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It was hard to me to believe, after giving birth, that I would someday want to workout again.  Just like it was hard for me to believe (immediately after) that I would someday poop again.  But life goes on. However, if you nurse as long as I have (or if your urge to workout comes back more quickly than mine), chances are you will face this dilemma:  the babe is in the jog stroller, is hungry, and you are too far from home to make it back with all of that SCREAMING.  So you find yourself attempting to pull the tightest bra known to man over the largest, hardest boobs known to man.  It ain't a pretty sight. 

I Googled "nursing sports bra" to no avail (of course NOW, a year later, 8 options come up).  However, the problem with needing a sports bra while nursing is that you need a VERY high caliber sports bra, the creme-de-la-creme of sports bras.  You are attempting to hold up NOT large amounts of fairly lightweight fat cells, but enormous amounts of heavy milk.  Frankly, I don't trust a regular nursing bra company to make a sports bra that is truly supportive enough for working out.  We need the experts.

Moving Comfort 3 Reasons Sports Bra I found the experts at Title9 Sports.  When I asked about a nursing sports bra, without hesitation they directed me to the Moving Comfort 3 Reasons Sports Bra (pictured at left).  It's not a nursing sports bra, per se, but, IMHO, should be marketed as one.  The "three reasons" to buy this bra, according to Title 9 are:

"First, the adjustable straps and back closure make this our most customizable bra, which translates to a better fit for you. 2nd: the super support this bra offers will keep D and DD cups from bouncing, even in high impact activity. 3rd: this bra will keep you cool and dry, with wicking fabrics throughout."

Now let me add a 4th reason: The adjustable straps thread through the holes in the top of the bra, allowing you to easily nurse (see picture at the top of this post).  And 5th: it's cute.  And comes in great colors.  And does, in fact, hold up to their no-bouncing in high impact claim.  Even for us nursing girls.

The Moving Comfort 3 Reasons Bra (or 7 Reasons, really) retails at Title 9 Sports for $43.




  1. Recently found your blog via Rookie Moms. Thanks for this post – maybe it will inspire me to start working out after I get that ‘6 week appt’ clearance.

  2. Ann – It IS frustrating. I’m so sorry. Have you tried You can search by bra size…I did a search on 34H and over 130 bras came up – lots were GORGEOUS. They did have a couple of sports bras, and many nursing bras….but no nursing sports bras. However, these two might be worth looking at:
    Also, the La Leche League sells a sports bra that goes up to a DDD for $28.
    Hope this helps, Ann!! Hang in there, Chicky!!

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