The Coolest Graphic Tees Right Now (From The Picky Graphic Designer)


Who else is wearing lots of t-shirts these days? I mean, yeah. As someone who wears them regularly anyway, I’m finding I’m reaching for my fun graphic tees even more right now. I need something to get me through this crap, and if for a few minutes it’s a fun t-shirt, so be it. UPDATE: I just published a graphic tee post for fall 2020, too! And also a cozy graphic sweatshirt round-up for those chilly days ahead.

The Coolest T-Shirts Right Now (According To Our Resident Graphic Designer)

I’ve rounded up some of my favorites from around the interwebs and put together what I hope is a fun collection for a little bit of happy. (You guys. The Wish You Were Here tee…I crack myself up.)

And who doesn’t need multiple Bowie tees in their life, right? I already have this one. It’s perfectly faded and I so want to add that yellow one to my collection. I recently visited Joshua Tree, so I had to include this perfectly faded tee. I’m also loving the vintage souvenir feel of the New York City shirt.

That tiger tee is totally my jam (I keep buying tiger tees, and now with that crazy Tiger King show, I’m not sure what that says about me….) Anyhoo…there are some fun options below for everyone.

Graphic Tee Aesthetic: Styling Notes

I find I mostly reach for my white or black graphic tees, as they’re the most wearable. I love that they take it up a notch from a plain solid t-shirt in either of those colors, too, though. The graphics add just a bit of color, texture, and interest to a look without having to wear a fully patterned top (sometimes those are harder to mix in.) As an artist and designer, I’m drawn to cool artwork/designs, and it makes me happy to sport them on my person. I’m actually in the very early stages of creating a small line of my own tees, so this research has me all excited!

Of course, graphic tees looks good with so many things — from being tucked into blue jeans or tied at the waist with a midi skirt. Another of my favorite ways to wear my black graphic tees though is with all black, and either a white jacket or white boots or sneakers. For a white graphic tee, they’re so fun to style up with white jeans, white sneakers, and a black moto jacket. Playing with high contrast in your look with these pieces really makes them shine.

We're reaching for cool black & white t-shirts more than ever. Fun, trendy graphic designs are outfit-making right now (& smile-inducing). Here are 11 faves.

[01] [02] [03] [04] [05] [06] [07] [08] [09] [10] [11]

11 Trendy Graphic T-Shirts That Make Any Outfit

[01] wish you were here: Of course I had to. Also, it’s cute.

[02] rolling stones: As much as I’m a fan of the music, I honestly don’t like most Rolling Stones tees/graphics. This one is fabulous though. I think the faded look helps with this one so much.

[03] tiger: Love this tiger graphic, but do know this is an oversized fit (on-trend) but just FYI.

[04] yellow bowie: Definitely want. I love love Dirty Cotton Scoundrels tees. They make the Rebel Rebel one I love.

[05] new york: Reminds me of the souvenir shop tees, but better, and I love that. Check out the outfit with it in the shopping widget below. So good!

[06] joshua tree: One of my favorite designs of the roundup. Give me all the California desert vibes right now.

[07] i need space (or similar): I have a tee that says this, and it helps me right now.

[08] central perk (or similar): Nostalgia. I think we should bring giant coffee cups back. Fun fact: I totally had Monica’s short haircut in ’95.

[09] waves (similar but very close): Classic beach girl vibes I love. This one is super-wearable and classic.

[10] bowie (or similar): I have this one; it’s my new favorite for sure. The text is perfectly faded, and the tee is great broken-in cotton, but not too distressed. TTS. I love it under my white blazers with black jeans.

[11] fortune favors the bold: Good words, good tee. Cacti are hard to resist.

Shop Cool Graphic Tees: In Wearable Black & White

If you have a favorite tee, do share in the comments, per usual. We’ll just keep cranking out a bit of normalcy over here in hopes of keeping us all a bit saner, mixed in with real talk per usual. We truly appreciate all of your kind comments of “keep doing what you’re doing” right now. It’s hard in some ways to do that, but necessary in others. We love you dear readers. You’re truly the best.



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