This is a simple math equation: we have 32 days between Black Friday and Christmas Day + shipping takes time + family budget + things we need (that won’t be on sale like this again for at least another 6 months or so)= A list + Priorities.

Pick the biggest things you need for your home, the new sofa, the new master bed, the rug, the kitchen appliance refresh etc., and just pull the trigger and call it your gift to yourself, or if you are coupled, to one another or the family. These kinds of things might not seem like gifts, but they’ll be where you live and where you spend your quality time with your family. So I count them, heavily.

And then make the list of gifts. And then get it done now, while it’s all on sale, so that you can spend most of those 30+ days just eating, drinking, and taking in the lights, love and merry. With that in mind, here’s a little direction beginning with a few of my favorite things (on sale), and moving on to the BIG SALES! xoxo, A
Our special Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals for all things homey & chic — needs, wants & gifts on your list. Get it all on sale now!

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1/  Hearth and Hand with Magnolia Triangle Dinner Bell Joanna Gaines Collection Limited Edition: Great gift for all those crushing on Joanna. And a fun way to call everyone to dinner. Come and get it!

2/  The Citizenry | Oro Black Clay CupsPurpose over Profits. Preach it. You spend money on gifts, The Citizenry sends girls to school. Easiest shopping to feel good about. Win, win, win. Start with these. They are so smooth they look like leather. They are a great gift, and I use mine as often as a small vase or a collector of things in my bathroom as I do as drinking vessels. Just because they are beautiful. And purposeful.

3/  Loewy Brass Reflector Lamp with Marble Base: Project 62 | Target | On Sale. Tis the season to reflect? Easy side or bedside table lamp, gives off beautiful shadows.

4/  Gerald Large Round Wall Mirror: A 40″ diameter mirror, for this price, that’s this beautiful, happens not very often at all. It’s happening NOW.

5/  Missoni Verner Duvet Cover: Long live my love of Missoni. They just do color + stripe more perfectly. Lumens, not only has a giant Black Friday Sale through Sunday, but they will also Black Friday Gift you as a bonus, and I promise their gifts are always good ones! Just add the code for the free gift of your choice at check-out.

6/  Wick Trimmer and Snuffer Set: The perfect way to make a gorgeous candle into a great gift set is to pair it with these! Especial on sale!

7/  Parachute QuiltParachute Home is my hands down favorite for bedding. And it’s almost never on sale. It is NOW: 20% off everything. We love us some white sheets, but we love them more with a deep grey quilt layered at the end of bed. Makes a great gift too, especially with so many beautiful colors to choose from!

8/  Tres Rug: Black + White, Patterned + Striped, Perfectly Balanced in a Slightly Asymmetrical Way…makes this rug absolute perfection! It’s all my favorite things in one beautiful design! And on Sale!!!  + Free gifts! Comes in 3 sizes. And OK, fine, if Black and White aren’t your thing, there are 4 other color combos to choose from!

9/  Windowpane Alpaca ThrowParachute Home, while it’s on sale and you are in the market for gifts! This easy-to-love, perfect plaid, throws well just about everywhere! Even more so at 20% off.

10/  Genuine Australian Octo (8) Sheepskin Rug – Extremely Soft Silky Silver Grey Wool: We just placed this one in a room, and it’s even more lush and beautiful in person that it is in the photo, which says a lot! This item has nothing to do with BF, so if you need a break from that, focus your energy here. Also, my girls, and pretty much all the girls I know, count fun items like this for their rooms as amazing gifts. In case you have anyone that could use a little more luxe in your life.

11/  Lands’ End Towels: The time to stock-up is while they are 40% off! We love white, but we could easily be persuaded to try some of the other fun colors!

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