Renowned: A Black-Owned Business with Seriously Cool Graphics


If you like seriously cool graphics…check out Renowned (also available at Nordstrom). Based in LA, this Black-Owned Business was founded by John Dean III, who happens to be born in Ohio (oh heyyyy Midwest), and started this clothing collection to “illustrate the duality of the American Dream”. His goal was to come up with graphics that bind the past & present, while aiming for a brighter future.

Which helps to explain why Renowned designs seem to balance the usual edginess so often present in men’s graphic tees with something almost…playful.

sweatshirt (m) – also as a tee | jeans -thrifted | sneakers

Raines, my oldest, really likes this line. He tends to be picky about his graphic tees (soooo many rules omg) but the Renowned ones were an easy yes.

tee (L) | hat

In general, we found that Renowned tees run a tiny bit small, but the sweatshirts are TTS (if not a bit big).

sweatshirt (m) – also as a tee | jeans -thrifted | sneakers

All pieces featured are 100% cotton, and suuuper soft. I should know – I’m wearing his right now. 😉

sweatshirt (m) – also as a tee | jeans -thrifted | sneakers

I love that he’s big enough to steal his clothes. Sometimes, when I’ve stolen something really good, I’ll take a selfie and send it to him at school. “Ma,” he’ll text back, “whyyyyyy”.

Gahhhh I love him so much.



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