Styling Blundstone Boots: Now and Later


It’s no secret we love a good boot here at TME. I’ve been enamored by some of the fancy options out there for this fall. I love putting on a fun heeled boot for date night. But, honestly, my very favorite thing is finding a great everyday boot that can go (almost) anywhere. A reader joked on my recent Seattle packing post that everyone in the Northwest is prepared for hike at any minute. Ha. It’s not far from the truth. For the Northwest, at least, we’re dealing with super casual attire most of the time. A good, durable but versatile boot is a godsend.

How I’m Wearing Them Now

I’ve coveted my friend Sarah’s Blundstones forever (she’s gorgeously natural, half Finnish, has her own tea company and travels the world – yes.) I finally joined the Blundstone club recently and I’m already in love. Pinky’s had a pair for a few years now (because he destroys shoes) and Sienna got some for this fall, too. They’re comfy, indestructible and the best part is they look like a chelsea boot instead of a hiking boot. Trust me, I know they’re not fancy, but they fit all my other requirements.

As a young adult of the 90’s, I adore Doc Martens, but wow breaking them in is such a chore. I think I love these Blunnies because they hint at a Doc Marten but without the breaking-in period and with a bit smaller sole. I wound up going with the traditional brown boot but was super close to getting the rustic black pair.

blundstone outfit

black skinny jeans black florals

Outfit Details

TopAbercrombie Floral Woven Tee – Love the back buttons. Fits TTS.

JeansMadewell 9″ High Rise Skinny Jeans – Favorites ever. TTS.

BootsBlundstone Original 500 Boot – I so love these. I went with the traditional dark brown with brown elastic but there are quite a few other options. I love the pair with the red insets for a fun pop of color and of course all black would be great, too. They run TTS in my opinion. I wear AUS 5 which is a Women’s US 8, my typical size. For me there wasn’t a breaking in period in these which was amazing. Pinky wishes they had a bit more arch support, but the insoles are easily removable so you could put in your own insole.

Jacket – (similar) Topshop Matilda Denim Jacket – A light wash denim jacket is my forever go-to. It goes with everything and is great especially with lighter tees and tops.

How I’ll Wear Them Later

I think the key to keeping these boots from looking too campy is to pair them with city chic or current pieces. Of course, they are great with leggings and a sweater for camping/hiking, but to wear them while not galavanting out of doors I love putting coated denim, blanket scarves, ripped jeans or oversized sweaters with them to add a bit more style.

how to style blundstones

Look 1: Jacket | Tee | Bag | Jeans | Boots – This is a great early fall look with chic jeans but casual pieces. Love the nice crossbody bag, too. I have these DSTLD jeans and love them. TTS.

Look 2: Sweater | Sunglasses | Jeans | Boots – This look is a little bit Freepeople inspired and I’m dying to find the right sweater to pull this off. These jeans are some of my favorite updated pair for 2017.

Look 3: Scarf | Sweater | Jeans | Boots – This combo will be great as it gets cooler. I like keeping the scarf in a lighter but similar color to the sweater (which is navy) and I so adore navy with black for fall/winter.

I typically get away with wearing a dark sock close to the color of the boots to keep the look cohesive and not break up the leg length. Smartwool are my favorites. Have you tried these boots out or do you have a similar style/brand you love for a durable, versatile fall boot? I’d love to hear what you like! If your family members are also interested, here is a link to a men’s pair (most styles are actually unisex) and a kiddo pair we love.

family blundstones



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  1. Love Blundstones. I had a pair during study abroad in Australia in 2000 and have always thought about them, but never really did anything about tracking a pair down. This is the inspiration I needed to make it happen. SO comfortable, and SLIP ON, with zero breaking in.

  2. The Doc Marten Pascal is made of super soft leather — no break in period at all. I got a pair in black last year. I love them…they make me feel like one of the cool kids at my high school in 1995. 🙂

  3. I love the chelsea boot style of the Blundstones. I am looking for a pair of not-so-girly boots to go with my dresses in fall. Maybe I’ll cave. I also have a pair of Docs – don’t know the name of the model, but they have a floral lining – and they were comfortable from the beginning. Absolutely no break in period at all. I think it depends on the leather if they hurt or not.

  4. Great looking boot- but I’m sorry to say- buyer beware. My husband has a pair and wears them only occasionally. Last time he put them on we noticed some rubber crumbs as he walked out the door and at work he was walking around the office with his soles actively crumbling/disintegrating with each step. He had to go barefoot by lunch time. Unfortunately this is a well-known, well-documented problem with these boots.

  5. I have a similar boot from Fly London that I wear every day once the weather cools off. I have walked 8 or 9 city miles in a day in them with no sore feet.

  6. Wolky makes amazingly comfortable boots. Their European sites offer more choices than the US site (at least in years past) and ship for free. Hands down most comfortable boots I’ve ever owned.

  7. I’m a die-hard Blundstones fan and have worn them from September to May for the last…decade or maybe more. They are amazingly comfortable and I wear them with everything from skirts to jeans. I would say that they don’t have a ton of arch support so if that’s a thing for you, I’d recommend an insert. In Toronto, we often wear winter insoles to make them winter ready and, honestly, on all but the coldest days that works. One winter I didn’t wear them as we had the polar vortex descend and nothing truly kept me warm.
    I’ve never had nor heard of the problem Michelle mentions–nor has any of my family members and we currently own 5 pairs. However, I do know that Blundstones stands behind their products so I’d be inclined to return them and see if they wouldn’t remedy the problem. (I know they do repairs on boots.)
    I should also say that I’ve zero affiliaton with Blundstones; I’m just a huge fan.

  8. Love my blunnies. We are on a day trip and I loudly declared as I read your article ” Look there are others that have the same outfits paired with their blundstones!” A local shoe store had them on sale for 30 percent off so I got my sixteen year old a pair and myself . She wears them more with sporty outfits and I wear them exactly as you have them paired. But they cross over to work and city exploring and we just explored Mt. St Helens

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