The Best Bikinis of 2019

While I LOVE what is happening with one-piece swimsuits these days (and you can see our top picks for 2019 here), when it's really, really hot, I'll always prefer a bikini. As I get older, however, the toll of pregnancies, nursing, breast cancer, and, uh, life starts to challenge this staunch Wear-er of Bikinis. And then cheeky bottoms happened, and I was all what fresh new hell is this???

But I've since just embrace it. Embrace this body, which, admittedly, could look worse. (Thank you pilates and dance, and I freaking work out 5 days a week WHY STOMACH WHY, but now I'm getting off track.) Yes. Back to embracing it. Or....if I can't embrace it, ignore it? My point is THIS: I want to be like those 80-something grandmothers on the beaches of Barcelona. They unapologetically rocked their string bikinis (often skimpier than mine) while they helped with the kids. They didn't confine themselves to a towel, they walked around, played in the sand, swam in the water. They looked great...but even more importantly, they looked HAPPY.

So here's to wearing whatever the heck we want at any age we want. And if you want to wear a cheeky bottom while you chase kids and build sandcastles? I'll give you a high-five as you strut past.

She wore an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, yellow polka dot bikini...High-waisted or string, we've scoured all bikinis online, for all body types. You're welcome.

Our Favorite Bikinis for 2019

Below is a roundup of the TME editors' favorite bikinis for 2019. These are the bikinis that we actually wear ourselves, from the brands we've tested summer after summer. And if you guys have a favorite bikini, we'd love to hear about it in the comments. Good bikinis are hard to find, so the more recommendations, the better. And in the spirit of helping mamas out...feel free to send in a pic (or two) — photos are the best way to show why you like a particular bikini. (And I promise to apply a pretty filter so your skin looks glow-y.)

She wore an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, yellow polka dot bikini...High-waisted or string, we've scoured all bikinis online, for all body types. You're welcome.

My Bikini Picks (Shana)

We spend a ton of time at the shore every summer. And then, when I go home to visit my mom...we spend a ton of time at the lake. So basically...bikini = outfit. Over the years I've amassed quite the collection (in my defense, there's been some major body changes in the last decade), but I've finally figured out the right mix for me: a string bikini (looks great on every body type), a strapless bikini (when I want to get rid of tan lines), a sporty bikini (when I want to play with my boys), and a bikini that looks like a shirt (for when my shoulders have HAD ENOUGH). My favorite brands are J.Crew, Mara Hoffman, Marysia, Becca, Solid & Striped, Free People and Seafolly.  Here are my top picks for 2019:

Scotti's Bikini Picks

J. Crew has always been my favorite place for swimwear, whether I'm searching for one-pieces or bikinis. I've loved their surf hipster bikini bottoms for years (they're low, but still cover up my C-Section scar), and I have them in multiple colors. I like to mix and match the tops (and colors) I wear with them like this strapless top that's great for larger chests. Here are some of my other favorites I've got my eye on:

Linzi's Bikini Picks

Boden is by far my favorite place to shop for swimsuits. They make a two piece bottom that I ACTUALLY feel comfortable walking around and playing at the beach in. Most of their bottoms have more coverage than other suits out there right now — for any of you out there who also haven't gotten on the "cheeky" bottoms train. Boden's patterns and colors, though, balance their more conservative cuts with some it totally works! I also love that when you find a style and cut that works for you — it comes in a billion colors and patterns, and often is continued the following year. Makes shopping for new suits MUCH more enjoyable.

Laura's Bikini Picks

J.Crew, Athleta and now Madewell make some of my favorite swimwear. I'd love to try some of the adorable sets from The Reformation below. Those two and a few of my other picks are eco-friendly, too. For more sustainable swimwear check out my recent post about just that!

Jess's Bikini Picks

Affordable, Supportive, Coverage — those were the main things on my mind while I was looking for bikinis this year. I just couldn't deal with the crazy-expensive swimwear this year, anyone else. It grows super-tiresome to finally find a style I like, only to see that it's $150 JUST for the top. Maybe I'll feel differently when I'm in a super-good place with my body and I'm also going to be on the beach all the time. Until then I want something I can look and feel comfortable in, so I can don't have to stress about the ladies swinging out while I'm playing beach volleyball against Jon and his dad — and I can kick their butts and rub it in their faces (I may be a tiiiiny bit competitive, it runs in the Ross family).

Emily's Bikini Picks

Long gone are my days of leisurely laying out on the beach, so all of my swim picks this season are designed to keep up with an active preschooler. Fuller coverage bottoms (which are both flattering and functional — I don't need sand creeping up my crack while I'm building castles, thank you very much) and athletic-inspired tops that stay right where they should. Also, I've got one fully reconstructed breast and one slightly amplified natural breast that sit noticeably different when they're unsupported (read: string bikini), so all of the suits here would keep things nicely, uh, aligned — and the graphic prints help distract from any differences, too. Especially loving the J. Crew gingham number and the scallop-edged mustard top + dark teal bottom from Cupshe (a steal, too — $30 for the set!).

Tori's Bikini Picks

American Eagle, ASOS and Nordstrom are always my go-tos for swimwear, but I've found myself increasingly drawn to J.Crew over the years as well! As a mom of three, I have found it's important to have different swimsuits for different occasions. What I might wear on a romantic vacation with my husband, I wouldn't wear to the country club pool. And so, for this reason I have quite a variety of suits, both one-pieces and bikinis, so that I always have something appropriate for every occasion! For example, this two piece ASOS Velvet bikini is coming to Puerto Rico with me next month on our adults trip, but this Eco Cropped Long Sleeved Bikini from J.Crew is definitely more suitable for the country club! I am petite and have no chest, and lots of post-baby tummy stretch marks, so I am most comfortable in scoop neck tops and high-waisted bottoms! Here are my top picks this season!