Cute, Sustainable Swimwear: Our Favorite Brands


Hey, friends. I love our continued focus on eco-friendly and sustainable products, and since it’s swim season, I thought I’d dive into (yup) a search for sustainable swimwear. I’ve not only rounded up some of my favorites for you below in cute cuts and patterns and colors but have also included some information on how each brand is being environmentally responsible…a kind of guide, if you will, for your responsible summer swimwear shopping. 

What have I found overall? There are so many more options than even a year ago! Hooray! And there are now some more reasonably priced lines, too, like Madewell, Summersalt and Lolë. Cuts, patterns and colors offered now are super cute, too, and there seems to be a better focus on offering a wider range of sizes. YES. Let’s peruse through the list, shall we?

Sustainable Swimwear Favorites By Brand

Top Row: Madewell Second Wave Bikini | Mara Hoffman Carla Bikini | Summersalt The Plunge

Middle Row: The Reformation Malibu Bikini | Lolë North Shore Bikini | Madewell Second Wave Racerback

Bottom Row: Summersalt Swim Tunic | Summersalt Marina Bikini | Peony Poolside

1. Madewell Swimwear

Madewell is a longtime favorite of mine for jeans, and they’ve offered their recycling program for a few years now…bring in your old jeans and receive $20 off a full-priced new pair. The old pairs go to create insulation. Win! Well, they’ve recently introduced a new swimwear line called Second Wave that uses recycled plastic water bottles to create the fabrics. They let you know how many bottles were used to make your suit in each item description. Love that. These are a few of my fav picks from their line.


2. Summersalt Bathing Suits

Summersalt has been popping up in my view for a year or so now, but their style offerings seemed limited. I love to see they have expanded their selections this year AND they’re offering more inclusive options, too. Their suits get great reviews, and they tout seriously great stats for their fit, construction, and materials. They apparently have 4x the compression of other suits, are 5x more durable AND are made from recycled materials. Dang! What’s also amazing about Summersalt’s current line is that it includes a more modest swim tunic with matching leggings coming out soon. I love that they’ve focused on including all types of models on their site, as well. They’re just doing things right. OH, and they have a butt coverage guide for helping choose bottoms, too. I mean. Well done.


3. Mara Hoffman Swimsuits

Mara Hoffman swimwear offers insanely gorgeous patterns and cuts made from recycled materials called ECONYL (a nylon made from recycled products). Shana has some of their pieces and says they’re beautifully well-made. I’m dying over their colors and pattern combos. You can find their swimwear at a few favorite online locations like Shopbop, Anthropologie & Revolve.

4. The Reformation Bathing Suits

We love The Reformation for their commitment to super-cute clothing with a focus on sustainable fibers. Their swimsuits also use ECONYL which they explain is made from fishing nets and other waste found in oceans and landfills. I also learned on their site that when you wash anything made from synthetics, even recycled fibers, tiny bits of plastic are shed into the oceans. Hand-washing in cold water apparently releases fewer of these plastic pieces and will also make your suit last longer. Their suits sell quickly, but they are some of my favorite styles of the roundup.

5. Athleta Swimwear

Athleta swimsuits have been a go-to for a few years now. They are very well-made and fit well, but now they’re also made using a recycled fabric called H2ECO. Be aware that a couple of their suits aren’t from that fabric (the ribbed/striped bra tops) so FYI. I love the size range, the bra-sized tops, and some of the updated prints and colors that Athleta is offering this year.

6. Lolë Swimsuits

You may recognize this brand because Shana loves their outerwear, but they have a really cute line of swimsuits now that are made from recycled fishing nets. I love their classic cuts and pretty shades and especially their price-point. Very reasonable for cute sustainable swimsuits.


We’ll continue to keep a lookout for great responsibly made swimwear throughout the summer, but hopefully, this guide gives you a good start with on your search. Oh, and if you’ve seen some environmentally responsible swimwear for kids, let me know! Summersalt does offer a limited selection of kiddo options. I’d love to see more!

Please send some sun my way out here in cold, gray Portland! And don’t forget to head over The Swim Shop for more of our fav bathing suits!



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