Boyfriend Jeans: I want to wear them all scrunched and cute, but my height doesn’t support that


Sorry, S. I had to. While your post was rockin’ as usual, I have to take a stand for the tall gals and say, some of us can’t wear boyfriend jeans the way you do – darn it. Some of us wish for just a little bit more pant leg to cuff and scrunch to our hearts content. ((sigh))

…but you look like a model blah blah blah I wish I was tall blah blah blah. No. Shh. Yeh, being tall has it’s benefits; such as, being able to reach things in high places that no one else can, seeing over people’s heads in a crowd or being able to give super awkward, hunched over hugs to your shorter friends, but when it comes to certain articles of clothing that are totally rocked by the petite, tall girls get the short end of the stick…or pant leg.

It’s like this…

What I wish I looked like in Boyfriend Jeans:


Sincerely Jules

The Reality:

 steve urkel


Okayokay. Maybe not Steve Urkel bad, but I speak for the tall ladies and they understand. There is no…”oh, darn. I have sooooo much extra leg left over I haaaaave to cuff them TWICE and scrunch them all perfectly…just so. Oh, wow. Cool! There’s still like 5 inches of pant left over to give me that grungchic look”, says Shana (every time she puts on her boyfriend jeans). Direct quote, by the way. πŸ˜‰ For tall gals, it’s more like…”huh. So. Can I get a few more inches, please? Let me just puuuull them down as far as I can without them showing my bum crack and cuff them ever so slightly…and there. Oh F. Maybe I should make the cuff even skinnier. Yeh, that totally passes for a cuff. Maybe. Oh, whatever.”

Mmmmhmmm. My tall chicas come in. You know how it is. Pants just don’t fit us the same…along with other things, but I won’t go there right now. LATER. There will be more time for bemoaning the fact that other things don’t fit us well in the future. Promise. 

Now, just because boyfriend jeans may fit differently on us tall girls doesn’t mean they are a no-no. Definitely not the case. In fact, I love the challenge of figuring out a different way to wear something. Also, the Madewell Slim Boyjeans I took the plunge for and bought are actually on the longer side…still not too long (which would be sweet), but they give me that tiny bit more that I can really use in a boyfriend jean.

So. Let’s get down to it…

My Take:


I was going to go all tee crazy like Jules (yeh, might as well go ahead and get used to seeing her around here), but then thought, you know what? Boyfriend jeans can look a bit tomboyish, so why not make it a little bit more feminine with a girly top? Yes, it was warm enough here for it. I think it was…uuummm…70 something that day. I love the South for many reasons, but the fact that it’s warm enough for tanks in March is one of my main ones.

I did bring a lightweight cardigan along just in case. I tied it around my waist and I think it actually made the outfit. I’m looking at the pictures now and think that without it…this whole outfit would be a bit on the boring side. So. There. One simple addition and those boyfriend jeans are looking mighty cool.

The Shoe:

I’ve done flats, strappy sandals, these booties and  even pumps…all look great, sure. However, when we’re talking about making boyfriend jeans look longer…go with a high top. My Supergas did an awesome job of covering up the skin that was not invited to the cuff party.

Also, I love these Supergas. They are a tall girl’s dream. As loyal as I am to Converse, their high top makes it look like I have giant clown feet…which is not good for the ego. These Superga high tops make my big feet look awesome…smaller even…which is just crazy. Crazy good.


The Details:

I’ve never been big on jewelry. It always feels like too much and I get uncomfortable with a lot on me while I am trying to do my mom thing. Give me a simple necklace, especially if it makes me feel all Carrie Sex & The City, and I’m a happy girl. Plus, just like the silky top, it helps to make the whole outfit look more feminine and pretty.



top: Express Reversible Barcelona Cami. I haven’t shopped at Express since errrrr college, but when I saw this top…it reminded me of the silk ones at J. Crew right now, but less expensive. Win. (wearing size S for reference). The ones at J. Crew are still on my radar though…of course, because…J. Crew. grrr.

jeans: Madewell Slim Boyjean. These are actually the longest pair of boyfriend jeans I have come across so far. I went down a size with the Madewells, because I prefer my boyfriend jeans to be a little less baggy saggy. Oh! I also love my GAP sexy boyfriend jeans. I’ve been wearing them out since I bought them last year.

cardigan: AE, old old old…ancient, actually. I just found a hole in it, so it’s time to part ways. Nooooo. J. Crew has some lovely cardigans that can be thrown over most anything…or tied around the waist, of course.

shoes: Superga high tops. Like I said, my FAVES right now. They are replacing my Seychelles bootie, at the moment. Love, love, love them. If you are tall, these are the high tops for you.

tote: striped canvas tote I was sent a couple of Summers ago. This thing has been everywhere with us. I love how big it is! Of course, that means it’s full of junk now…and I can never find my keys, but hey ho. I would actually totally rock out a Land’s End tote. They look amazing…and I’m pretty sure that means that I have officially reached cool mom status?

necklace: Carrie Name Necklace. So Carrie from SATC. So fab. I got mine from Onecklace. On the cheap side for a necklace I wear all of the time, but it works for moi! If you’re looking for an option that may last a bit longer, I’d check-out this Argento Vivo one from Nordstrom.

How to Do the Cuff:

Don’t. Ha. I joke, but it is all about using as little of the pant leg as possible.

1. cuff the very end of the pant leg and then cuff once more, but only a thin cuff if you want the jeans to look longer.

Yeh, there are no more steps. That’s it. There isn’t any more pant to work with after that. πŸ˜‰


S, you can start looking forward to that awkward, hunched hug.

Oh, and tall gals…we totally rock a mean pair of wide leg, long jeans. Yeh, we do. We so do.



photos: Brandon Brown Photography


  1. I feel you…check out the AE Tomgirl jean! They have them online in TALL… of course, out of stock right now because the secret is out.

  2. Citizens of humanity now has a full length version of the Emerson slim boyfriend jean! It’s on my wish list! ‘Cause yeah, most bf jeans look like Capri pants on me.

  3. Cams, you speak to my long-legged heart. At 5’11” I’ve been forever told, “you should be a model!”. Haha, no!
    Why? Because I’ve always found clothes awkward a most are made for the proportions of a girl who is 5’6″ tall. So happy to see a post for the rest of us girls who have to rock a 35 inch inseam just to wear something other than a ballet flat!

  4. Love the cami the most! How do you wear a bra with that? I can’t go braless and can’t stand the bra lines, even with the cup of a strapless. HELP with this crucialness!

  5. Can we have a tall girls’ style club? where we can share all the things we found that works! Nothing fits!! Pj’s, dresses, blazers, sweaters, the list goes on…I think we could help each other πŸ™‚

  6. Amen! This post makes perfect sense to this 5’11″girl. I hate that 34″insteams are considered tall! We don’t need to hijack Shana’s blog BUT a few more posts for tall girls would be helpful. Of course being tall my whole life I have built up my list of resources for tall clothing but I love hearing any new suggestions.

  7. This look is supes, and I love cam’s posts. I’m not that tall but still…I ordered these jeans and hopefully they will be good. Love this theme of posts about what body types can wear what.

  8. Yay for tall posts! How about tops that aren’t accidental crops? Anybody else in the insanely long torso set? And especially when preg, like I am right now — only 6 months and I’m already retiring maternity tops for being too short.

  9. Another tall girl here. I second all the request — keep brand recommendations coming, SLEEVES kill me (I’m starting to go over to mens for activewear because I can’t handle it all ending way before my wrists), and do you have a bra solution for that shirt???? And I am trying to resist the urge for those sneakers!

  10. Haha thank you so much for this post! Long torso long arms long legs. I never look as cute as the teenys in boyfriend gear. I just look like a boy! Lol I have had good luck with the gap sexy boyfriend jean I ordered online in a tall length. Mucho extra room to work with for the cuff!

    • I don’t know why I didn’t try the sexy bf jean in tall…maybe because they weren’t in-store…as usual. I always hate having to go online and order them when I’m in the store and want them NOWWWW. haha.

  11. Ha, I thought I had tall problems until I read these comments. I wear a 34″ inseam and I have to say they are actually really hard to find. And my primary online shop, Gap, is are most always sold out of Long in all their pants.

    Thanks for the tip about slimmer cuts. I’ve always liked the bf Jean look but every pair I try on makes me look really dumpy. I have wide hips so adding extra volume to my but and thighs is not helpful.

    • Try going down a size and see if that helps! I always feel dumpy in really baggy jeans…they just don’t do a thing for me. Also, since I’m tall, I feel like it sticks out more. Ya know?

  12. LOL! I’m 5’10” and built like you. The pants problem is never-ending, and the cuff trend is killing me. Even the companies that carry tall sizes only carry them for a select few pairs of pants. I picture a table of executives looking through the catalog and saying, “What should we let the tall girls wear this year? How about this pair of bootcut jeans, that pair of straight leg jeans, and… We’ll skip over the chinos and track pants and sweats and… Actually, let’s leave it at that. HAHAHA SUCKERS.”

    Yes that is how I envision clothing manufacturers. They are heartless and cruel.

    Since most models are my size, I can’t figure out what they do with the clothes the models wear in the pictures. After the photo shoot, where do those clothes go? Can I just have them? Please?

    And as for super awkward hugs, I feel like a preying mantis when I hug my short friends. Ugh.

    • First off, you sound like me. Haha!! Second, I thought women being taller was a thing now. Aren’t kids bigger these days? lol. So. It would make sense to me that there be more of a 50/50 thing going on with clothing sizes. I mean, right?! I think they burn the clothing after models wear it…muahahahha. The CRUELTY. πŸ˜‰ lol!

  13. I’m 5’9″ and I have no trouble finding long jeans, J brand and Citizens for Humanity are my favorites. I stopped bothering with gap, AE, store brands etc. a while ago.

    • I love Citizens..and they do seem to be a bit longer! I think my problem is that I like to get something when I’m out shopping and see it…in the store. Also, the prices of some of the high-end jeans, which I LOVE, but can’t always buy.

  14. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! The Urkel pic just made my day! My cuff consists of one teensy little roll as well.

    I’m loving the variety of shapes and sizes here lately, especially Cam’s because THIS IS ME! I really appreciated the white sneaker post because I love my white sneaks and couldn’t understand why Shana wasn’t into them. But seeing her pics made me realize why big, puffy shoes might not appeal to the petite crowd. Then Cams comes along with her skinny little cuff and tall, puffy shoes and I totally relate. THIS is what works for me! We must be cognizant of the canoe-feet look!

    Also, Cams, I just wanted to include that a year ago I found your old blog and derived a whole mess of inspiration for dressing fashionably while pregnant. Thank you so much for that, it made a big difference in how I felt leaving the house each day. Glad to see you over here at The Mom Edit!

  15. Cams- love this post!!!! And if love to see you style wide leg/flare jeans. I find since I’m tall I might as well just look taller- and flares do the trick.

  16. Yes! I totally relate to this. Love those shoes, I’ll have to try them.
    Also I would like to add maxi dresses to the list of tall girl problems. I have yet to find a maxi dress that is truly maxi. Most of them fall 2-3 inches above my ankles and look super awkward. Anyone know where to find tall girl maxi dresses?

  17. I have had a fresh new attitude toward my jeans since Cam posted, “I like my jeans shorter”. It’s like just go with it, maybe no one even notices besides the wearer!!!
    Hudson’s, Joe’s and James are a bit longer on me. And sometimes on ag and Hudson’s own site they have tall sizes. But then you have to guess the perfect size………

  18. Jcrew Reid jeans come in a 35″ inseam and are on the slim side instead of toothpick skinny. The l/a stripe zip shoulder painter shirt had a zillion reviews saying the sleeves were way too long so naturally they are perfect for me and currently being clearanced.
    Gap talls don’t work for me because they don’t get small enough.

  19. And Everlane’s Ryan tank is super long. Also too big for me πŸ™ but nice and long. The vneck too. Maybe all their tees?

  20. I Love this. Last week I had an unsuccessful shopping trip to find boyfriend jeans for my 5’11” self and then I see Shana’s post about how to roll your too long bf jeans–wtf! Keep the tall girl posts coming!

  21. I have found that Gap tall shirts are still too short, and I’m not that tall (5’9″ long torso, long arms though) my go to collar/button shirts are American Apparel’s unisex oxford shirts. They shrink like crazy though. 2 sizes or so, but true to size after the shrinkage. For example I am usually a small, I buy small- the shirt is HUGE, I wash and dry it, then it fits perfectly.

  22. Would love a how-to ankle boots post for tall girls. I can’t get the cuff meets boot thing right – not enough material for a good cuff and if I get it ‘right’ my ankles look too skinny compared with the boot or something.

  23. THANK YOU!!! I needed this post! I am glaring at this pair of boyfriend jeans I bought thinking “Why!? Why aren’t you longer?!” Now I feel better ❀ I will explore Supergas! Shoes that make my size 10 feet look smaller AND fix my boyfriend jean nightmare- Yes please!

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