Is This The Cutest Swimsuit for Boys? Yes. Yes, It Is.


R, my little toddler, was complaining about his old swimsuit.  Apparently, being three, it bugged him when wet.  He didn’t like it flapping around his legs.  He solved this problem, however, by simply taking it off.  Which…OK…no biggie, but still.  So when I found MiniBoden’s Swim Trunks for toddlers…..oh, baby.  So. Stinkin. Cute.


He feels like a super-hero (the lack of drag in the water has been very exhilarating) and I just can’t even with the cuteness. And since they’re Boden, they’ll basically last forever – even with plenty of swimming in chlorine, salt water, and frequent washing.


Mini Boden Swim Trunks

I don’t know how long he’ll be willing to wear these…but I’ll buy them for as long as he’ll let me.




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