The Bomber Jacket that’s helping me find my cool again.


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Getting all three kids out the door (let alone looking cool while doing so) is, mmmnearly impossible these days.   For the madness that is school drop-off, I’ve been throwing on work-out clothes with the least amount of baby puke so yeh…I look hot. Hot mess, that is. It has gotten so bad that the ONE day I actually put on real clothes, Mad’s teacher exclaimed, “Oh! You look like you’re going somewhere today!”. Yes. Yes, I am. Home to cry. ha ha.

But that’s just been life and life with three kids under six is…crazy.

Very recently, I’ve been able to get back into a routine of sorts, and not feel so much like a  zombie on crack (I got some sleep. Weird how that helps.), so I managed to shlep over to my computer and do some online shopping to find something (ANYTHING) cool that would break me out of my stretchy attire and inspire me to wear real clothes more often.

This bomber jacket. Yessss.  A trend I can totally work with right now. I also really, really love a good jacket (see my blazer post for more proof) and love the decidedly non-preppy direction the bomber jacket takes an outfit.  Besides, the day-to-night possibilities are endless.

Out With The Kids

I literally had to drag the kids out on this particular day for a walk around town…just to GET OUT of the house for a bit. It was one of those whiney, everyone desperately needs something, no one could find their shoes, slow moving days. I got us all out for the sake of our (my) sanity during those afternoon hours that seem to drag on and on. It’s like visiting Crazy Town at our casa from nap time – bed time sometimes. (Bedtime is something I really, really look forward to these days, by the way. #lotsofwine #abottleofwine #givemeallthewine )





Does it look like I was having a good time?…because I WAS. so. much. fun.

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bomber jacket: Element Wammy Reversible Bomber Jacket – just a great jacket. It’s lightweight, comfortable and can be thrown on with most anything – shorts, jeans, dress, yada yada. As soon as I saw it, I knew it was going to be a winner for me. It can be reversed, too, to be an all black bomber…and then you have this rad print peeping out from the inside.  So much cooler than a cardigan.

top: Free People Henley Tee – cute top, easy to nurse in. It isn’t a long tee, though. Keep that in mind, long torso people.

jeans: BlankNYC distressed skinny jeans – I ordered these again, in a size up to fit my postpartum body…because I love them so much. They stretch. End of.

shoes: Converse Chuck Taylors – always a favorite around this house. In fact, I have even got my husband into them…which I will always see as being one of my greatest achievements in life. haha!

shades: old…found at Marshalls, I think. I’d love a pair of Ray Bans one of these days…and they pretty much make any outfit cooler (in my opinion).


My Escape Night Out

There’s this awesome new restaurant, Pump House, right on the Catawba River.  You can sit on the roof and see the water…it’s awesome. My neighbor and I have been talking about going since it opened, so we finally made it happen. I didn’t get out the door until…oooh…9:30, because the baby knew I was trying to escape and decided to latch on to the boob for hours that night. HOURS. It seems to always happen that way, doesn’t it? Kids just KNOW. Oh, mom’s trying to get out for 5 seconds tonight? Mom’s funny….no.

I did make it out eventually, and once there we immediately ordered drinksies and a piece of their phenomenal Cheerwine cake. I wanted to lick the plate, but refrained. I am a mom with no shame, but do still have some semblance of decency left in me.








We demolished that cake. I wanted another piece…and 3 more drinks to go along with it.



Such a cool place. If you live anywhere near Rock Hill, SC…you have to check out the Pump House. I plan on going back to try out their dinner menu ASAP. That is, as soon as my kids let me out of the house before 10pm. 😉


bomber jacket: Element Wammy Reversible Bomber Jacket – not only is it an easy, fun jacket to throw on…it can be worn with a more dressy outfit. I am…all over this.

top: black tank found at Nordstrom last year. LOFT has a strappy cami…and all of the colors it comes in would compliment the bomber I’m wearing.

jeans: J. Crew Toothpick Jean – I could really use a tall size, but am wearing the regular. I really actually like them kind of short though. It’s the thing now anyways…cropped denim, so I went with it.

shoes: Steven Vienna Sandal –  my absolute favorite pair of heels. I have never loved a pair of heels more. It is low enough that I don’t a) feel like a giant and b) teeter and fall all over the place. I have worn them with the kids, too, and haven’t died. These shoes are awesome. Buy them if you need a dress shoe for the Spring and Summer.

clutch: Sole Society, from last year – their current Marlena is very similar (and comes in a variety of colors). If you’re into a little fringe fringe, the Carmela clutch is awesome.

Shop Bomber Jackets

So….I sound a little burned out, I know. Rest assured, I AM. ha! I do know it’s just the stage of life I am in right now with the kiddies being so young. This will pass…and all too soon. I’ll even miss it and long for the years when they were little and needed me for every. little. thing. Right now though, I’m calling it like it is…and it’s exhausting. I’m tired and most of the time I feel like I’ve lost my mind.

You know what though? I really…really wouldn’t change it for the world.

Because this…

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Oh, and ps. I’ve started scoping on Periscope. Yeh, apparently it’s becoming a thing. I have no idea what I’m doing on there. It’s probably one of my weird, random postpartum, hormonal ideas, because…umm…LIVE VIDEO. I really have nothing to say  – ha, but…I’m on there. Follow me (Cams DiPaola) if you like awkward stares and random nothings.


  1. I was you last year (three kids under 6). Most days I felt like I was losing my mind (and I looked it). I’m now 15 months in, and things are better (baby is sleeping through the night and on more of a predictable schedule and the older two have realized/accepted that their baby sister is here to stay). Anyone who says going from two kids to three is a breeze is lying or just very, very lucky. I’m just now getting back to refreshing my wardrobe. Every time I have a baby I instantly hate every thing in my closet (does this happen to anyone else or am I the only one??). Props to you on looking so chic and getting out of the house! Love the black heels!

    • Kate, there is a light at the end of the tunnel…it’s just hard to see some days, BUT it’s there. Yeh, two to three is a lot harder. I found that with two it was still relatively easy to get out of the house, into the car, go places and even go out to eat…but now…it’s more tiring. Hey HO. Whatcha gonna do? There are good days and bad days. 🙂 Also, YES to the clothing question. I also didn’t fit into anything and was really over maternity clothes. I found that buying a pair of jeans and a dress or two really helped my confidence and happiness. Cheers.

  2. Love this and I feel you. I wear workout clothes every day since my baby girl was born in January hoping that it will motivate me to get back on the treadmill. It hasn’t.

    • HAHA! Yeh, I’ve heard people say that if they put their work out clothes on they end up working out more often. Well, for me I just put them on…and…feel more comfortable. Doesn’t necessarily equal a work out.

  3. My husband and I definitely drove past the Pump House yesterday, and I caught it out of the corner of my eye flying down 77, but when I couldn’t find anything on the map I figured it was nothing. I’m so glad you posted your night out on here. I never imagined I’d find our next new restaurant to try on my favorite fashion blog!

  4. First of all, you look amazing. If you weren’t so likable I’d hate you for it. Second of all, you’re writing a blog?!?!?!?!? Superwoman. Third of all, this lady makes me feel so good about feeling The Crazy, and even tho our kids are still very little, this post literally made me cry with laughter. Then I read it again a year later and wept tears of hysterical laughter AGAIN. Fourth of all, CHEERWINE CAKE? I cannot believe you didn’t lick the plate. <3

    • You are so nice…and cool. Thank you for your comment! Haha! I feel like I need a disclaimer for people when they see I just had a baby…like…”I am not a b*tch. Yes, I did just have a baby. I came this way. I don’t starve myself or work-out like a fiend. don’t hate me” LOL. Cheers. Clicking over to read that post you linked…

  5. I bought a similar jacket and I love it because it’s spit up proof! The white smear blends nicely with the black and white pattern 🙂 clever stylish mommies indeed.

  6. I’m agreeing with Kate, above, the first months with 3 kids is no joke! And when I look back on the first year, I still think holy sh*t that was really hard. But #3 is now 21 months…and this mama is back in the game! Yahoo. I feel like right around 18 months I started to really enjoy being a mama of 3, rather than just surviving. You can do it!!!

    On that note, how tall are you? I really like those J. Crew toothpick jeans and am on the fence about regular or tall. Thanks so much!

  7. Cams! You are not alone!! My babies are now 12, 12 and 9 (and we are currently dealing with pre-teen girl hormones, which is sooooooo much fun, let me tell you). I do remember those days of fussy babies and lost shoes and no sleep all too well. If this makes you feel any better:
    You look gorgeous, though — which really does help during those rough times when everything feels like crap.
    Sending hugs from Wisconsin!

    • Oh, nice…teens. WOO! That sounds like a whole different kind of fun.

      Yeh, it’s a crazy ride right now, but I am learning to breathe more…to sit back and not get too overwhelmed by it all.

      Thank you! 🙂

  8. Sizing help? Love the jacket. Maybe you mentioned size in the post. I promise I read it all, but i have a strong game of Mom Brain going…

  9. Oh boy, I have been there before and am again. I have a 7, 5, 3, and 5 month old. I GET IT. I’m trying to maintain some sense of style but some days are easier than others. Today is not one of those days because the 3 year old and 5 month old are both sick. I call it a win that I took a shower, lol!

    You are killing it though, seriously. You look amazing even if things are a bit rough around the edges.

  10. This is me exactly this year! 3 kids under 6 – the youngest is just under 3 months. And I’m finally trying to figure out a way to look put together again. 🙂 Thanks for this post!

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