Black Friday, Guys’ Edition (What I Bought For Mike)


I can’t be the only one who waits until the verrrrrry end of the sale to shop for my guy…right? Do guys clothes even sell out? Or, more accurately, does anybody care if they do? (Oh darn, that blue button down sold out!! Well…I guess I’ll just have to go with…any of the 20 other blue button downs that look exactly like it…).

I did do a little damage for myself before Thanksgiving (does it sound better if we pronounce it ‘dah-mage‘ like it’s French? ‘Dahling, hope you don’t mind…I did a little dah-mage the other day on the credit card…’). I also snapped up some stuff for the little guys Black Friday early morning, but Mike? Hmmm.

Black Friday Sales: Editor’s Top Picks For Men

He’s casually mentioned 234298761964 times that he needs underwear and socks, but that’s so boring. It’s hardly a good use of my Shopping Superpowers. So I took “underwear and socks” to really mean “underwear, socks, and anything else you think I need” and THAT my friends, requires a little more…dah-mage.

What I Bought For Mike

OK, before you take one look at this insanely long list and JUDGE…much of it will go back. Mike is…how should I put this delicately…picky AF. He needs a pair of shoes for work, and he needs a freaking date-night uniform that doesn’t make him look like he’s going back into the office. Here’s what I ordered. Fingers crossed we have some winners in here.

ps. Many of Mike’s favs are from Lolë, which was having one heck of a Black Friday sale. I don’t know if the sale will be extended, but his favs were all highlighted here.




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