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Not only does plastic not biodegrade, but now studies are coming out about how plastic can be hazardous to your health — especially babies’.  Why I’m worried about this one small piece of news when my son chews on everything (including an ancient cafe chair at one coffee shop that will remain un-named…his mouth came away black)  is beyond me.  However, upgrading his old sippy cup to a plastic-free SIGG bottle is something that may not make me mother of the year, but makes me feel slightly smug nonetheless.  It also doesn’t hurt that the new SIGG bottles for baby are in the super cool and stylish category.  But really I’m concerned about his health.  Really.

My favorite SIGG baby bottle is the Bonne Nuit mouse (pictured above), but there are a tons of cute choices.  You can also buy sippy-cup like handles if your little one isn’t ready for a water bottle.  They are surprisingly easy for the little ones to drink from.  And they don’t leak.  EVER.  Not even when upside down in your diaper bag.  You can find SIGG bottles in many stores (including Whole Foods), but I found the best selection at  However, the frustrating thing is that each SIGG retailer appears to be carrying a different style, so you might want to look around.  The Bonne Nuit mouse is from

Each baby SIGG bottle holds .3L and retails for about $18.  The handles are about $6. is offering free shipping for all orders over $30, so get yourself on too.  Especially if you are breastfeeding.  The plastic free bottle will help offset all of that holiday booze and chocolate.

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