Weekly Sales Report 11.10


Happy Friday! Let’s kick off the best weekend sales with Saks’ big gift card promo (starting at $50 back on orders $250), aka the perfect time to snap up any luxe pieces in your wishlist.

Linzi’s super-soft coatigan is perfect for those chilly days when you just want to cuddle up, plus it’s currently on sale (in addition to being part of the promo)! Her Free People striped sweater (under $100) is also included and it’s a great wardrobe workhorse to pair with jeans. And if you’re in the mood for a treat…this gorgeous corduroy jacket. It has a chic vintage vibe and instantly adds a little polish to fall outfits. Use code: SAKSGCSF at checkout.

One more — how lucky are we, Jenni Kayne is running another sale for account members! It’s free to sign-up, just use code: SHOPVIP at checkout for 25% off. S can’t gush enough about their iconic fisherman sweater, Amy’s eyeing up this crewneck (love the wide ribbed cuffs) and this cashmere v-neck is a classic winner.

The 5 Best Sales This Weekend

Cozy Sweaters, Warm Coats, Fave Jeans + More Editor Sale Picks

More editor picks on sale, below. Happy shopping!

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Laura’s Top Sale Picks

Hey, hey Friday! Lordy. What a week. Our Portland teachers are still on strike here fighting for smaller class sizes, mental health supports for students, fair wages, and safer schools (literally mold, rats, heating/ac issues)…it’s sad they have to strike and it’s been 7 days now. I am OVER it, as I’m sure they are. But hopefully this is getting what we all need for a better system in this too-big Metro district. Gah. Life is a LOT rn y’all but we are here as always to provide a tiny bit of a mental health break from the heaviness. Again, sending all the hugs out.

As we get closer to the holidays now (yay!) we’re seeing some nice sales going on (thank god). Things I’ve gotten for people on my list so far are: super cute compression socks (30% off rn!), silicone reusable coffee cup lids, and I’ve added this puffer to my own wishlist (navy or cherry cola??) 

 Coat (S) | Pants (28) 

ONE: This amazing long, light puffer I love from Uniqlo is on sale for $59! It’s THE best lightweight coat and perfect for layering. It was awesome on the airplane too as kind of a Rumpl blanket type piece. It’s light enough to wear most of the year, but warm enough to keep out the wind and chilly temps. It comes in solid neutrals, too. TTS with room for layering. Sweater | Jeans | Sneakers | Bag

TWO: If you need a pair of pants to feel amazing in, these from Pilcro. They are so good AND comfy and flattering and awesome and now $89 down from $148. I’m all about the winter white look this year and I’ll be rocking them with the FP sweater I have on in the coat pic. The back waist is adjustable for no gapping AND they come in Tall + Petite sizing, too. I’m wearing a 28 regular here and am 5’4”. SO good.

More Sale Picks I’m Loving

Scotti’s Top Sale Picks

Greenlea’s show (Annie Jr.) opened last night and it was fabulous. Those kids are good, man. I was asked to be the makeup director (so fun!) and I love being able to see all the kids backstage when they’re getting ready before the performance starts. I have a bunch of pictures printed out that I use for inspiration for each character’s makeup, and the first time I did “Miss Hannigan’s,” she pointed to the picture and said, “those don’t look good on me.” Looking at the picture, I wasn’t sure what she meant so I asked, “do you mean…the wrinkles don’t look good on you?” “Yeah,” she said. “They don’t look good on me.” They don’t look good on me either, kid. 😂

As far as sales this week, Black Friday Deals are already ramping up. Athleta’s Early Access sale starts today (for Icons & Enthusiasts) with code SHOPFIRST (this is my top pick), Everlane has 30% off all sweaters, outerwear, and dresses (this is my top pick), and Gap has a ton of crazy deals going on (this is my top pick–been wearing this one a lot!). Oh! And Naadam (the sustainable cashmere we love) has a Singles Day sale going on right now for 30% off with code SINGLESDAY (this is my top pick). More of my favorites below!

Happy Weekend, everyone!

Sweater (S) | Coat (XS)

ONE: This VINCE cashmere sweater is now 25% off at Nordstrom and in a ton of colors…one of my (and Shana’s!) favorites – super soft, warm, and the funnel neck lays perfectly. I’m wearing an xs here, but I recently added cinnamon stick in medium – the oversized fit is perfect with leggings. Sweater (xs) | Jeans (28, 30% off!) | Boots (also at Nordstrom) | Bag

TWO: I LOVE this faux shearling coat – it’s super warm and cozy and I love the color. For some reason I didn’t like it until I saw it in person…and 25% off right now!

More Sale Picks I’m Loving

Linzi’s Top Sale Picks

Yay for me —I’m going on a special NYC day trip with girlfriends this weekend! I met this particular group of lovely ladies when my oldest was born (almost 16 years ago!!!), and am SO looking forward to taking the train, catching up with these women, and escaping the day-to-day a bit. But the big question of course is what comfortable shoes will I wear in NYC? I think I have to go with sneakers, right? My go-to Sorel sneaks that I’m wearing nonstop just went on sale for under $100. 

So many budget-friendly sale gems this week. Need work pants or stylish trousers for the holidays that are under $60? I have them in another colorway and the fit is fantastic – added to cart. Need the most practical gift ever for your guy? Or just need to restock? Just added these to my cart as well.  More below. 

MOTHER Jeans (29) | Sneakers

ONE: I really like these MOTHER Hustler Patch-Pocket Jeans with winter boots, but more MOTHER denim classics are on sale at Nordstrom as well. Filter by size for less frustration.   

TWO: My most-worn Sorel sneaks are under $100 at Zappos (they work great with wide-leg jeans and trousers). Or if you’re a loyal Nordstrom shopper, they’re in stock there as well, so you could request a price-match. 

More Sale Picks I’m Loving

Kat’s Top Sale Picks

After nearly seven months, I’ve almost got a working kitchen again! The major hail storms we had here in CO really did a number on my house, and let’s just say that dealing with insurance is an absolute nightmare. But, after what feels like an eternity, I finally have walls back up and the new cabinets and countertops are being installed today! I should have a full working kitchen within the next week or so, and I couldn’t be more excited! 

Not only am I excited about my casa being put back together, I am also pretty giddy about this week’s sales. My most recent perfume obsession is currently on sale, and would make a great holiday gift for any of the people in your life that love to smell like a sexy beach babe. I also own this lust worthy scent, and TBH everytime I wear it, it turns me on if you know what I mean. And I thought I knew what I was wearing for Thanksgiving until I saw this dress… it’s a showstopper. XX – Kat 

Puffer Coat (XXL) | Track Pants (3X)

ONE: My absolute favorite brand for fall and winter coats and jackets is Avec Les Filles, and the cropped puffer I have been wearing for over a few years now is currently on sale under (over half-off!) in the prettiest bubblegum pink and a deliciously seductive oxblood red. I wear the XXL. 

TWO: I have worn my adidas track pants so much that I actually ordered another pair just so that I am ready to replace them when my current pair wear out. I am obsessed with them, and cannot recommend them enough. They might be the coolest athleisure pants I own. 

More Sale Picks I’m Loving

Amy’s Top Sale Picks

It felt so painfully slow getting to Halloween, but NOW – all of a sudden – Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away. WHAT?! Time is not making sense to me right now, so I’m officially trying to squeeze every bit of cheer out of every day so I can really soak up this holiday season.

That includes being giddy over sales, which are already getting so dang GOOD. One of my favorite J.Crew sweaters is nearly 50% off in 3 of the most phenomenal neutral shades. Over at Nordstrom there’s new stuff being added daily to the sale section: this oversized half-zip cable knit sweater would be phenomenal with your fave jeans all winter, and if you’re looking for a new winter fragrance, all the iconic scents are currently on limited-time sale! Xx

Sweater (L) | Jacket (M)

ONE: It’s pretty bananas we’re getting another good Jenni Kayne sale so soon after the last one. Right now you can score 25% off being signed into your account and using code SHOPVIP at checkout. If you’ve always wanted the original cashmere cardigan that made all other brands scramble to create an oversized cardigan for their own lineup, now’s the chance. I’m extremely mesmerized by this sweater, which reminds me of my all time fave JK sweater, only it’s made of cashmere. 

TWO: Multiple sales are running over at my fave place to shop (if you guessed Gap, YUP). Their amazing long wool shirt jacket is on big-time sale in my color,  but I think almost ALL of their outerwear is currently seeing some epic markdowns. I personally just scooped up these bottoms (in red) while on sale – it’s the wild west of pant silhouettes in my wardrobe right now. 

More Sale Picks I’m Loving

Em’s Top Sale Picks

Hi gang! We flew in from Oahu late last night – and have I got the vacation hack for you: do your laundry the night before you leave! (If you have a washer/dryer, of course…) We packed about half as much as we’d usually pack for a week-long vacation and did laundry once in the middle of the trip and once the night before we flew back. When we got back, we just unpacked all our clean clothes from our suitcases (they were neatly folded already since we had to pack up efficiently to keep room for souvenirs) and just like that…we’re done. I’m working on a post with a little review of our trip and some tips we picked up along the way, but bottom line, if you’re looking for a little bit of a splurge, Disney does Hawaii really, really well. I’m almost ashamed to admit just how quickly I’d return.

Sale picks I’m giddy for this long weekend: admittedly not always a designer girlie, but this scarf is so gorgeously giftable and has the kind of timeless funk that will always be in style; I’d break up this set of dessert plates for gifting cookies; and Abercrombie’s got this season’s iteration of my fave blanket coat on sale, and it’s such a great value for a long term wardrobe workhorse.

Jeans (25) | Bra (S)

ONE: Saks is having their spend more, earn more event again, which takes a bit of the sting out of these Featherweight Sofie jeans (use code SAKSGCSF). I know we’re getting into cooler weather, but if you live somewhere with more moderate temps, like me, these will continue to suit you well year round. They’re also soft and swishy enough that you could layer tights or leggings beneath them if you live somewhere that experiences A Serious Winter. True to size, I’m wearing a 25 here (I’m 5’5” and cut them to the perfect length since they have a raw hem anyway). My pleated bag is also included in the promo – it couldn’t be a more classic piece that works surprisingly well with more masculine pieces but is ideal for the holiday season, too.

TWO: This longline elevation bra is one of my faves for working out and just everyday wear. Because it’s longer, I also wear it as a layer under sweaters. It’s SO super soft, buttery, a little thicker and more supportive than my other Vuori bras and the back is super pretty, too. Wearing a small.

More Sale Picks I’m Loving

Julieta’s Top Sale Picks

Expanding beyond color analysis, I’m currently leading a Style Revamp for a client, focusing on a complete takeover rather than a makeover. It’s about embracing your identity fearlessly, translating that into your style. We’re adding personalized pieces to her wardrobe based on her body type, lifestyle, personality, and color palette: a colored coat, silver bag, sneakers, statement tops, dresses, colored ballet flats, new jeans silhouettes, soft-colored puffer jackets and more. We will have the try-on and styling session soon. Interested in a Style Revamp? Add your name to the list. 

Now sales! I currently have a list of things I need in my closet and I’m ready to buy as I see them: this puffer jacket looks fantastic and I’m even considering the pants. And ooooh! This coat just caught my eye. Picking it up at the store tomorrow. 

Coat | Puffer

ONE: J.Crew Lady Topcoat – A tailored coat is a must have in your closet and if you can find a gorgeous color, even more so. Mine is a few years old and the quality is intact. I love to wear it over leggings and a sweater for a quick easy outfit. 

TWO: Alo Orion Puffer – Damn!!!! Not only does it look like super warm, it looks so chic. The black too. Alo seems to have some of the best cropped puffers I’ve seen – I’ll be ordering a few. 

More Sale Picks I’m Loving

Jess’ Top Sale Picks

It’s really easy for me to gloss over real life in this lil’ weekly paragraph, but the truth is with everything going on in the world, my mental health has taken a hit. This year I’ve taken the step to be more proactive about it. I’ve learned that it’s okay to ask for help when you’re struggling, no matter how hard that is to do, and most importantly, to know that you’re worth fighting for. The holiday season is a difficult time of year for a lot of people and if you are struggling, I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone. First things first this season: take care of yourself and the rest will follow. 

It’s tough to transition from that to the topic of sales but, Topshop at Nordstrom has a ton of great sweaters on sale right now for 25% off or more; it’s the perfect time to stock up on knitwear for winter. Also, now is a good time to get reacquainted with Loft if you’ve been sleeping on them like I have. They have some really great stuff right now for the Holiday season and your entire order is 44% off plus an extra 11% off at checkout. Take care. 

Cardigan (M, Runs Large) | Levi’s (30, Runs Small) | FP Sweater (M, Runs Large) 

ONE: FP’s Chamomile Oversized Cardigan – I am still loving this oversized Free People cardigan and I can’t believe it’s still stocked and on sale for 40% off. I’ll be wearing this whole outfit to Thanksgiving! 

TWO: Levi’s Ribcage High-Waist Straight Leg Jeans – I didn’t think I needed another pair of Levi’s until I tried these on. I love the flattering fit and the light-wash. Make sure to order at least one size up. 

THREE: FP’s Orion A-Line Tunic Sweater – When it comes to fit and flowy-ness, this is my IDEAL. This sweater is SO GOOD and so comfortable that I am thinking I also need it in the gorgeous lime green option as well. 

More Sale Picks I’m Loving

Anne’s Top Sale Picks

This week has been a busy work week ending with a brief, but fun business trip to Breckenridge today. One of the ways I’m staying as healthy as possible this busy holiday season is by doing a 75 Soft Challenge with Kat, which we talked about in our most recent podcast episode. Daily meditation, movement, and sunshine are the core of my commitment to myself over the next couple of months.

That means I’m on the hunt for workout gear appropriate for cold weather walks, like this whisperlight parka, and loungewear like this terry sweatshirt for my cozy, wind-down time at night. I’m also really excited about snow season (watch the blog for my upcoming snow boot review!), and that means I need a big puffy jacket for my daily dog walks, like this on-sale GAP coat. Fortunately, post-Thanksgiving sales are winding up early this year, and there are a ton of great picks on sale right now. 

Dress (M) | Loafers

ONE: Everlane is having a great sale right now! I love the Everlane Daytripper dress. It’s so versatile and easy to style for multiple seasons. I wore this with sandals over the summer, and know I’ll be layering long-sleeve tees underneath the dress and wearing it with my favorite knee-high boots. Runs oversized – I’m wearing a size medium.

TWO: Madewell has launched an early Black Friday sale with 30% off, including these super cool silver loafers that I’m planning to wear for Thanksgiving. I have my eye on this beautiful chocolate-covered slouchy wool-blend coat and this fun sequin skirt to wear to holiday parties.

More Sale Picks I’m Loving

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