Our Favorite Sandals EVER: Birkenstocks


Are there people in the world who still need convincing that Birkenstocks are the best sandals? I feel like those who love them just know it (and you could join in on this post with us), but those who don’t…can maybe never be converted? I don’t know, but I am fully in the “Birks forever” camp.

I know it’s my 90s childhood, hippie-wannabe-but-not-too-hippie self that has encouraged my long-standing relationship with these sandals, BUT…but it’s Birkenstocks ever-evolving updates that keep me coming back for more. Like every summer. I need to have the latest pair. Last summer, it was the silver or rose gold goodness, this summer it’s the big buckles. And I’m here for it all. I still even love my beautifully broken-in taupe suede pair of Arizonas I’ve had forEVER. Besides a pair of Levi’s cutoffs, those shoes are the only things still left from years and years ago in my closet.

You may have noticed a lot of us love Birks here at TME. I mean, how could you not? I wrote a post not long ago styling up the new white big buckle pair I have and adore. Shana recently did a try-on sesh of a bunch of new, super-cute pairs. And you’ll see them pop up in almost all of our summer styling multiple-ways posts (you can see our whole page dedicated to Birkenstocks here.)

Why We’re Obsessed With Birkenstock Sandals

Why do we love them so much, you ask? I mean, they aren’t exactly fancy or really beautiful or necessarily unique. I get that. I know. BUT they are SO comfortable, they’re SO nostalgic…and they’re actually flattering, my friends. And, of course, they’re so dang convenient.

They balance out legs in shorts, skirts and dresses by adding a little visual weight to your feet. Most of them just slip right on, too, making them the easiest shoes ever for running out the door with your hands full. (Always me.) They can get wet, and they still hold up beautifully and most importantly they don’t look like Crocs. Sporty, versatile, hippie, convenient, but at least five steps up from wearing giant foam garden slippers around (I have never and will never don a pair of Crocs, y’all.) But these are just as comfy and convenient, IMO. Dare I say they’re the cool version of comfort sandals you can get away with at any age?

Wonder why Birkenstocks are so expensive & totally worth it? Need to know how to style Birks? TME weighs in on their fave cute sandals.

white big buckle Birkenstocks | red dress

The Mom Edit Editors: Why Birkenstocks Are Worth It

Laura (Hi, Me)

OK, so this year’s update for me was the Big Buckle Arizonas in white. I mean. So fresh and so clean (and yes, they’re super-easy to keep clean, they just wipe off or use a Magic Eraser for any tough stains.) What a pretty rad update, Birkenstock. These big buckles are just what us long-time fans needed to stay engaged in getting a new pair. Love. I have a wide toe box due to hereditary bunions (like Em, you’ll see her review below,) but these work well for me and are one of the few pairs of sandals that do actually fit my feet across the toe-box without a break-in period. And I feel like they got into my head when they created this pair. Sporty, fresh and cool. Have I raved enough???

Wonder why Birkenstocks are so expensive & totally worth it? Need to know how to style Birks? TME weighs in on their fave cute sandals.

big buckle white Birks | caftan | blazer | jeans | jumpsuit (similar)


I was that person, the one who rolled her eyes and said (dramatically), “You will NEVERRRR catch me in a pair of Birkenstocks…and if you do just go ahead and smack me”. Oh, so silly. So…so silly. I am not sure exactly how it happened now, but a few years ago I tried some Birks on and well, major [foot in mouth] moment ensued. I liked them. No, no. I loved them. I then immediately started exclaiming how comfortable they were and why had it taken me so long to get into them?! ha ha ha. Anyways, I’ve been wearing them ever since. So far my favorite has been the Mayari style!

Wonder why Birkenstocks are so expensive & totally worth it? Need to know how to style Birks? TME weighs in on their fave cute sandals.
Wonder why Birkenstocks are so expensive & totally worth it? Need to know how to style Birks? TME weighs in on their fave sandals.
Wonder why Birkenstocks are so expensive & totally worth it? Need to know how to style Birks? TME weighs in on their fave cute sandals.
Wonder why Birkenstocks are so expensive & totally worth it? Need to know how to style Birks? TME weighs in on their fave sandals.

birkenstocks (wearing 40, I am a size 9.5 in shoes) | jeans | similar backpack (my current favorite here) | similar top


Birkenstocks were LITERALLY the only shoe I wore the summer of 2018 (I had Ozzie late August) . . . the only shoes that fit my swollen and puffy feet, and the only shoes I found to be remotely comfortable. Thankfully for me, they went with everything. Jeans? Check. Dresses? Check. Shorts? Yup. I mean, I obviously wouldn’t wear them when some serious dressing UP is necessary, but for daily wear? They’re perfect. They do take a bit of breaking in, but once they’re molded to your feet they are insanely comfortable. They saved my feet when I was pregnant, but I’m still wearing them on a daily basis. LOVE.

Wonder why Birkenstocks are so expensive & totally worth it? Need to know how to style Birks? TME weighs in on their fave cute sandals.

Birks (more sizes and colors here) | black tank | be kind tee | dress


I have been wearing Birkenstocks forever! I mean like middle school forever — back when my grams would order me a pair from HSN for summer, and in the fall I’d rock the clog Birks! I love a good slide and these ones are an absolute summer staple for me. Right now, I’m rocking these traditional black birks, and I have my eye on a waterproof pair as well, (AKA the perfect gardening sandal.) I do have wide feet and will say that they can take a bit to break in, but once they have formed to your feet, they are the ultimate comfort slide!

Wonder why Birkenstocks are so expensive & totally worth it? Need to know how to style Birks? TME weighs in on their fave cute sandals.
Wonder why Birkenstocks are so expensive & totally worth it? Need to know how to style Birks? TME weighs in on their fave cute sandals.

birks | graphic tee (same brand, different tee XL) | shorts | sunglasses


Alright, friends — confession time. I’ve got a bit of a love-hate relationship with Birks. I love the style — they’re really as versatile and flattering as Laura stated, and they fit in seamlessly with my (admittedly) Quasi-Basic-Meets-California-Eclectic Wardrobe just dandy. In theory, they are the perfect sandal, and this particular style (the Big Buckle Arizona in Brandy Nubuck, which is frustratingly damn near sold out — see the image caption below for what I could find) is absolutely ideal (and TTS, BTW). The nubuck is soft right out of the box, the color is rich and feels like it will only get better with age. The oversized, brushed gold metallic buckle is just the update needed to keep them feeling more fresh than frumpy. And from a cost-per-wear perspective, they’re worth every penny. I know, because the Birks I wore in high school lasted me close to 15 years.

But here’s the thing: my current feet — that is, the ones that carried a child and wore heels almost daily for the better part of 10 years and are sporting genetic bunions that have only become more pronounced over time — they’re no longer the right fit for Birks. It’s truly an anatomical anomaly how a pair of shoes that I adored for years no longer works, but in this day and age, the shape of my foot just doesn’t align with the signature dishyness that makes Birks so…BIRKY. I want them to work, I desperately do (and guys, I gave it the ol’ college try and even styled them up a few ways for ya’ll), but, dang it, I’ll just have to live vicariously through the other TME gals (and you, if you’re so lucky!) because they’re just not in the cards for me.

Wonder why Birkenstocks are so expensive & totally worth it? Need to know how to style Birks? TME weighs in on their fave cute sandals.

Birks (TTS – fully stocked here, but with international shipping; size 37 here; more colors here, here and here; super pretty rose color here; ochre color (love!) in nubuck here; brandy color in the Madrid style here; a few sizes left in Narrow here – phew! note: narrow sizes fit narrow-to-regular width feet, so don’t write them off if you have average-width feet)
Left: tee (TTS, sold out in rust, but other colors available) | shorts (more sizes here; size up one)
Middle: Adidas tee (size up one) | skirt (TTS, loads of colors)
Right: dress (size up one)


These Birkenstocks are my most-worn shoe right now, and I LOVE them! The new big buckle design (on a slight angle) feels modern and fresh, and my feet are quite happy sliding in to these on a daily basis. I also love the color options–I debated long and hard possibly ordering a lighter color as well because I’ve been wearing the black so much. The footbed isn’t cushy, but still feels really nice on the bottom of your foot due to Birkenstock’s well-known supportive footbed. Added bonus…the buckle is adjustable for better fit. I’ve actually raced my kids in these and although I lost (slow and out of shape), the sandals were total winners, staying on my feet just fine. A few negatives: It did take me two wears to break the Birkenstocks in…the leather on top isn’t buttery soft. I was initially surprised and a bit annoyed that the footbed is EVA, but the footbed has been fine for me even on sweaty days and hasn’t deterred me from daily happy wear. Highly recommend!  

Wonder why Birkenstocks are so expensive & totally worth it? Need to know how to style Birks? TME weighs in on their fave cute sandals.
Wonder why Birkenstocks are so expensive & totally worth it? Need to know how to style Birks? TME weighs in on their fave cute sandals.

At Nordstrom | At Zappos | At Ebay

White Tee | Black Pants | Black Tank Dress (sold out, similar here) | Honeypot Bag | Sunnies | Reclaimed Horn Earrings (Similar) **Black-Owned Sustainable Business**| Black Denim | White Bag | One Shoulder Dress | Floral Bag

Shop Our Favorite Birkenstocks

So, if you’ve read through this whole (mostly) ode to Birks, you’re probably a big fan like most of us are. What is your favorite style? Are they nostalgic to you, too? What’s the best memory you have while wearing your Birks? Mine is definitely a music festival right on the beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama years ago. And just summers in college in general. Haha, it’s so funny how a pair of shoes can hold that special status of memorabilia, but I know that’s why I so strongly hang on to them every year. Maybe you have a different pair of shoes that holds that for you? Regardless, happy memory-chasing friends. Isn’t summer just the time for that?



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  1. There are no words to explain how much I love my white waterproof birks. They go with EVERYTHING. plus, if you get caught in the rain, no problem! Dry in minutes. Stylish, comfortable AND practical. Literally the only sandal I have worn this summer.

  2. Love my madrid big buckle sandals. I mean I love fancy pretty shoes but with kids I needed something I could chase them in, and well heels weren’t going to cut it ❤️😂.

  3. I only started wearing Birks last summer. I am waaaayyy late to the party, but really love them during the spring/summer/early fall months. I am a classic Birks girl though.

  4. The only sandal I’ve worn during this summer pandemic! I love the Mayari. Just bought a new shimmery ivory pair this year.

  5. This summer’s Birk acquisition was the yellow (ok, hipsters…”OCHRE”…big Buckle Arizona. The Buckley is a gorgeous brushed gold and seriously they are like sunshine for my feet…my nasty, unpedicured, feet…🌞🌞🌞

  6. You have to check out their wedge heels. I bought these last October and wore them non stop.


    I have been wearing these non stop this summer.


    I have a wide foot and these fit without any problems even though they are only available in narrow.

  7. Yasss, I’ve been on the Birk train for 20 years. I have a pair in gold snake pattern which sounds way over the top, but in Birk form is a perfect neutral. Also black wedges with an ankle strap that go with everything. I’m thinking abour getting Madrids in EVA but I am not sure if they will stay on…?

  8. Em, so glad I’m not the only one with feet who just don’t “fit” Birks! I have slightly narrow and very shallow feet, which makes for a hard fit in Birks which have such a defined footbed and straps. I tried tightening the straps down, but that just hurt the top of my feet, and I’m somewhere between the narrow and regular widths on the footbed. They seem like they SHOULD be super comfortable… but when my feet sigh in relief when I slip OUT of the Birks, that was the sign I needed to return them.

  9. Em and Keilexandra, that makes three of us “Birks misfits”. Unfortunately my feet don’t align with the pronounced contouring in the footbed. Onward…

  10. PS – I landed on an inexpensive pair of Pebble brand sandals from Amazon that are similar to the rubber waterproof Essentials Arizona Birkenstock sandals, but fit my fussy feet.

  11. I am not wearing any of my heels in quarantine–waaah! Slippers and sneaks have become my footwear for the last 5 months and I don’t expect that to change until spring 2021 at best. SO …. I just ordered Cams’ Birks on your say-so! Plus Lindzi’s assurance with finicky feet… Never thought I’d wear these. Never say never apparently. Fingers crossed!

  12. Count me among the folks for whom Birks just don’t seem to work. My feet are slightly narrow with a high arch that doesn’t seem to line up with the arch of the Birkenstock. Maybe, given time, they would mold to my feet, but that’s not a $150 gamble I am willing to take. I will stick with my Naot sandals when looking for comfort.

  13. Laura, would you consider please talking about bunion-friendly shoes/what you recommend looking for in stylish, but bunion-comfy shoes? Also vans has wide sizes!! I’m very excited as a fellow bunion-footed person. Thank you.

  14. Also – I actually don’t like the big buckle. I like the traditional Arizona shape but in all different patterns. Don’t mess with the buckle.

  15. What has been holding me back (and I’ve put an embarrassingly large amount of time thinking about this!) is that I hate the way the suede footbed looks when worn; looks dirty to me, even though I know if isn’t. But I might try Laura or Lizni’s options with the leather footbed, can I keep it clean?

  16. I have loved Birks for a long time. In college I was all about them. I wore the Gizeh in black patent and gold. Then it seemed like Birks weren’t cool for awhile so I stopped wearing them. In the last decade they have come back into style, and I kicked it off again with the rose gold metallic Arizonas. Then I added nude leather Arizonas. Last year I found these cool studded suede beige ones in Germany (they cost less in Germany, too!). I also have the EVA Arizonas in black and copper – these are just for yard/pool/beach wear. I just love the Arizona style right now! I hardly wear any other sandals all summer. The Arizonas are just so comfortable, easy to slip on, go with everything, and I love the man-repeller type vibe they give to my outfits.

  17. The suede does start to get dirty/black after awhile. I don’t like that part either. I wonder if there is a trick to revive them?

  18. I am new to Birkenstocks. I have narrow feet, and in the past they always swam on me. Inspired by this post, I thought I would revisit. To my surprise, with the addition of ‘narrow’ sizes, I can actually wear them. Now I understand what all the hype is about. They are sooo comfy. I just purchased two pairs to round out my pandemic comfort slide capsule. I now have a color choice in the morning, instead of automatically putting on my one pair of black Vionics slides, regardless of the rest of my outfit. It feels almost normal!

    • Oh yay! I’m so glad you were able to find some that fit and that you love. They’re just so comfy and so easy.

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