At Nordstrom

The shape, the cut, the wash. Yup, I love. And I really love Shana’s styling tip below. I’d wear it all winter long.

Shana’s Note: Picture it: This fair isle cardigan, unbuttoned slightly to let a black lace bra peek out, with these wide-leg Mother jeans, and silver boots. Easy holiday style, done.

9. Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece Slim Zip Pants

At Nordstrom

I simply have to get my hands on these. They look so sleek, and of course we love the ability to change the shape with the zippers. Naturally, I gravitated towards the black at first but S talks more about the lighter colors below (and yeah, okay she’s right and now I’m torn).

Shana’s Note: Okaaaay. Have you guys seen these Nike sweatpants (at Nordstrom)? That waistband looks epic. And it turns out that there’s a zipper at the bottoms, too, so they can be worn like old-school sweatpants or more like straight-leg. Also, the lighter colors have seams down the front and WHOA: soooo good. And if you’re wondering about a matching sweatshirt…omg THIS. Nike, whaaa???

10. Ganni Long Sleeve Sequin Maxi Dress

At Nordstrom

Ahhh. I might need to force my friends to get dressed up and go out because, hello? How pretty is this dress? Simple in the front, then a little interest in the back.

Abby’s Note: Can’t stop, won’t stop. Thinking about this dress.

11. Nordstrom Signature Collared Rib Cashmere Cardigan

At Nordstrom

More soft cashmere? Don’t mind if I do. I’d probably wear this cardigan tucked in some wide-leg jeans and black booties. Simple and chic.

Julieta’s Note: Ooh, finally a gray cardigan that I truly adore. Plus, it’s cashmere! 

12. SOREL Waterproof Platform Chelsea Boot

At Nordstrom

Winter boots that don’t necessarily look like winter boots? I’m in. I’d wear them for a night-out without having to worry about slipping on ice (because I do it every. single. time).

Shana’s Note: Every winter for the last several years, I’ve been wearing my lace-up Sorel wedge booties as my “night out” shoes. I’m a little tired of the wedge heel look, and the criss-crossing laces are sometimes a little much, visually. So I picked up these heeled Sorels as a replacement.

13. T3 Switch Kit Wave Trio

At Nordstrom

I love when curling irons come in a set that you can just pop on to one cable. I’ve been stuck with separate irons in all different sizes for too long. And I cannot with all the cables.

Scotti’s Note: There’s a reason this set has a 4.8 rating from over 100 reviews…it’s one of my all-time favorites.

14. rag & bone Retro Court Sneaker

At Nordstrom

We’ve had a thing for metallic shoes recently. Well, technically all things metallic silver. But I think silver ballet flats really set it in stone for us. And now these sneakers? Well, yeah I need a more casual, cozy option too.

15. rag & bone Raw Hem High Waist Crop Wide Leg Jeans

At Nordstrom

Besides this pretty blue wash, I love the crop on these jeans. They’d either be the perfect length for booties or (because of my short legs) would hit at the perfect full-length for me. Either way the raw hem makes it easy to chop if need be. And since Julieta deems them gold, yeah I gotta try them out.

Julieta’s Note: These jeans are pure gold! After trying on numerous designer options, they were the clear winners for my client. Now I want them.

16. Vince Boiled Cashmere Funnel Neck Pullover

At Nordstrom

This looks much better when you style it than the way it looks on the website. I mean, look at S for example. Tucks and drapes a lot better than I thought it would from the retailer picture.

Shana’s Note: Vince has been pissing me off lately, playing around with acrylics (except for this thing – loveitsomuch, literally wore it last night). But!! Then they re-stock this sweater and I fall back in love. Vince’s “boiled cashmere” sweater has been on our top cashmere list for years because it’s bananas soft. It’s a little denser, too (thanks to the ‘boiled’ part) so it feels different than Vince’s other cashmere styles. And because of this denser knit, the wide mock neckline is always perfectly behaved (never floppy), framing the face nicely. This sweater always vibes very elegant and chic, even when pairing it with distressed – or paint splattered, haha – jeans.

17. Mulberry Small Lana Top Handle Crossbody Bag

At Nordstrom

Okay, Shana. You got me again. Perhaps another dream bag.

Shana’s Note: Frankly, all I can think about is this Mulberry bag. I can’t remember the last time I lusted after a bag this hard. Whoa.

18. SolaWave 4-in-1 Skin Care Wand

best sellers december 2023

At Nordstrom

A tool for glowy skin? Umm, yes. I need ASAP. Winter skin is here.

Shana’s Note: I suggest snapping up the Solawand while you can – I just used mine this weekend to perk myself up (I have a bad cold and needed a little extra glow).

19. SolaWave 3 Minute Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment

best sellers december 2023

At Nordstrom

I’ve never tried an acne-spot treatment tool before, but it’s one of our best sellers for a reason! I’m so intrigued.

Shana’s Note: I bought one of these 3-min acne spot treatment devices to put in my teenager’s stocking. I just realized Saks also has them on sale – and in a chicer gray/black color combo, too. Gah. I might have to swap out the pink & purple one, haha.

20. Parachute Classic Turkish Cotton Towels

best sellers december 2023

At Parachute

Shana’s been raving about these towels for years (and they’ve been on our best sellers list for that long, too) and I’ve been wanting to try them ever since. I might have to finally treat myself to ’em.

Happy holidays!


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