The Outfit I’ll Pack Every Time I Travel Somewhere Warm


We’ve been having a glorious time in Greece. We started in Athens (more on that later, but we loved it), and from Athens flew to Rhodes, a Greek island close to Turkey. The old city of Rhodes is a World Heritage Site — it’s one of the best examples of an ancient city that has been really well-preserved. The walls of the city and moat(!!!) have been around since the 1300s….but the town itself is two thousand years old.

As you can imagine, the place is mind-boggling. I thought my boys were going to DIE when they realized they were looking at a real moat.

And if you are better at geography than I am, you’ll not be surprised to hear that Rhodes, in August, is oppressively hot. Thankfully there is a cooling breeze off the ocean, but in the direct sun…wow.

I have so much more to say on the topic of Rhodes, but that will come later. For now, I want to talk about this insanely useful outfit. Thankfully, before I left, I picked up a few dresses by Reformation. Do you know the brand? They are committed to sustainable, eco-friendly fabrics — the ones I chose are linen, perfect for the heat — and the vibe is decidedly classic, but in a romantic, Girl-In-Italy kind of way, rather than classically boring. Best of all, Nordstrom is carrying the brand, so shipping and returns couldn’t be easier.

I choose a midi dress, which means that I don’t have to cover my legs when going into certain churches, I can sit without worrying about the backs of my thighs sticking to chairs, and yet, thanks to the breezy linen, I stay as cool as reasonably possible. Midi dresses were also made for simple, flat sandals (I didn’t even bother to pack a single pair of heels).

My Favorite Day-To-Night Vacation Outfit

Outfit Details

dressReformation Olivia Midi Dress (size 4 for reference) – This dress is a joy to wear, and felt perfect for both daytime activities, as well as going out at night. Also available in red. The bustline is so flattering, too.

shoes: These were a random pair I picked up in Berlin the week that my luggage was lost…and I take back everything bad I’ve previously said about slides. They are not walk-everywhere shoes, but they are fantastic as a comfortable date-night shoe while traveling, or something to throw on to walk for coffee in the morning. I think of them as flip-flops, but much chicer. Had I known the power of a good slide before I left, I would’ve gone with either this Sam Edelman cut-out slide or this Dolce Vita pair.

bag: Clare V. drawstring pouch – Mine is from last year, but I’m seriously considering this year’s version in snakeskin.

Shop My Favorite Midi Dresses By Reformation

I do think Reformation dresses run a bit small. I’m typically a size two in dresses, but for Reformation, I was happier in size four. If, however, the Reformation dress comes in XS/S/M/L/XL rather than numbered sizes, then I took my usual size. Here are a few additional Reformation dresses I love…


Shop Drawstring Clutch Bags

My little Clare V drawstring bag was a nice surprise for travel. We had to worry about pickpockets in Athens (one member of our extended family had her wallet taken out of her tote bag — which was securely tucked under her arm!!), yet this little bag totally worked. It fits a surprising amount of stuff, and the drawstring stays closed. If we were in high-pickpocket areas, I’d just grab the top of the bag, holding it like a clutch. Yet, if I ever needed to be hands-free, the bag stayed on my wrist. When it’s this hot, I can’t stand having a bag touch my body, so this one will be coming everywhere with me.




A huge thank-you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!  I love a chic, useful dress, and you have so very many of them! It makes packing so much easier. As always, all thoughts, opinions, and product choices are my own. And readers, thank you for your continued support – it doesn’t go unnoticed, and is so very much appreciated!


  1. These are Almost my dream dresses! Except I hate midi and would hem it to my knees. So beautiful! I know you guys are mostly tiny, any ideas for chub rub? I hate not getting to wear more dresses in summer but I REALLY hate sweaty thighs touching each other. <3

  2. Complete and total swoon!!! Love all these summer dresses. I always appreciate your summer travel posts but this one really wow’d me! The bags are to die for as well. Oh and your boys outfits—serious style. Thanks you S!!

  3. Gorgeous dress! Fabulous pics!

    I would be as wrinkled as an elephant’s knees if I packed a linen dress in a suitcase and flew it over the ocean. Is there a packing secret? Did you iron?

  4. And, only a tiny bag?? Where is all the ‘crap’ that we moms have to carry around for the day when we are out with the family sight seeing? I am always loaded down with stuff – hats, sunglasses, water bottles, sunscreen. And, that’s for everyone else, not me! How do you get away with such a cute, and small, purse?? 🙂

  5. I use Life by Jockey Moisture Wicking Slipshorts that I found at Walmart. They work quite well. They are seamless and stay put so they don’t show and I don’t have to pick at them or readjust them either.

  6. The dress and sandals are cute but I think it is really misleading to try to sell them as perfect site seeing attire, especially when you have kids. Yes, your knees are covered by the dress for going into churches but what about your shoulders? You can’t go into a church with that dress unless you put something over your shoulders. Also, I would be worried about severe sunburn with an exposed chest and exposed shoulders when walking around Greece in August, not to mention that a hat and sunglasses are definitely necessary. Climbing around ruins in shoes like that is dangerous and not to mention uncomfortable and a tiny bag you hold in your hands is unrealistic.

    I think it would be more honest to just admit you wore that outfit to do a photo shoot for the blog rather than to mislead people into thinking people they should pack that outfit to explore Greece and walk around ruins in August.

  7. Gorgeous dress! Looks like it was made for you. Though I find fitted dresses like that uncomfortable in hot weather. Regarding the small bag: maybe she made her husband carry all the stuff in a backpack!!

  8. I love the outfit. Some people like to dress like they’re on safari when travelling in a city and carry around a huge bag. My preference is to dress in my regular clothes and shoes with a small bag, like I do at home. I have a 3 and 5 year old and I never carry anything larger than a tiny purse unless I’m going on an actual hike. I’ve spent a few summers in Europe and I’ve learned that most everywhere that requires shoulders to be covered, has baskets of shawls, so instead of wearing something hot, I rely on the baskets. P.S. I never wear sunglasses or hats, whether I’m in the US or abroad and never get sunburned because I’m slathered in 100 SPF – to each their own.

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