Blogger Favorite: Levi 501 Denim Shorts (A Review)




There’s always a pretty marked difference between the blogging world, and, uh, reality.  For example – have you ever seen someone wearing an ironic cat t-shirt in real life?  For really reals?  (Not gifting a cat t-shirt, but actually wearing said cat tee.)   And I’m not totally convinced that cupcakes/macaroons/doughnuts are actually part of anyone’s daily diet.  Despite the number of instagram pics to the contrary (including my own – cringe).

But once in a while us bloggers get it right.  We focus on a trend (or perhaps even…dare I say it…create a trend?) that actually works in the everyday.  And the latest one I’m all over?  Levi 501 denim shorts.




These are old-school Levis, with a higher waist and that classic Levi bum.  And?  I think I like them.  At $58 a pop, they’re a far cry from the $200 denim shorts I’ve been coveting/debating.




tee: J.Crew camo tee…long gone, but love J.Crew’s printed tee or this bright camo linen tee at ASOS

shorts: Levi 501 cut-offs, on sale for $39 at Zappos

shoes: old ShoeMint…love these on-sale Dolce Vita sandals (in any color)

necklaces: Gorjana Taner Collar Necklace, and my mom’s old necklace (try Gorjana’s honeycomb necklace)

sunnies: Madewell Hepcat Shades (on sale)

clutch:  Stella & Dot leopard print wallet (on sale!)

on Raines: FabKids tee and pants, Vans Kids Half-Cab (on sale at 6pm), my fav Raybans


But I think denim shorts are, in many ways, trickier than actual denim.  My closet has denim shorts that range in sizes from 24 – 27.  Some bloggers have specified that these particular shorts should be bought big, but I was skeptical (that high waist!!).   So I ordered a bunch and did a bit of research.  Here are the results:



levis25 levis26 levis27

wearing: old jcrew tee….try this similar one, levi 501 cut-offs, Bite Beauty high pigment pencil in Quince


I actually didn’t mind the hugely oversized look of size 27, but the 26s just looked strange.  It’s like they were big, but not big enough to pull off the look.  The 25s were close – I loved how they looked folded over at the waistband (an old trick from the 90’s thankyouverymuch), but I didn’t like how they looked without the fold.  The 24s were the ones I ended up keeping – they looked cute fully buttoned, or buttoned and folded over.  The bum is shockingly flattering – especially from the side.

Soooo…I like them.  In hindsight, if I had to do it all over again, I’d probably pick a lighter, more destroyed wash, simply because that’s more my style.  Something like one of these:


Has anyone else tried these old-school Levis?  Thoughts?




ps.  Thanks for the feedback about the image loading problems.  We’re working on a server upgrade, so stay tuned (and don’t be too surprised if we have some up-and-downs for the next couple of days).  Your patience and FEEDBACK is hugely appreciated.  Seriously.



  1. LOVE the 24s!! I saw the 27s and was like ummm no, those are not flattering so that made me laugh you liked them because one time I bought a pair of jeans that were 3 sizes too big and the lady at Gap tried her hardest to talk me out of them. I no longer have them, by the way 🙂

  2. Thank you for trying on different sizes. I like how it was written on your face whether or not you liked the size. I am always trying to figure out what size to buy/order. I like the 24 and the 27’s too. I think the 27’s might not be practical for mom life (bending over, adjusting etc.,) sizes are so tough. I try to go by measurements but even that can be tricky. I love shopping online, but it’s hard when you really covet a final sale or pay return item.

  3. You look great in these! I have a pair of frayed shorts from H&M. They look great, but I think they may be a tad too short. On a totally unrelated note, do you have any recommendations for a great man bag? My husband’s messenger bag (sadly, with his Go Pro and journal inside) was stolen this afternoon and his birthday is coming up. I am hoping to buy him a new bag. I love your posts on men’s fashion and was hoping you could point me in the right direction?

  4. I’ve tried the 501 shorts…I really wanted to like them but they were just too short. (I’m tall.) I ended up buying vintage 501s and making them into shorts. But I had trouble making them look right. Kept cutting and trying, cutting and trying. Guess what? Vintage cut-offs only look cute super short.

  5. Do these come in a longer inseam? These look fabulous on you because your legs are ah-maz-ing, but those of us with a few more… curves…. in the hip/thigh area need a little more length.

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