Bikini Guide: The Best High-Neck Bikinis


photo credit: Kingdom and State Serape Tankini Top

So….Laura turned us on to the high-neck bikini top this past March, during her trip to Florida. She made a pretty strong point that I’ll summarize like this:

 high-neck tops = beach-momming without fear

I was also impressed with the number of readers weighing in on how they rely on this silhouette to support larger busts, to keep grabby little hands at bay, and – gasp – actually swim in their bikini.

Don’t you love when a trend ends up being uber-practical as well?

This summer, there are a ton of high-neck tops from which to choose.  The shape is just so on-point, and one can find basics in every color, prints ranging from romantic florals to punchy tropical prints to classic stripes, and (my personal fav), high-neck tops with strategic cut-outs to give the illusion of more skin.

Keep reading to see our favorite high-neck bikinis….

Basic (but not boring) High Neck Bikini Tops


High Neck Tops With Cut-Outs

The Prettiest Patterns

Oh Hey, Stripes

More bikini picks coming soon!




  1. Love to see a post about tankinis and rash guards. Bikinis are not acceptable in my fairly conservative, religious circle of friends and family (boobs and belly need to be pretty much covered) and I hate the way most one piece suits fit. It’s so hard finding modest tops that are flattering, fresh, and not frumpy!

  2. I have a high-neck one piece that I LOVE – but it always looks funny when I throw a shirt over top, especially since I tend to wear v-neck tees. Any ideas how to style a cover-up over a high-neck suit?

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