Cams Takes on Swimsuit Selfies


This is the first year in a while that I’ve actually wanted to volunteer for Swimsuit Selfies and did so without hesitation…and maybe even a bit of excitement?! I haven’t been pregnant in a couple of years, stopped nursing over a year ago…and well, I don’t fit in any of my tops now (since I’m not nursing anymore, boobs do not exist. At all.), so I kind of needed to find a new suit. Every single one of my tops just sort of…gape now. Not a good look.

The other contributing factor to my exuberance for throwing bathing suit pictures out to the general public is that I’ve also been gluten-free, dairy-free for about 6 months now (not by choice, really bad digestion issues, so I was forced to)…and hey! I happen to feel very slim and bathing-suit ready. I guess I feel the need to preface this post by saying that, because ummm… I know. I have three kids. Shana already stated that it’s annoying that I have abs right now. LOL. However, I don’t give a damn! I have decided to own this 2018 bod, and celebrate this blip in time by taking a whole mess of bathing suit selfies. Makes total sense. I’ll pull them out one day and remember the days when I had abs. That’ll be a nice memory.

I went into Everything But Water with nothing but high hopes…as did everyone else in Charlotte, NC (and their mother). It was crazy in there. I had a mission, though, so I made my way through the other ladies with armfuls of nylon & spandex, managing to gather all of the ones that caught my eye.

I was breaking a sweat before I even got into the dressing room.

…& then okay. Trying them on was a full on work-out.

Anyways, I’ll start this whole thing out with a bang. BIKINIS.

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My Favorite Two-Piece Bathing Suits


Lacey + High-Waistey

This one got me. High waisted bikini bottoms can look odd on me (chop my leg a bit), but…the lace and purple on this one really made this one work. Not too cheeky, but showed just enough. I felt so good in it!


swimsuit: Becca by Rebecca Virtue Convertible Strap Top + High Waist Bottom


The Swimsuit With Hipster Bottoms

I tried on the hipster bottom with this…and well, sold. This is the suit I went home with. Gorgeous.


bottoms: Becca by Rebecca Virtue Tab Side Hipster Bottom


Bra Top Bikini

Beach all day? Running around after kids at beach all day? YUP.


swimsuit: Becca Classic Bra Top +  Tab Side Hipster Bottom


The Sexy Mama Swimsuit

Oh, hi! I sent this one to my husband with, “the only time my NO BOOBS come in handy”. I really liked this one…really. liked. So did my husband. 😉 The top is all hot and edgy, while the bottom…still edgy…has decent coverage. I like that!


swimsuit: Robin Piccone Luca High Neck Bra Top (wearing S) + Tab Side Hipster Bottom (wearing M)

The Ultimate Mom Bikini

Yes. This felt so good on. Comfortable, fun and cute. I could see wearing this all summer long at the pool with the kids. It’s a bikini you don’t have to fuss over.


swimsuit: Helen Jon Pacific Blue Banded Triangle Top + Shirred Hipster Bottom


Itsy Bitsy Bikini

The classic triangle top. Nothing too special about this one, if I’m being honest…BUT. My husband, of course, loved this one. Maybe it reminded him of our college days. ha ha. I used to have boobs, though….but hey. Whatever.


swimsuit: Helen Jon Resort Sliding Triangle Top (wearing S) + Tie Side Hipster Bottom (wearing M)

Rash Guard Layered Over

I always like the look of a rash guard over bikinis. Yeh, it has nothing to do with functionality. I am not the surfing type or the swimming in freezing cold water type. However, lol…if it looks cute and can be used when things get a bit chilly…I’m all about it.


rash guard: Helen Jon (wearing size S)

The Crochet Trim Swimsuit

A boho look. Very cute! The bottoms are moderate coverage, as well as the top…for any one that actually has something up there.


swimsuit: Becca by Rebecca Virtue Crochet Trim Halter Top (wearing size S) + Hipster Bottom (wearing size M)


Bandeau Babe

ADORABLE. Wearing xs top, but could do a small…it was a bit tight in the arms. I liked that the arms didn’t bother me like I thought they would. Don’t ask me what the tan line would look like, but ya know.


swimsuit: L*Space Bandeau Top (wearing size XS) + Hipster Bottom (wearing size M)

My Favorite One Pieces

All White Bathing Suit

Might as well start with this one. So…white bathing suit? Eh heh. It’s one of those scary things (in my opinion). Black is slimming, while white highlights EVERYTHING. Right? Just me? lol. Well, I was really surprised with how much I loved this one. I think I could use a bit more time with the sunless tanner, but…I do not hate the white against my pale pale skin. #win

bathing suit: Becca One Piece High Neck (wearing size S/4)

& The Same Suit in Indigo

Apparently I liked this style, because it wasn’t until…well, now…that I realized I actually tried this exact suit on in 3 different colors. LOL. Okay. It really is good, though. The coverage in back isn’t full-on, but it was just enough cheek…for me.

indigo-high-neck-lace-insert-one-pieceswimsuit: Becca One Piece High Neck (Indigo, wearing size S/4)

The Striped Lace-up #

I fell for this one immediately. I still have it lingering in my cart, because…wah! I want it. Bad. striped-one-piece-plunge

swimsuit: Seafolly’s Inka Stripe One Piece Plunge (wearing size 4)

Ruby Red One Piece

Another color that scares me, but hey. I really like it! This one is sexy, too…without letting everything hang out. Always a plus in my book. Also, the back coverage is perfecto.


swimsuit: Bleu Rod Beattie’s One Piece Plunge (ruby, wearing size 4)

Taking the Plunge

Had to try this one on, considering it’s a favorite and selling out quickly. The crochet insets make this suit very pretty and I didn’t find the plunge to feel too crazy.


swimsuit: Becca Color Play One Piece Plunge (Indigo, wearing size S) / more sizes available here in the Indigo

X-Back Tummy Toner Suit

A little sporty, a little I’m here to lay out with an umbrella drink in my hand. This one is a tummy toner, btw.


swimsuit: La Blanca X-Back One Piece Tank (wearing size 4)

The Swimsuit With Mesh Details

This one didn’t mesh with me, unfortunately. I wanted to like it, but didn’t. The place where my belly button hit is all wrong – should be like it is on the model…a bit higher, behind that line. Also, it chops my upper body up in a weird way. I think this one could potentially look great on someone with a shorter torso. I mean, maybe…?


swimsuit: Kenneth Cole One Piece High Neck (wearing size S)

Shop All My Favorite Swimsuits

Below you’ll find every piece I tried on and shared within this post.


Wooooo. Well, OKAY. I’ll take that drink with the umbrella now, please.



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  1. I am pear-shaped and never thought the Becca High-Neck one piece would look good even on me. It’s the white and indigo one above. I got it in olive green and I LOVE it. I think it looks great on so many people. Cams, you look fabulous in everything!

  2. I like them all but the very first one, even though I love high waist bottoms that one just looks like underwear to me, but maybe it’s just the lighting? Anyway, go you for being brave enough to post swim shots after 3 kids, and yes, you look amazing!

    • Danggggg this is a great post. Cam, you look incredible and gorgeous. I adored almost every top you featured. My teeny tiny perplexion is why all the bottoms featured on those raf suits are so full coverage? Even as a more full figured gal, I think a smaller bottom flatters most bods. If I were rockin that there bod of yours, I would most certainly be sporting a teeny bottom (even a sporty version)!!!!! Just my two cents.

  3. I feel like I need to end the “rash guard for cold water” nonsense. I go to the South Georgia beach all summer and wear rash guards regularly to avoid Too much sun. After water, unless it’s 90+, the rash guard makes me so cold that I usually take it off to warm up in the sun. While a wetsuit may actually keep you warmer, a rash guard never does. At least for me 🙂

  4. You look amazing and love all these options. Any chance you guys are going to add some swim suit cover-up options? I keep checking your swim suit page (where I found my two suits for the summer) and keep hoping to find some cute cover-ups.

    • Have you looked at Athleta? I just got back from Hawaii and love their cover ups because they have UPF for a little extra sun protection.

  5. You brave, brave woman!!! Would love to see selfies of tankinis…. my torso is too long for 1 piece suits and, although I’m GF, I’m not going DF too so bikinis may be in my past! Ha ha

  6. I’m so glad you acknowledged what I was thinking … how does she look like that with 3 kids? It totally changed my attitude from “Well good for her, that freak of nature” to “Good for her! Yeah, celebrate this summer with your rocking bod!” Cute hair, too. And I loved the blue “mom” bikini. Oh, and high fives to beautiful small chests!

  7. You look A-mazing BTW, and I would die for your body after three kids! However … I have three kids and my bod doesn’t even remotely look like yours 🙂 . Would love to see this same sort of post with a curvy girl as the model? I would love some ideas too!

  8. I would love to see some recipe posts from you and Shana! (Or anyone else with dietary restrictions) I’ve been doing dairy free for a few years now, also for health reasons. But some days I’m so bored/frustrated with my food options.

  9. I vote for the bright blue bikini and the red/edgy one. You look amazing in all the suits, but flaunt those abs Cam! I have pics when my kids were toddlers and I still had abs (before the time of selfies) and am so glad someone took pictures so I have proof! And to your health point, I just spent 24 hours with a girlfriend who has had to go gluten free, dairy free recently and it is no joke. So I say enjoy those abs and bathing suit body! You’ve worked hard for it. I’m another mom of very small chests that virtually disappeared after nursing. Yay to small chests too!

  10. Girl you have some SERIOUS willpower! I would have left with at least three of those suits. My favorites were the blue one (for family swim) and the black one (for a kid-free getaway). With a body like yours, you should treat yourself! Great post.

  11. I always had small boobs, and Cam I’m with you…after nursing mine are *literally* nonexistent. It does make it shockingly hard to buy a flattering swimsuit, I’ve had to totally revamp my thought process on what looks good on me now vs. before, even with a similar body otherwise. (You look great in all of these, so thank you for the inspiration. I own the Becca high neck one piece already, so cute and it works! I like the red bikini too).

  12. You look gorgeous in all of them!! I love the white one-piece on you and the black teeny bikini. Go back for those! ? I’m a mom of 3 with a small chest, too—love seeing how it doesn’t matter with the right swim suit!

  13. Another member of the no-boobs after nursing club here – and happy to see some suits on a body type like mine. You look fantastic! Especially in the bright red.

  14. You look great! I love the suits (even if none of them will work for my body)…I need more supportive/fuller coverage…has anyone checked out the new sunrise collection at lands end? I think I’m going to order one ?

  15. These are great for women with a slim build but what about more curvy women. I am a 32G, nursed two children forever and had a C-section. I need a lot more support all around.

    • I’m in the same boat, 34DDD and a belly…I’ve found cute suits at Athleta and Lands End that are supportive and flattering. It’s a struggle for sure!

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