Styling Bombas’ Frill Socks 4 Ways: Gen Z Edition


Yesss, this is indeed a post about cute socks. Why, you ask? Because they’re GREAT. They’ve been topping off all of my sneaker outfits with the perfect amount of playful elevation with just a slip of the foot. Seriously… all it takes is an intentional, non-ugly sock. Who knew?!

It turns out that Bombas’ Frill Socks in particular are complete outfit-makers. And perhaps even outfit glue. I now grab them over every other sock (and I have a lot of good ones) if I need a bit of cushion or just a little something extra in my spring & summer ‘fits. I’ll show you why…

Styling Bombas’ Frill Socks 4 Ways (As A Gen Z’er)

Bombas lightweight frill quarter socks

Bombas Frill Socks

In order to prove their magic, I styled up Bombas’ Frill Socks in my 4 most-worn ways: for everyday, playful & sporty vibes, and even with a dress (or two!). Let’s get into it.

Outfit 1: Bombas Frill Socks + A Mini Dress

dress (more sizes) (midi version) | sneakers | socks | similar bag | similar necklace

Cute summer mini dress + frill socks + sneakers is a no-brainer for me. I’ve been wearing my fave low-profile sneakers (Golas, Adidas Gazelles & Sambas) with everything as of late – and I’ve found that the frill socks make even fancy-skewed dresses make sense with sneakers. See what I mean by outfit glue?

Outfit 2: Bombas Frill Socks + Boxer Shorts

sweater | boxers | sneakers | socks | similar bag | similar necklace

Yesss, I am a victim to the boxers-as-shorts trend. (And it’s FINE, you guys. Don’t be scared to wear them out of the house haha. They’re actually so cute.) I love the way the socks make this outfit feel more causal than sporty. And it ties in the color & texture of the ivory sweater really well. This outfit (comfy sweater + boxers + sneakers) has been on repeat for me this spring.

Outfit 3: Bombas Frill Socks + A Silk Midi + Sweatshirt

sweatshirt | similar dress | sneakers | socks

I love the way a hoodie looks over a skirt or in this case, a silk midi dress. It reads as overall chic & intentional, even though you kinda just threw something comfy over something sleek. Very cool-girl in my opinion. An oversized hoodie or crewneck looks especially good (and it doesn’t have to be in wild colors or match the sneakers), btw. It’s just SO dang comfortable to live in. Again, the socks act as the perfect glue making a chic dress/skirt and sneakers blend together.

Outfit 4: Bombas Frill Socks + Athleisure

crewneck | shorts (my print is sold out) | sneakers | socks | hat | yoga mat

Had to have a sporty workout look in here because duhhh. Sure, a regular athletic crew or ankle sock works (ok, I do love these if you’re looking), but the frill socks just add a bit more interest and fun. It helps that they’re really light & breathable and don’t make my feet hot or sweaty for actually working out, too.

Gotta love an easy, affordable, really freaking cute outfit maker. Maybe Shana will try them out next….

Xo, Abby

Oh hey, Pinners…

If you want to add a touch of playfulness to your sneaker outfits... come peek at these Bombas frill socks (AKA the ultimate outfit-makers).
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  1. ok! You convinced me to buy the socks–they’re super cute and comfy, even if I don’t have *quite* the right sneakers for them. now I would love to see some of the rest of the team do a 40+ version of styling these! 🙂

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