5 Days of Outfits, 1 Puffer Coat


For a long time I thought puffers were one of those things that you had for its warmth, but not necessarily for the style. I do think retailers/designers have come out with much prettier puffers in the past couple of years, but sometimes they can still be tricky to make…cute. 

So. I came up with five days of outfits using one basic black puffer. (I even think a lot of the base pieces will be things you can already find in your closet). 

Elevating A Basic Black Puffer: 5 Outfit Ideas

The key here to making a basic puffer and basic base outfits interesting is with accessorizing. I cannot emphasize enough how a cute beanie or pretty earrings can take a simple outfit up a notch. Accessorize!

Outfit 1: Turtlenecks & Jeans

Turtlenecks and jeans are wardrobe staples for most of us I’d say. Putting a black puffer on top seems like a no-brainer for winter. To make these pieces a little more interesting, I’d add a pretty scarf, gold or silver chunky hoops and a metallic bag. (Because I will not be over the metallic bags any time soon. It took all the restraint to not put one in every outfit). 

black puffer outfit ideas

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Outfit 2: Leggings & A Graphic Sweatshirt

Now here’s my pretty realistic, day to day outfit makers: leggings and crewneck sweatshirts. I am all about the comfort at all times. Life’s simply too short to be uncomfy. I’d pop on a cute beanie or baseball hat, mittens, chunky winter boots or sneakers and I’d wear the socks OVER the leggings. 

black puffer outfit ideas

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Outfit 3: Trousers & A Pretty Cardigan

Can’t stop, won’t stop styling up these pretty cardigan/jackets. They’re just so dang chic! That with some trousers, a white tee (for layering on some warmth), pretty earrings and sleek shoes and I’m ready for a day at the office.

PS: here’s another option for the cardigan that’s less expensive.

black puffer outfit ideas

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Outfit 4: Comfy Pants & A Pop of Color

I never ever ever thought I’d love this color blue so much, but whew! I love! But really, any basic long sleeve tee would work with the rest of this outfit for a cozy Sunday with the fam. I’d either go with the zip-sweater on top and some cool track pants or I’d go for a matching set moment with the sweater pants

black puffer outfit ideas

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Outfit 5: Corduroy Pants & Bows

I’ve been seeing a good amount of corduroy pants out there recently and it makes me very happy. Something about them feels nostalgic and truthfully, I could give or take my jeans some days. As boring as it may sound, a fitted long-sleeve black tee looks so sleek especially when paired with some chunky gold earrings. Just add some ballet flats or moto boots (if it’s too cold for flats). Oh yeah, and pop on a bow. Just because they’re cute and #balletcore. 

black puffer outfit ideas

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Happy puffer season!


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