Best Of Shopbop Black Friday: Linzi’s Picks


I get overwhelmed by these giant sales. All the designer names, all the gorgeous dresses and bags and shoes and earrings and, and, and, and…I’m feeling the need to compartmentalize. Sure, there are plenty of fabulous dresses and special date night clutches in this sale, but for today I’m trying to focus my browsing to the three pieces that get worn most in my day-to-day life. 1. Really good jeans 2. Comfy shoes 3. A fabulous top layer.

The way the Shopbop sale works is 15% off orders $200+, 20% off Orders $500+, and a whopping 25% off orders $800 + with code MORE19. If you’re searching for a winter coat, a pair of boots, and a couple pairs of jeans, it’s (fortunately as well as unfortunately, of course) pretty amazing how quickly you can get to that 25% mark.

(Pssst…For more Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping & #DressingRoomSelfies, plus fall, winter & holiday outfit ideas (when you’re done here, of course, head over here.) 

3 Steps For Shopping Shopbop’s Black Friday Sale

How To Shop Buy More, Save More At Shopbop? Just 3 steps: 1. Pick designer jeans 2. Add comfy shoes (or cozy boots) 3. Rock a fabulous top layer.

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1. Pick Your Designer Jeans First

Designer jeans (that I really like) don’t go on sale THAT often and tend to sell out fast, so let’s start there. I’m petite (5’2) with a pear shape (smaller waist but with thighs, a butt, and thicker calves and ankles). I can’t do very many of the designer jeans because of the the super skinny calves. My go-to’s for higher-end brands that fit well are Mothers, Frames, and Good American, but I’ve heard really good things about DL1961’s fit, so I just ordered a pair of those to try as well.

1. MOTHER Superior The Tripper Jeans: I’ve been inching my way toward the trendier jeans and these are my next step. Checks a bunch of on-trend boxes: faded wash, distressing, high waist, not skinny. Super excited to give them a try especially since I almost alway love the way MOTHERS fit.

2. DL1961 Florence Mid Rise Skinny Jeans: Shana has a pair of DL1961’s and every time she wears them, I stop and ask her what they are. They are so good, and she assures me that there’s plenty of leg space for us stronger calved ladies. Will report back after I try them. Hoping these will can replace my gray Lucky’s that everyone is sick of seeing.

3. FRAME Le High Skinny Jeans: Gahhh! The wash on these is perfection! Besides my gray jeans, my faded black wash ones are the most worn in my closet right now. Size up if you’re between sizes, my regular size was a little snug.

4. MOTHER The Tomcat Jeans: So I love MOTHER flare and wide leg jeans, but I’m trying hard to branch out. The Tomcats are the ones Shana has recommended to me as a more updated look to my old Lucky’s.

2. Next, Browse The Cozy Winter Boots

Right now, I am VERY drawn to all the cozy casual winter boots. Sorels and No. 6’s on sale are always fun to find. Practical and stylish.

5. No. 6 Shearling High Heel Boots: Some of you Facebook readers know I’ve been debating between trying these or the lesser expensive (but not fully lined) Danskos. These No. 6’s are so absolutely gorgeous (especially when you’re as obsessed with clogs as I am).

6. Sorel Harlow Cozy Booties: I am very in to the lighter accent colors this winter. Feels totally fresh and a bit unexpected from the usual black and charcoal. I would wear these with any dark puffer. Soft shearling lining, waterproof suede, and good grippy sawtooth sole.

7. Sorel Phoenix Moto Boots: I’m a huge fan of giant moon boot snow trekkers, but sometimes you want to be prepared for the weather, without looking like you’re in snow-man-building-mode all day long. These moto style Sorel boots have shearling-lined coziness with Sorel waterproof construction.

8. Sorel Kinetic Caribou Booties: I have to be honest. I REALLY want these Sorels as a sneaker/boot hybrid, but Shana has them and although I’m okay with some overlap in wardrobe, she wears these A LOT, so I’m looking for something different. I’m thinking these Caribou Booties are a really good option. Similar hybrid feel, interesting look (not just your typical black boot), warm and cozy.

3. Finally, Find (And Rock) A Special Top Layer

9. Velvet Evian Coat: I love the teddy coats that are out there right now, but they are all starting to look the same. This is unique, totally special, and from one of my favorite brands. Velvet does easy-to-wear pieces, but with an interesting twist SO well.

10. BB Dakota: A fun little cozy piece. The camel color is really good, but this shade of charcoal on the darker coat is looking just right to me. Also comes in ivory. I wish I was wearing this right now!

11. Scotch & Soda/Maison Scotch Mixed Fabric Parka Jacket: Not my typical style or color scheme, but zoom in on this piece to take a good look. I keep coming back to look at it more closely. The mix of fabrics, the tone-on-tone coloring, the gold details, the pop of muted color on the hood. It’s all working.

12. dRA Marcena Coat: Wow! This coat is definitely special. So many faux fur coats out there right now, but this is definitely a fun one. I would wear this for special occasions with all the sparkles and also with light denim and sneaks. I mean..if you own something this wonderful, you better rock it as often as possible!

13. Lost + Wander Valle Sweater Jacket: Hard for me to pass up good sweater jackets. I find these statement sweater-jackets can make even your most basics (think jeans and a tee or black workout clothes) somehow look pulled together.

14. Splits59 Naomi Jacket: I’m guessing many of you (like me) have several similar shorter versions of this piece, but I’m intrigued with the longer lines. Feels more modern and a nice update to my old black yoga wrap cardigans.

Happy Sale Shopping….it’s going to be a good one!


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