Performance Suits For Guys Who Work and Play Hard


My husband isn’t really a suit guy.  He’s become one, over the years, as age and opportunity have dictated, but my guy – the one who looks reallllly sexy smoking the (very occasional) cigarette, the one who sees beauty in both truth and mathematics, the one who has turned his quiet rebellions and disruptions into an occupation yet still manages to ground me, the one who skateboards and skis like he’s a 20-something, chalking his (increasingly frequent) injuries up to bad luck rather than age or – god forbid – SKILL….that guy isn’t a suit guy.

Mike wears a suit, yes – almost daily, in fact – but he’s really, really hard on his suits. Like….epically terrible.  For example:  Two suits (may they RIP) were lost to skateboard-commuting accidents and one to a short-lived biking phase.  (He’s currently holding steady in his much-safer Walking Phase.  Fingers crossed he continues.)  And then there are pants with coffee stains that will never come out (no matter which dry cleaner we try), and suit coats with rips in the elbows.  (This happens to his shirts, too – is it possible to have abnormally sharp elbows?)

In any case, when Bonobos reached out, asking if Mike would like to try their new line of “Performance Suits” I was all OMG YES PLEASE WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE AND CAN YOU GET IT HERE BY MONDAY?

Here’s the deal:  Bonobos – longtime maker of man-khakis that are actually flattering – have set out to improve the traditional wool suit.  They’ve been working with their Italian mill (read: still fancy) to incorporate features like….3% stretch, wrinkle resistance (so it’ll bounce back into shape) and even built some level of water and stain resistance right into the fabric, so liquids just bead up and fall off.  Additionally, they’ve added some well-placed pockets (with zippers!!) so nothing gets lost.  MIKE.

Needless to say, Mike LOVES this suit.

Outfit Details


Bonobos Italian Performance Suit in bright navy –  Mike is wearing the Slim Fit for both the blazer and pants.  Standard and Athletic fits are also available for both blazer and pants….and the pants have one additional fit that’s even more tapered than Slim:  Tailored Fit.

Bonobos Jetsetter Dress Shirt (Blue Engine Coup) – We’re obsessed with the collar on this shirt.  So sharp.

Bonobos Wool Necktie (Weathered Slate Floral) – love the texture (and pattern) of this tie.


Intermix Roslyn Plaid Mini Dress – Oh hey – my dress is on sale!  Love this thing. (Looks cute over a tee, too.)

A Small Capsule Wardrobe For Guys That Suit Up

Here are alllll my favs from Bonobos.  (Pro tip for distracted guys:  I often buy multiples of the same shirt – or at least very similar shirts – then change up the ties.  It makes it easier for Mike to grab pieces at random and still have it all come together.)




A big, HUGE thank-you to Bonobos for sponsoring this post!  And, uh, saving the day.  We’ve been longtime fans of your ‘date night shirts‘ (as Mike calls them), and are now giant fans of your suits – they’re seriously perfect for my husband.  As always, all thoughts, opinions, and product choices are my own.  And readers, thank you for your continued support.  It doesn’t go unnoticed, and is so very much appreciated.


  1. Wow, Mike looks great!
    My husband is in the military and occasionally has to dress business casual and that robot tie is right up his alley. Clicked the link and $98 for a TIE? A man’s accessory? Whew, I want to live on the planet where that is affordable. ??‍♀️?

  2. Mike is as you said so handsome & The Suit is perfect. But Shana your shoes are the best. So as a couple you two are such fun . As models your fun and quite perfect for sharing your wardrobes and ideas. Thank you.

  3. We haven’t looked at the suits – my husband works in a business casual office – but after a few too many pairs of khakis mysteriously becoming too short, we made the switch to Bonobos and haven’t looked back. I now pretty much buy all his pants and jeans from them. The sales are good and I’ve gotten their shirts in Nordstrom Rack.

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