Linzi’s Black Friday Wishlist: All Things Useful


Sales are starting EARLY, folks! For this crazy wild Black Friday sales period, I’m trying to stay focused on usefulness and practicality. I’m easily distracted by all the sparkles and everything pretty, but searching for things that I KNOW will be helpful and “used on the daily” feels good right now.

It’s the season of giving (and I’m of course all for that!), but I also don’t think it’s SUCH a bad thing to be on the lookout for some things for yourself. Self-gifting anyone? Maybe a little of both? I mean it IS practical and useful to buy stuff when it’s on sale, and the sales this time of year are GOOD. I am obviously quite good at rationalization!

Below are all the items I’m watching for in the Black Friday sales: Useful “major purchase” items I’m hoping will come with MAJOR savings, in addition to smaller less-exciting items that we (and probably others) actually need (and will hopefully snag on super-sale). Many Black Friday (aka Black November) sales have ALREADY STARTED!

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All Things Useful: Linzi’s Black Friday Wishlist

All things useful: daily outfits, household items & stuff for the kids. This Black Friday shopping wishlist is, uh, practical (but also fun:-). Here's hopin'.

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Black Friday Sale Hopes: Useful Items To Wear On The Daily

1. J. Crew Socks: I never seem to have enough good socks, and I love J.Crew’s selection of socks for the whole family. I’ll definitely be stocking up for both of the boys, myself, and the hubs. J. Crew ALREADY has a great sale that includes these.

2. Black Cozy Sweatshirt: I usually stay in jammies for lazy lounging family holiday time, but am considering stepping it up this year with a comfy cute sweatshirt/sweater over leggings and cute patterned cozy socks (socks already on sale). Sweatshirt, leggings, and cute socks would make a super-cute and useful gift, and Athleta usually runs a good November sale.

3. Mix-And-Match Pom Pom Hat: I already ordered this hat and many of the interchangeable pom poms —I’m SO obsessed with this idea (BRILLIANT!) So fun AND useful! Sometimes Anthro does a site-wide sale, and sometimes it’s just specific items.

4. Rebecca Minkoff Backpack: I bought this Rebecca Minkoff Nylon bag (it’s on sale!) this year and it is fantastic, but I wish I would have waited for this one. More stylish details and still would fit my laptop, water bottle, kid snacks and salsa dance shoes. It would get a ton of use and give me a slightly more put-together look–there’s usually a big November sale on her site.

5. Really Good Jeans: During big sale times, I’m always looking for deals on the designer jeans. I can’t bring myself to pay full price, but do love the feel and fit…especially of anything from MOTHER…will keep stalking Anthro’s sites and others.

6. A High Quality Really Long Puffer: Anyone who has a Lolë coat, swears by them and their amazing warmth. A really long super-warm puffer WOULD be useful in Philly, and Lolë often does a Cyber Week sale. Check out other puffers I like here.

7. Lipstick I Like: I’ve been regretting not jumping on the Charlotte Tilbury Anni Sale set, but this set looks equally good if not better. This YSL set is a great price too and is priced well for SO many good colors. Even though I for some reason still purchase inexpensive lipsticks, YSL are the ones I love and actually wear on the daily.

Black Friday Sale Hopes: Useful Items For My Household

8. Dyson Stick Vacuum: I cannot say enough good things about my Dyson vacuum. I love it so much. Although I don’t need to be looking for a new vacuum for myself, I will be looking for sales to pass along to friends and family. I’m known as the Dyson vacuum pusher in some circles, but I recognize they are pricey (so good to get on sale!) Many versions are already on SALE here!!! Similar pricing on the V8 on Amazon, but if you order through Dyson, you get free accessories (and they do price matching, free shipping, all the good stuff, etc.). Woohoo!

9. Bigger Instant Pot: Kind of ridiculous, but we need a bigger one. The 6-quart is fine for our family, but when we host folks for taco night or joint family dinners, we definitely need a bigger one…deciding between 8- and 10-quart. Where I’m going to put it, I don’t know… so don’t be surprised if you see it as our new dining room centerpiece.

10. Dyson Air Purifier: Shana got Dyson air purifiers for multiple places in her house and says they are amazing. Maybe it’s time for us to replace our 80-year-old bedroom fan with this? Definitely more tempting when they ARE on sale as a gift to the entire family, (the kids will be really excited about this as their big gift, right? Ha!)

11. Fancy King Size Sheets: We got a king-size bed this year (it is SOOOOO much fun for all four of us to fit in one bed for family cuddle time), but I bought super-cheap sheets and they are definitely NOT fun. Hoping Parachute offers their usual Black Friday sale, so it’s a bit easier to splurge on one nice set (this one includes duvet cover, pillowcases, and fitted sheet). I run hot, so will probably do the Percale, but I love the idea of their linen duvet set, as well as their dreamy gauzy cotton. A small set or a gift card to Parachute would be such an amazing and super useful gift.

12. More Cheese Knives: I so need more cheese knives–last time I set up a cheese board, I ended up having to use plastic disposable knives. So ridiculous that I don’t just order these and be done with it, but they usually run a good sale, so I’ll wait. These cuties are already almost 50% off!

13. More White Bowls: Similar situation to the cheese knives. I need these. I know I need them. Yet…I don’t buy them. Sales do help in these situations. These are already on sale and look perfect.

Black Friday Sale Hopes: Useful Items For My Kids

14. Another Chromebook: I am sad to say that my 1st grader probably needs his own computer. His school has computer programs they encourage the kiddos to use during homework time, and him having a designated Chromebook will definitely help with the fighting over a computer situation.

15. Another Nintendo Switch: We didn’t allow my older son to get a Nintendo Switch until he was nine (read more here), but we are already so much more lax with our second kiddo. I’m all about the “idea” that he’s not old enough to have a video game system, yet we allow him to play on his brother’s on the probably makes sense if not this year, then soon-ish to get him his own, especially when they have lots of friends over and want to play multi-player/user games. Will be looking for sales on the Switch and the Switch Lite. Read more about why I think the Switch is the BEST for kids here.

17. More Magna Tiles: These won’t go on sale. I know they won’t. They never do..or at least not by much. But I’ll look anyway. You know my rule for Magna-Tiles…Buy as many as you can afford. They’re wonderful. There are so many fun new Magna Tiles available right now, too. *Added Note: A reader let us know she finds good deals on Magna-Tiles on Zulily! Awesome!! I’m a Magna-Tile brand snob, though, so just make sure you’re getting you’re looking at the correct brand if that matters to you too.

16. More PrismaColors: We have this beautiful set downstairs in our “work area”, but it would also be useful to have one upstairs in the kids’ rooms. I also love giving this as gift, so if it goes on sale (which it usually does), I’ll stock up. My younger son’s head would explode if he unwrapped this set of 150!

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  1. You mentioned that you don’t find magnatiles on sale that often. Wanted to let you know that I regularly find them on sale on Zulily.

    • Why do I always forget about Zulily?? Thank you SO much for the suggestion, Laura–my son was building a castle last night and I was thinking to myself it’s so ridiculous (b/c we already have plenty), but think about what he could build with MORE! Ha!

    • Awesome! Thanks, Caroline! I’m of course wishing for them at 50% off—ha!!!! And maybe that Dyson air purifier at 85% off! But every little bit helps. 🙂

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