Just In Time For School: A Printable Academic Calendar For The Fam


Friends. You may remember the calendar that my friend and I designed and released earlier this year from the post where I shared all about it. Well, a few people suggested a school-year calendar version, and I thought what a fabulous idea! Then we made it happen. And by we, I mean me, because it was really last minute before school starts for many of you, and once I get something in my head to do, it usually happens pretty quickly so I don’t get side-tracked and forget about it. #mombrain Haha.

The 2019-2020 School Year Calendar

The difference in this version versus the regular year version is, of course, that it runs from August to July, 2019 to 2020. So, you can start your “year” when school starts and plan it out accordingly, without having to switch the poster/calendar halfway through. They’re both  digital downloads, for now, and I give printing details on the listing for your convenience.

I’m happy to have this school-year option available now for you teachers, coaches, professors, etc., who really operate more on an academic calendar. Shana said she may even prefer to use this style for her house, and it makes a lot of sense for any of us with kiddos on a typical academic schedule. This would be great for college students, too, and would make a nice send-off gift.

As the school year approaches, an academic calendar is kind of exactly what we need. Blank, printable & fun for the whole fam — we're on it!As the school year approaches, an academic calendar is kind of exactly what we need. Blank, printable & fun for the whole fam — we're on it!Just like the other calendar, the benefit of this at-a-glance school-year calendar is that each month is on one row. This makes it so handy for designating any events that take place over multiple days (we really love using washi tape!) Similar Floral Washi Tape to what I’m using above is right here) and it makes looking at your year and those events all at once so easy. It’s wonderful for planning trips, camps, projects and more. A has really appreciated being able to use it to schedule her kiddos going back and forth between parents, which we talked all about that in the last post.

As the school year approaches, an academic calendar is kind of exactly what we need. Blank, printable & fun for the whole fam — we're on it!

Printing & Using The Blank Calendar

Check that previous post out for ALL the details on using this bad boy. I talk about hanging suggestions, printing details and washi tape use, and you can see how both my friend Carrie and I use our calendars. Here’s to a great school year everyone! 


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  1. Oh my gosh, this makes my OCD heart so happy! Thank you for sharing! I was just thinking – if you get it laminated you can use dry erase markers right?

  2. Laura, I love these printables! With just a modest tweak I could make it my go-to forever. Would you consider designing one where the days of the week line up? When you’ve got swimming lessons on the same day each week, and music lessons on the same day, and so on, having an entire column of activities line up is very handy.

    • I totally see the benefit of this, but not how it would actually work on the calendar from a design standpoint. And my designer side wants all the edges to line up. Haha. I worry the individual days would have to become smaller, too, to accommodate that…

  3. I bought your calendar last year and love it!! I’m loving the idea of one that fits the academic year because I’ve always thought of the new school year being the ‘new year’ instead of January. One small tweak. I’d love to see one more row added to include Aug 2020 as well. In Canada we don’t start back to school until September. I feel like if I bought this calendar as it is right now, I wouldn’t be able to use it for the full summer. Being that summer has so many trips, holidays and camps, it would be a real loss. Sometimes planners give an extra month or so to tied you over for that time between.

    Will you be releasing the Jan to Dec version as well? Trying to decide if I should make the switch.


  4. Plus 1 for the August – August or September – August club. In Boston we go back after Labor Day and are in school WELL into June thanks to those snow days.

    Also: Etsy is saying it’s sold-out – possible to change?

    • Ah ok thanks for the input! I’ll revisit squeezing another row in there. I hate to make the day boxes smaller than they are, but maybe we can sacrifice some of the notes space. And I just renewed so they should be back in stock. Thanks for the heads up!

  5. Another vote from Wisconsin for adding in August since we also don’t get out until mid-June and don’t come back until after Labor Day.

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