Socks & Slippers To Get Excited About: Bombas


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If there’s one thing many of us on the team can agree on… it’s that Bombas makes some of the best socks and slippers. Like… ever. Aliya has even raved that they’re so comfy, you’ll want to wear them to sleep.

Say less.

Worth The Hype: Bombas Socks & Slippers

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Actually… let me say more: Bombas socks and slippers are unreal soft and the material is thicker than the usual, but not in a tight and restrictive way. It makes your foot feel more padded + comfortable. And you know that really annoying toe seam that you can always feel when you put socks on? Bombas reinvented that so that it’s no longer there! They’ve got all the details nailed down.

We’re big supporters of their mission statement, too. They have a buy one/donate one program where with every pair purchased, a pair is donated to homeless shelters (socks are the #1 requested item in homeless shelters).

Whether you’re gifting to a friend or a family member, these babies are worth the hype.

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For Maximum All-Day Cozy: Sherpa-Lined Slipper Booties

Sherpa-Lined Slipper Booties

It doesn’t get much cozier than these. Sherpa-lined? Check. Chunky knit? Check. Bombas says it best… these are “the closest you’ll get to walking on clouds”. I especially appreciate that extended ribbed cuff that covers the ankle (maximum coverage, yes please). They’d make a great gift for the guys in your life, too.

The Classic Gripper Slipper, Now With Double The Cush

Gripper Slippers

You’ve probably heard of their classic Gripper Slippers…but now, they’ve been updated with a thicker footbed and 2x the cushioning. Imagine your favorite slippers, mixed with the fitted feel of a sock — that’s the Gripper Slipper. In addition to the classic knit, they also come in this festive fair-isle pattern. Might as well snap up a 2-pack…one to gift a loved one, and one to gift yourself (because no FOMO here).

Socks That Are Actually Worth The Hype

Calf Socks | Ankle Socks

Again, Bombas has the details nailed down. They added a “honeycomb” stretch in the middle (thats the band you see in-between the toe and heel) for added arch support and extra comfort. If you’re a runner, those ankle socks a real game-changer. And if you’re not, you’ll still be impressed by the little features (like cushioned tabs to prevent blisters and that ultra-plush material). BTW, their calf socks are made from a naturally wicking Merino Wool blend. Functional AND cute? Done.

Stay toasty out there!


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