Bombas Makes The Best Running Socks (Says Me)


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I have – finally!! – found running socks I truly love. It has taken, uh, years of trial & error, plus several recurring arguments and/or proclamations at home (“These are Mommy’s socks! MOMMY’S SOCKS. They ArE nOt FOr yOU!!”) but I am happier with Bombas’ running socks than I’ve been with any other brand (even the fancy running socks sold at fancy running shoe stores).

woman wearing free people runsie in orange and bombas running socks putting on nobull journey sneakers in pale yellow

Bombas running socks

Plus, Bombas the company is pretty easy to get behind. Not only is their customer service bizarrely good (I once tried to return a pair…Bombas refunded me immediately, then told me to donate the unused pair) but they’ve also made giving a key part of their brand. For every pair of socks (or underwear or a t-shirt) you purchase, Bombas donates one to people in need. And I appreciate the work they’re doing around homelessness – not only has Bombas partnered with homeless shelters around the US, but they’re working to break down the biases surrounding homelessness, too.

woman getting ready to run in nobull sneakers

Bombas running socks

Why I Love Bombas Running Socks

Initially, when I was only running 2-ish miles, I mostly wore running shoes without socks. Which yielded – as one might expect – mixed results. And once my mileage went up, running socks became non-negotiable – a 5 mile sockless run could be pretty miserable.

woman lacing up nobull sneakers over bombas running socks

Bombas running socks

At first I tried wearing super thin running socks – the same kind my husband wore. But not only was the performance subpar (hot spots, pilling), but they looked so much like my guys’ running socks that the three of them would, inevitably, end up wearing *my* socks. And once my running socks have been worn by stinky man-feet, there is no washing machine on earth that can save them.

Why, one might ask, would the men in my life would even want to wear my running socks? And how would that even work?

It is a mystery.

best running socks for women bombas ankle running socks.

Bombas running socks

Which brings me back to the first thing I noticed about Bombas running socks: she cuuuute.

best no-show running socks that don't slip are bombas

Bombas running socks

While I initially grabbed these socks because I liked how they looked (note: significantly different from my husband’s and kids’ running socks), Bombas’ running sock performance is what keeps me coming back. And I’m not alone: my exact socks have over 10,000 glowing reviews!

Bombas running socks are just thick enough for that “ahhh” moment when slipping them on in the morning, but thin enough to be really comfortable inside a running shoe. Even on my longer runs, I’ve found that there are zero(!!) hot spots. Thanks, I suspect, in part to Bombas’ strategic zone cushioning (toe, heel, ball of the foot), plus a little added cushion at the ankle tab for extra blister protection – something I’ve struggled with in the past.

woman running in cute running outfit: free people runsie, bombas running socks and nobull sneakers

Bombas running socks

Like all of Bombas’ socks, their running socks have been meticulously tested for comfort – and it shows. There’s zero slipping, and no uncomfortable seams anywhere. I also deeply appreciate the range of sizes (S/M/L) which helps to ensure the sock perfectly hugs your foot, especially in the arch area.

Bombas’ running socks are made from a poly/cotton blend and something they call Hex Tec construction – which just basically means they’re breathable, moisture-wicking, and durable (even after repeated washings).

bombas ankle running socks for women

Bombas running socks

I also love the playful range of colors in the women’s section. Even though I’m just wearing little ankle socks, having a bit of color peep out is…fun! That said, if you Gen Z’ers are like Give Me Socks That Really Show, Bombas also makes quarter running socks, as well as calf running socks. I wore the calf running socks all winter – they’re great. But when it’s hot, I’m decidedly Team Tiny Socks.

Bombas Running Socks For Women

PS — All bundle packs are 5-15% off and new shoppers can use code: MOMEDIT for an extra 20% off your first order:

Lastly, before I forget(!!), Father’s Day is coming up. Bombas makes men’s running socks (I’m thinking of getting Mike a set of either all black or all white so he doesn’t confuse ours), as well as golf socks. Hmmmm. The kids and I could put together an activity day with a few little fun upgrades for Mike.



A huge thank-you to Bombas for sponsoring this post! If you can’t tell, we’re (like, all of us, boys included) longtime fans. As always, all thoughts, opinions, and product choices are my own. And readers, thank you for your continued support. It doesn’t go unnoticed, and is so very much appreciated.

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  1. These are very pretty! I still haven’t found any running socks l like better than the minimally padded Smartwools, but . . .

    I’m curious how you feel about the nobull sneakers! Are those a win?

    • YES. I’m crazy about them! They don’t have quite the stabilizing power of my Brooks, but it’s…close? The cushioning is great (especially since I’m pounding pavement here in Philly) and they’re impossibly lightweight AND have a suuuuper breathable upper. Perfect for summer. That said, I’m only talking about the Nobull Journeys. Their everyday sneaker, with the thinner bottom isn’t great for running, imo. (Cute, tho, and good for basically everything else.)

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