Not Your Mama’s Holiday Dress Pants: Fancy Black Flares


I have a not so secret love for wide leg pants as you may have seen here or here. I love to have a special pair in my closet, even though the occasion to wear them doesn’t come as often. But, the Holidays are here and there are parties to attend. At least those that require a little something extra and for me that means time to wear those special things.

The front details on these pants caught my attention immediately so I decided to try them. To be honest, I was very skeptical about them fitting me well. The model is tall and I’m petite. The model’s waist is tiny and mine is not what it used to be. When I got them in the mail I took them out of the package and left them on a chair for a few days without trying them on. Not because I didn’t love them but because I was…afraid? Yes, that is the word. Has that ever happened to you?

Well, surprise, surprise. When I finally had the courage to try them on, they were amazingly flattering. My mom and sisters who are visiting from Colombia kept complimenting on how good they looked. That, of course is a great confidence boost. I also learned that just because I see something on a different body type than mine it won’t flatter me. It will look a little different. But different is not bad.

At the end, I felt good and special with them and you bet I’ll be wearing them at any given chance. I do have to say I’m wearing my spanx underwear (as I always do) to help smooth out all my extra skin. I also had to hem them. The model wears them as cropped but as a petite I liked them in a longer length  to give the illusion of longer legs. What petite doesn’t like that?


Top – Madewell Wrap Bodysuit (wearing size S) Up to 30% off with code OHWHATFUN. Bodysuits scare me too and I always end up returning them but I’m obsessed with this one and took the tag off, which is a lot to say. It was a total accidental find while shopping with my mom. I saw it, tried it on and knew I had to have it. I don’t feel constricted or over-conscious with it. I think it runs small so I sized up. Find it in Nordstrom too (limited sizes)

Pants – NBD all hooked up pants (wearing XS) super soft and comfortable pants. The material stays nice and smooth after sitting, crunching or just moving. The details are hook and eyes, they don’t unhook easily or at all. I didn’t have an issue with it and I could have unhooked a few in the bottom but just thought of it. Next time.

Bag – Topshop Chainmail Pouch – Not a sequins person here, but I’ll totally go for it in accessories.

Earrings – Asos Johnny Loves Rosie Pom Pom Statement Earrings I’ve never mentioned here but my right earlobe has torn twice. Used to wear very heavy earrings in my teen years, so after the second time I practically stopped wearing earrings and I’m starting now. These are gorgeous and so lightweight.

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  1. They are very flattering – you look great! It’s a sophisticated, confident look. Much better longer, as you are wearing, rather than cropped (as the model wears).

  2. Love those pants (and the bodysuit)!! I actually prefer the longer look that you’re wearing; I wouldn’t have even stopped on the page with the cropped look. If only they actually had them in the longer length ?. I’ll have to try one of the other suggestions- thanks for posting those, they always help. You look amazing but most importantly you look like you FEEL amazing! Love. Love. LOVE.

    • It does look better longer. I don’t know how tall you are, but the model is 5’11”. I actually had to cut a few inches and hem it because they were really long. Hope they or one of the other suggestions works for you!

      And thank you!!! I did feel amazing! XO

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