Over the last few months I’ve been reading that it’s quite healthy to wear bras with lighter support, specifically foregoing those with underwire. By doing this, breasts apparently get stronger and lymph glands drain properly. I’m all about #freetheboobies and no bra is apparently best, but personally I can’t yet make the jump to braless. Serious props if you can, but these mom boobs just need a little support to make me feel confident outside the house. And that’s what matters in all this! To each her own!

What I did do to help us on our journey to freer boobs is to try out a bunch of wire-free bras that still provide some support but allow for less restriction for the girls. I began my search in late Spring (as you may have seen on Facebook, and THANK YOU for your suggestions!) and now feel like I have enough information to finally report back. If these bras don’t look new, off-the-rack it’s because they aren’t. I’ve worn each of them at least twice for the better part of a day. Authentic reporting here! Let’s get to it.

Full to Medium-Support Wireless Bras

knix 8-In-1 Evolution Bra

This bra popped up in my Instagram feed, and then I got a glowing recommendation from my SIL, so I was glad to try it out. It provides the most support by far of all the bras I tried. They have their own sizing system, but a clearly marked chart to compare your traditional bra size to their chart. I’m a 6 in their sizing, typically a 32DD, and it fits me great.

Pros: Very comfortable AND supportive. It’s reversible AND has interchangeable straps. From the website “Moisture-wicking, quick-dry, anti-odor, butt-kicking, etc.,”

Cons: This bra is best for cooler months or tops with more coverage. You can’t rock a deep v neck tee or a tank with even slightly larger armholes because you’ll see the bra. It was too heavy for most of my summer days, but I wore it twice with a crew neck tee and literally forgot about the bra all day.

Support: Full (from someone with a 32DD size chest). Gets a ton of great reviews on the site from seemingly all sizes.

Sizes offered: 32A – 42E (their own sizing chart runs 1-6, with a clear chart to find your size and runs TTS)


Lively Deep-V No-Wire

I’ve seen the Lively brand all over the place and I know Julieta loves them, so I had to try one out. I ordered this one after having the v neck issue with the Knixwear bra. This bra has great support and works well under lower cut tops, or at least the v necks I typically wear. It’s a great everyday bra. The band is comfortable and the cups have good coverage (again, wore a 32DD). I love that this converts to a racerback, too.

Pros: Comfortable for all day. Noticeable at the end of the day, but not uncomfy. Nice plunge for v neck tops. Soft band.

Cons: This was noticeable at the end of the day, unlike the Knixwear bra. I was ready to take it off by bedtime, but I wasn’t mad at it, if that helps. Ha!

Support: Medium-full. For size 32DD. This is squarely between a bralette and a regular bra, IMO.

Sizes offered: 32A – 38DD, DDD offered in 32-36.

Halogen Seamless Contour Bralette

This got so many great reviews on Nordstrom I couldn’t avoid this one. And thank you readers for alerting me to that fact! I’m so glad I tried this out. As far as summer bras go, this one has been my favorite.

Pros: Medium support, convertible to racerback style & low cut on the sides = perfect for tank tops. Smooth cups that look nice under tees. Light padding in the cups (I prefer some padding to none).

Cons: The cup sizes are small on this. I got a medium and have to place the girls into the cups. They stay put and I’m happy with it all day, but I worry that larger chests may not get enough coverage or support here.

Support: Medium, IMO. It feels sturdier than your average bralette. This is comfy and supportive enough for me on a normal activity kind of day, but it’s definitely a bralette.

Sizes offered: XS – XXL. From the website “Light support for most A-C cup sizes.”

Lighter Support Underwire-free Bras

Madewell Cotton-Modal Cutout Bralette

*Update: This now links to a more supportive Madewell bralette in the same soft jersey knit!

You know I’m a big fan of many of Madewell’s products, so I wanted to give this bralette a try. I had heard good reviews from others who switched to wireless. It’s so soft, but doesn’t provide much support or smoothing. This would be the closest to braless of the styles I tried.

Pros: Super soft! I prefer a lined bra for public, but this is comfy for lounging at home. (I really do still prefer bras even at home). If you’re up for cutting back on most of your support, go for this one.

Cons: Not enough smoothing under tops for me and not enough support.

Support: Light.

Sizes offered: XS (30AA-32A), S (32A-34B), M (34B-36C), L (36C-38D)

Aerie Romantic Lace Padded Bralette

Cam and Scotti both love this bralette, and I liked that it had light padding, so I gave it a go. They had a sale, so I got it in this lovely pale lilac and black. I’m so glad I did! It’s a great bra to wear under many tanks and dresses for summer and comfy enough that I’ll wear most of the year. It’s so pretty, too! I ADORE that Aerie is using real people as models these days. They show a variety of sizes and shapes on their site. As far as a bralette goes, this offers much more support than most!

Pros: So pretty and looks nice even when showing. Great under deeper cut tank tops, dresses, etc., Good support for a lighter bralette. Nice padding to keep things pretty smooth under tops (of course the lace adds texture).

Cons: You have to put it on over your head, no front or back closure. Lace texture isn’t ‘t-shirt bra smooth’ under tops, but that didn’t bother me. Runs small. I’m a Small in most tops, but got a Medium in this and was happy with that choice.

Support: Light-medium. (I wear a Medium in this.)

Sizes offered: XXS – XXL

True & Co True Body V-Neck Bra

Do you want a bra that you actually like sleeping in and wearing around the clock? You didn’t know that was a thing? Well, welcome to the first quarter of 2018 with Laura. OMG. This. Bra. Is. Comfy. I continued my search even after finding it, because, um, it’s not the loveliest thing ever, and it definitely doesn’t work under tanks and spaghetti straps. Ha! It’s kinda like a sports-bra-meets-crop-top-meets-pillowy-cloud-unicorn-holy-soft-fabric-how-do-they-do-that?! I wore this thing for the better part of the winter and spring and only took it off to workout, to bathe, or to wash it. You may think I’m exaggerating, but I’m not. I want to try their triangle bra, but it keeps going out of stock. I will report that after this much wear, they do stretch. I have two in size Small, but am considering getting XS next time and working through a little tightness at first to get it to a bit more supportive fit even after wear.

Pros: The softest bra ever, and very decent support IMO for such a soft, forget-it’s-there bra.

Cons: Light support especially after you wear it all the time, because it tends to stretch some, especially in the strap length. I may try another in XS and see if, though tight at first, it stretches to the right fit. Wider straps and higher under arms shows under tanks/dresses.

Sizes offered: XS-XL, XS-XL Full Cup sizes

Shop our Favorite Underwire-free Bras


So, the question is, have you gone wireless, too? I’d love to hear more of your favorite finds, if you have.

Have I gone 100% wireless? Not yet. My strapless bra and a couple of my other special bras are underwire, but I rarely wear them. Occasionally, I’ll find I prefer one under a high neck top/jumpsuit or light fabric, but it’s rare. And I’m really interested in trying out Lively’s Wire Free Strapless bra. I’m so intrigued and want to know if it actually stays up and doesn’t collapse on the sides (my previous plight with wire-free bras).

Keep the boobs happy, y’all, and keep yourselves happy. Hope this helps those of you who are looking for wireless options, too!



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  1. Very helpful to have a tester who is the same size as me. I have a problem with most bras that are xs-xl rather than cup and band sized because either the band is too big or the cup is too small. That being said, I have mostly converted to sport bras from athleta and they do have a nice one (the Everyday) that comes in xs-xl but with two different cup sizes so that helps. I typically wear a medium from them but if I want to look nice it’s back to a real bra from Natori, with wires.

  2. I agree with Lois above – totally in the same boat as you both! I love Natori bras with wires as I feel I need the support; the bands seem to fold on themselves or something… perhaps I don’t have the straps on tight enough. Who knows? But this is a killer post and I might try some of these next time I need a bra/bralette. Hard to find them!

  3. I have never been able to wear wired bras because I have a weird rib that sticks out more than the others right at my bra line that makes wearing wire bras super uncomfortable! I cannot tolerate them. I have mostly worn bralettes from gapbody for years but they are falling apart and I need to upgrade!

  4. You didn’t review it but I bought the spanx bralelullia (sp?) at the anniversary sale….and then I bought three more. I’m OBSESSED. SO soft, SO stretchy and, most important, it fits a small bust perfectly while giving a bit of “shape” to post-baby,. middle-aged, less than perky A’s. I really recommend this one for small bust who still need a little “help.”

  5. Oh thank you for this comment! That’s exactly what I need! I want to try the True&Co one Laura recommends, but I’m already super small….so not sure what will happen when the XS stretches out. This sounds like a better recommendation for me!

  6. I have recently switched my everyday bra to Soma’s Enbliss wireless bra. It’s so nice, and I completely forget I’m wearing anything. I have an underwire bra that’s decent for dresses or when I need to look a little more pulled together, but my everyday look is wireless now. I have large breasts, have breastfed 2 babies, and this bra still has enough support!

  7. I’m with Chris! But I love the Lounge-Hooray bralette from Spanx. It helps that my breasts happen to be man-made (well woman-made if we want to be specific, hahaha). But I am shocked at how much support and lift one little wireless bralette can provide. Hard nips are another story, but that’s when I add in my trusty silicone petals from Victorias Secret.

  8. After living in the most comfortable nursing bras ever (from Amazon 3 for $25!) for what seems like forever (I’m still wearing them and I’m not even nursing anymore!) iv realized I can never go back to underwires. I have two lively bras and i have taken the underwire off each time i try to wear it. The underwire is better, but still not 100% comfy. I look at my underwire bras and just the thought of wearing them makes me uncomfortable. I just bought the true body v neck and 2 of the true triangles. I’m so excited to try them out. I hope they are super comfy!!!

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