Best-of After-Holiday Sales: Nordstroms


Confession:  I actually hate shopping sales.  While I love the thrill that comes from finding a bargain, I hate the digging through racks, the frantic pace, the pressure to make a decision NOW!  BEFORE IT'S GONE!  And I hate that, invariably, most of the items I buy on sale I end up donating to charity before the year is out.  Resolution:  Sales, you will seduce me no more.

The key here isn't to always pay full-price, the key here is to exercise RESTRAINT.  (The capitol letters are for myself.  I need that extra REMINDER)

Therefore, in the vein of RESTRAINT, I have a small list of very-fabulous items, currently on-sale at  All of these items are things I would consider buying, even if they weren't on sale.  At least I think I would.  All items below are on sale for at least 50% off, so I might be viewing with my Sale-Goggles on.  (Get it?  Sale Goggles???  Like Beer Goggles?)  

 Without further ado….

Freepeoplevest Wethefree

I'm loving Free People's Open Heart Sweater Tank, on sale at Nordstroms for $58.90 (down from $148).  This tank would add a little interest layered over  a long sleeve shirt, but would also carry nicely into Spring/Summer over a tank top.  Or, if you want something a bit more covered-up, try We The Free's Ebb and Flow French Terry Sweatshirt, $38.90 down from $98.  A dressed-up sweatshirt with a fantastic ruffle front.  LOVE.  This piece would be perfect for the new mom – it hides spit-up, allows easy access to the girls, and all of that ruffling would help to hide a pooch. 

 Necklace Me+ro
Layered necklaces will still be huge come Spring/Summer, and I'm completely in love with Nordstrom's Sequin Beaded Multi-Strand Necklace, on sale for $48.90 (down from $98).  I love the colors in this one (it would look amazing with a white tee), but it also comes in a toned-down brown version that is just gorgeous.  I'm also loving the very cool, baby/toddler-friendly leather bracelet from Me&Ro.  Me&Ro is one of my very favorite jewelry designers, and I have never previously found any of their designs on sale. Nordstroms is now selling the Me&Ro Vine ID Bracelet for $59.90, down from $153.  

Current/Elliott's Boyfriend Jeans are all 50% off.  If you are interested at all in the boyfriend jean trend, Current/Elliott does them the best.  The denim is insanely soft, and the styling is perfect.  These aren't very practical for cold, snowy climates, but come summer, this is the only thing I want to wear.  Pictured are Current/Elliott's Super Love Destroyed Wash, $113 (down from $229), but you can also find really destroyed versions as well as not-destroyed versions.   

Colehaan Sak 

These boots don't look all that exciting, I know.  However…M owns these boots, and not only do they look surprisingly cute on (and are sleek enough to go under skinny jeans), but Cole Haan is using some kind of Nike Air technology and the result is AMAZING.  These boots are seriously comfortable.  Like run a few miles comfortable.  I haven't been able to stop thinking about them since trying on M's, so I was thrilled to see that they are still available.  And on sale for $124 (down from $250).  Lastly, I'm always on the hunt for a great bag that is diaper bagable, but isn't actually a diaper bag.  I'm loving the Sak's Large Braided Strap Tote, pictured in Burnt Orange (though it is available in 4 other colors).  This buttery-soft leather bag is on sale for $98.90, down from $199.

So…Sale Goggles?  Or did RESTRAINT carry the day?




  1. Oh, ruffly terry sweatshirt, you will be mine! I’m heading into the last month and a half of this pregnancy, and I’m not teaching this semester (which means I don’t have to dress to impress college kids every day), but I don’t want to look like a schlumpy whale doing my research at home either. What’s a sweatshirt? This will work perfectly, looks oh so comfy, and should even be long enough to cover the bottom of the baby bump. Plus, it fits my rules of being able to be worn with jeans…and skirts…and dresses…and maybe even leggings. Awesome! (I think I’m going to buy it in the tomato color…)

  2. Hi! I am having trouble sending an e-mail, so I am hoping you will see my question here….
    I bought a couple of fun tops for the holidays, and my question is – can I wear sequins after New Year’s? I have a friend’s 30th coming up, and wondering if I can still pull it off.

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