The Best Sleep Sack For All Seasons: Woolino


What is a sleep sack for? Are they even necessary?

If you have no idea what a sleep sack is for (or are not even sure what they are), don’t worry!  I was exactly like that. If you do….indulge this not-so-up-to-date mama (who now can’t live without one) and allow me to rave about the Woolino – which I’m now convinced is the best sleep sack.

So, a sleep sack is a wearable blanket. The “sleep sack” term confuses me but I can totally understand the wearable blanket term. The job of the wearable blanket (or ok, sleep sack) is to keep our babies warm without the risk of them getting tangled in a loose blanket. Most people use them during the cold seasons…. but I’m actually using it in the middle of summer.

A sleep sack never crossed my mind before because we co slept with my oldest until he was almost two.  He would always end up snuggled with me and glued to my boob. On the other hand, Ben (the baby), has slept in his crib in his room since he was 3 months or less. I never intended for it to be that soon but he’s huge and outgrew the bassinet in no time.

We moved recently, and I noticed that the baby was waking up a lot. My mom instinct, which I’ve learned to trust, told me he was doing it because he was too hot or cold.  Let’s be honest – knowing exactly what to put on babies at night is tricky. Temperatures sometimes drop a lot at night…or not…and you don’t want to risk overheating them because of SIDS. My fear of SIDS crept in a lot more this time because he’s our rainbow baby (a miscarriage left its mark aka anxiety) and blankets scare me. I tried using one only a little above his butt for a couple of nights…but I couldn’t sleep, checking on him every five minutes. He moves a lot at night and I feared the blanket wouldn’t stay in a safe place.

I went back to no blanket and started looking for a sleep sack as a solution. I was overwhelmed by all the options! I found light-weight ones for summer, fleece ones for winter, some that worked for a small age range and others that worked for more. And then I found the Woolino 4 season sleep sack. To be honest, I was first really curious because of its price. When I see something with a high price mark I want to know why! So I dogged it. Believe me it’s worth every penny.

4 reasons why I love the “Woolino sleep sack”

  • It’s made with Merino Wool. This fiber has the ability to naturally keep baby warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot hence it works all year round. Suitable for room temperature 63-77F (17-25C). As a person who spent quite some time learning about fibers and fabrics I knew this was true and was sold by this feature.
  • Due to the mentioned above it reduces the risk of overheating hence the risk of SIDS.
  • It comes with a nursery thermometer with a dressing guide. Let’s say the thermometer marks a 70 degree weather…right next to it, it will tell you what your baby needs to wear under the sack.
  • It comes in one universal size from 2 months – 2 years. Also comes in 2-4 years. I’ll definitely get the wear out of my money.
  • It has amazing reviews everywhere that said “I’m so glad I did” and it’s true I’m so glad I did.

Other things I love about it is that the outer layer is in organic cotton, it has a great zipper for easy access and middle of the night diaper changes. It’s also machine washable and can be tumble dried too and it actually doesn’t need to be washed that often because merino wool is self-cleaning. It prevents bacteria growth and doesn’t hold any odors. I just let it air out when not in use.

I’m absolutely in love with it and my son has slept a lot better since we started using it…and that doesn’t have a price tag. Please note this is not sponsored and I actually bought it so this is just my honest opinion.

You can check out more of their products. I’m thinking a blanket or pajamas for my oldest since he missed the 2-4 size window. He wakes up a lot sweating sometimes or super cold others so I’m hoping this helps.

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Merino Wool 4 season sleep sack 2 months – 2 years

Merino Wool 4 season sleep sack 2 – 4 years

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