The Perfect Jumpsuit to Wear Now and Later

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Who is crazy for fall but still living in summer temperatures? One of the things I find a challenge, but also love about visiting Colombia, is that I have to get creative with what I bring. A lot of what I bring needs to work for both warm and cold weather because we go from Bogota (cold) to other parts of the country that are warm. While I did choose specific things to wear in Cartagena because it was like a honeymoon for us, there were other things that I brought for double duty.

Enter this jersey wrap jumpsuit. I decided to upgrade my favorite inexpensive ASOS standard to this one that has more coverage and can work easily for colder weather. Bonus points — it’s nursing-friendly and you all know I’m still nursing my toddler. The fabric is so soft and it’s sooo comfortable. I kept telling my sister that it was like wearing pj’s but not looking like it.

Important for mamas with soft lower bellies like me: I wear these lightweight shorts under. They are high rise and smooth the belly out. Why shorts? I don’t like the panty lines I get with briefs. I also don’t like to wear thongs with loose soft pants. So I usually wear these shorts under jumpsuits, loose pants and dresses.

Wear Right Now…

I love black, but lately I’ve been walking away from wearing just black. So I’ve been adding some color to my outfits through scarves, earrings, and sometimes shoes. My color of choice lately is yellow-gold. I believe a little bit of color adds a nice touch and allows someone’s personality to shine through an outfit.

While I wore this in very vacation mode, now that I’m back in NY I would switch the Rattan bag for a leather-tan crossbody like this one and these leopard loafers flats — if the weather is not crazy hot.

Wear Later…

I styled it for Bogota’s 60-something degrees with a denim jacket, the same belt and block-heeled ankle boots. The hem cuffs make it easy to wear ankle boots with a high-shaft. I honestly think it has way more styling options for cold weather than for warmer weather. I can imagine it with a leather jacket, even a trench coat. How about a thin turtleneck under it?


JumpsuitLoveappella Short Sleeve Wrap Jumpsuit – My favorite thing about it is that it comes in regular and petite sizes. I am wearing XS petite. Comes in navy too!

JacketRumors Free People Denim Jacket – My favorite denim jacket. It’s lightweight and soft. Comes in two more washes.

BeltMadewell Leather Crisscross Skinny Belt – Belt for waist and hips. Love it and want it in black now!

BootsCecile Free People – Shana has raved about these boots for a while. Nice walkable heel. I’m really loving them in the snakeskin print.

SunglassesTory Burch – On sale! I’m bad with sunglasses and usually tend to leave them or drop them and notice a month later, but I love these, and they are the only ones I’ve been wearing the past two months!

Hoping for cooler temperatures soon! Not too cool though! How about you?

Chao chao,


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  1. I tried this and felt it was way overpriced for the quality. Felt like an Old Navy jumpsuit… was hoping for thicker material! I ended up returning it.

    Also, for anyone curious: I’m 5’10” with big boobs – this was just starting to feel wedgie.

  2. I am enjoying your jumpsuit posts! I like how you styled it with the tan accessories. The shorts are a great idea, I need to try it. I wore a sort of loose midi dress yesterday, could used some shorts. My panty lines made me look a bit buldgy. Wondering if the spanx shorts are worth the cost? Is there a lower cost alternative that you like?

    • Thank you!!! So the spanx shorts have see worth it to me considering how much I wear them. Haven’t tried other brands but just found these from H&M….they may be worth trying, one of my favorite high-rise smoothing thongs are H&M, super soft and I sometimes choose them over my spanx ones.

  3. Oh noo! I’m 5’2″ , it may be too long BUT it can be altered easily. It’s jus taking the cuff apart, cut and sew the cuff back. If you have Nordstrom’s credit card and you haven’t used your alterations, they might be able to do it.

  4. Thanks! I’ll try both out and see. I had got some yummie boy short type and they roll, now I understand why. I need some higher waist and longer leg ones. I appreciate this!

  5. It looks better on you than on the Nordstrom model!

    But my concern would be the same as one of the other commenters in that it doesn’t look like a very high quality material for the price. Especially because I’ve seen this exact style jumpsuit in so many places. What do you like better about this one vs. others of similar style? Is the material or cut worth the price?

    Also, try to always throw in a shot from behind so we can see the outfit from all angles. Thanks!

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